The day it began

Chapter 3


Dinner party

Lunch time came and went with little incident. Sanji now stands at the sink elbow deep in dishwater attending to the towering pile of plates, cups, and silverware. He contemplates what he should make for dinner. Since they are running low on supplies, dinner isn't going to be very exciting. Sighing, Sanji works slowly on the dishes, opting to try and relax while he can before he has to figure out what to do for the last meal of the day.

"Wooohooo! It's huge! Quick Zoro, slice it up so we can eat it!" Luffy screams excitedly from the main deck. Hearing that, Sanji dries his hands off and makes his way to the galley door swinging it open. He's not surprised when he finds a baby Sea-King splayed out on deck with Luffy jumping around it wildly, waving around his fishing rod. 'Well looks like I know what's for dinner now'.

"Hey Luffy, did you catch that?" Sanji asks making his way down the steps to stand next to Zoro who's currently wiping off his katana.

"Yeah, it's not as big as a normal Sea-King, but it still has lots of meat on it!" Laughing, Luffy leaps on Sanji "Sanji we totally need to throw a party!"

"Oh a party sounds like a great idea Captain!" Robin calls to them from the upper deck having come out of the library to see what all the commotion was about.

"Well I guess it's settled then, I better get to work." Peeling Luffy off of him, Sanji turns to Zoro "Marimo, would you mind cutting up the Sea-King for me? I still have a lot of cleaning to do from lunch, and now I need to figure out how I'