The day it began

It's another warm and breezy morning as Sanji wakes up wiping the sleep out of his eyes. He stretches his arms over his head and glances around the bunk room; he sees the rest of the crew sleeping soundly, it being far too early for any of the rest to be up yet. He can see Zoro sprawled out in his own bunk, chest rising and falling gently. Heading off in the direction of the shower room he spots the start of the sunrise through one of the portholes. Stopping, he sighs, never getting tired of looking at it every morning. After the shower's done and he's dressed for the day, sporting a casual long sleeved sky blue shirt, his classic slacks and black shoes, he heads off to the galley to start cooking the crews' first meal of the day. He spots Robin climbing down from the crow's nest having had the watch that night. "Hello Robin-Chwan! How are you this fine morning?" Sanji asks with a bright smile on his face.

Robin gives Sanji a tired smile, "Ah cook-san, I'm doing just fine if not a little sleepy. Think I'll head off for a quick nap before breakfast is ready." Sanji waves at robin as she heads off into her and Nami's room.

As Sanji is pulling out ingredients for breakfast he hears some of the rest of the crew stirring. He spots Zoro walking out onto the deck through the porthole next to the galley door. Zoro is starting in on his morning training; Sanji glances at the clock on the wall '7:30am' he rolls his eyes muttering to himself, "Punctual as always Baka-Swordsman." He continues getting breakfast together, this morning it'll be fruit salads with cold cut meats on the side and fresh bagels with cream cheese. To drink he's prepared fresh juice as well as cold green tea in a pitcher. It takes him about a half an hour to get everything put together and the table set for everyone. As soon as he's finished he gives one last look at the table and with a satisfied sigh, he opens up the galley door ringing the bell signaling that breakfast is ready. Luffy comes flying in screaming "FOOD!" as per usual followed by Chopper and Usopp. Franky and Brook come in next, along with the girls. Zoro saunters in last, bare chested with a towel draped around the back of his neck to catch the sweat from his workout. 'So unsanitary Marimo' Sanji thinks shaking his head at Zoro. Zoro catches Sanji giving him a displeased head shake, he chuckles giving him an evil grin and rolling his eyes. Clicking his tongue Sanji moves to serve the ladies first as always then hands the table over to the rest of the crew; He already has his portion set aside at the kitchen island. Eating there also makes it easier for him to get anything else anyone might request of him during the meal.

Breakfast goes over well everyone complimenting it and with Luffy having little chance to steal food of the others plates. As he lights his 2nd cigarette of the morning, he moves to start gathering everyone's plates and tableware as they all head out the door to start their days. He looks up at the sound of plates further down the table clinking together to see Zoro gathering up dishes. "Uh Zoro, what are you doing?" He asks mildly confused, the shitty swordsman rarely ever helps him with the dishes and when he does it's when Sanji is yelling at him to stop being a lazy ass.

"Tch, isn't it obvious Baka-Cook. Figured it's my turn to help you, it's been a while since I've done it." He says with a bored look on his face. "Or if you'd rather I can just go take a nap and leave you here to do it yourself?" he says with a smirk.

"Che, well fine if you want to help so bad pick up the pace a bit then, we don't have all morning!" Sanji says feeling his face heat slightly, 'Huh? That's odd, why is my face hot? Hmm, must just be from the heat outside today.' Slightly confused he turns towards the sink arms full of plates and silverware and sets them down on the counter nearby. He turns on the sink to get the water ready, as he does so he glances behind him to see Zoro stretching forward over the table to grab a glass off of the opposite side, causing his back muscles to ripple with the movement. The sunlight shines in on Zoro's back making the scene in front of Sanji all the more mesmerizing.

"Oi, the hell you gawking at Ero-Cook?" Zoro asks eyebrow raised in question.

Sanji rapidly blinks, spluttering a bit and turning back towards the sink 'What the HELL, was I seriously just staring at Zoro's back muscles!' "I wasn't gawking at anything Shit Swordsman, now are you going to help me finish or not!" Sanji starts on the dishes tossing a dry towel behind him in Zoro's direction, "You dry, I'll wash ok?"

Zoro places the dishes down on the counter and deftly catches the towel, "Fine with me Cook." He says shaking his head in confusion. They settle into a comfortable silence just listening to the sounds from the rest of the crew on deck along with the gentle clanking of the dishes. They find a steady rhythm of Sanji handing Zoro a clean dish and Zoro grabbing it at just the right time to dry it off and stack it off to the side. As Sanji is handing off a bunch of forks Zoro's fingers close in around Sanji's for a brief moment before he grabs a hold of the forks. Sanji could feel a tingling shoot up his arm, feel the warmth of Zoro's fingers as well as the prominent scars and callouses covering his fingers. Gasping in surprise he jerks his hand back, eyes wide and face burning. Zoro's slightly startled by Sanji's reaction to this and eyes him questioningly. "You ok Sanji? Your acting a little strange today." Zoro asks in a low voice, concern showing in his features.

"Ah yes, sorry, I'm ok just feeling a little off today I guess." Sanji mentally smacks himself 'The hell am I doing, that was just a simple accident why did I react like that?' he asks himself. Sighing Sanji says, "Well if you don't mind finishing these, up I'm going to get started on the snacks for the ladies." Zoro grunts in response, turning back to the sink to finish up the dishes.

Sanji decides to make small delicate pastries for the ladies as their snacks along with some extras for the rest of the crew; Zoro had finished up quickly and went on his way to do whatever it is Marimo's do every day. 'I guess I should make something special for Zoro too since he so willingly helped out this morning. Plus we have been getting along a lot better recently.' Sanji taps his chin in contemplation; he decides to make Zoro's favorite, Onigiri. After about an hour or so he goes on deck, covered trays in hand to bring the ladies their pastries. Nami and Robin are in their usual spots on deck; he noodles his way over to them and presents the pastries "Nami-Swan, Robin-Chwan! I've brought you lovely goddesses some pastries to snack on! Please enjoy them!" Nami rolls her eyes slightly but thanks Sanji all the same; Robin thanks Sanji as well for the treat.

"Sanjiii we want snacks too!" He hears Luffy whine from his favorite spot on the Sunny's figure head.

"Well I've made extras for you guys, but you'll have to go get them yourselves!" He hears Luffy, Usopp and Chopper cheer and make their way into the galley for the snacks followed by Brook and Franky.

Looking around the deck he spots Zoro's green head peeking out from under one of the Mikan trees on the upper deck. He makes his way up to him, noting the audible snoring coming from his mossy head. He sees Zoro has his green robe back in place and appears to be resting peacefully. Setting the covered tray down next to Zoro he squats close to him to get a better look at his face, he rarely gets this close to the man while he sleeps in the middle of the day. The breeze is nice today, causing the swordsman's hair to sway slightly. 'His hair looks so soft' Sanji thinks as he stares at him. He looks to Zoro's scarred left eye following the scar from where it starts above his eye brow to where it ends along his cheek bone just under his now permanently closed eye. He wonders if the scar is smooth or rough and if is eye is actually missing or not. Without realizing what he's doing Sanji slowly reaches his hand out to Zoro's face, using his index finger he gently touches the scar over his eye tracing it from where it starts down to where it stops.

He starts when suddenly his wrist is slowly grasped by a tan hand. "Sanji, what are you doing?" He shifts his gaze over to Zoro's good eye to see him staring back at him; he brings his hand down and away from Zoro's face.

'Crap, what was I thinking?' "Sorry about that, it's just you've never really spoken about how you lost your eye before. I guess I was curious." Sanji looks to the side feeling his face flush again; Zoro's still staring at him not having moved an inch since he grabbed a hold of Sanji's wrist. Now that Sanji thinks about it, he's not actually let go yet. "Zoro, my wrist?" he says Zoro glances down to Sanji's wrist and slowly releases his wrist letting his hand rest fall to rest next to him.

Glancing to the side Zoro sees a covered tray he nods towards it and asks, "What's in there?"

Sanji looks down to where Zoro's gaze has fallen and notices the tray. "Oh, I almost forgot! Since you helped me out this morning so willingly I decided to make you some onigiri as thanks." Sanji coughs awkwardly, "So here you go." Picking up the tray and removing the lid he sets it down on Zoro's lap, he keeps the lid in hand and stands up. "Well I'll leave you to it then, just bring the tray back later on, thanks again for this morning Zoro." Face on fire he gives him a small smile as he takes his leave, heading back to the kitchen to stick his head in the freezer for a while. 'Seriously, what is going on with me today…'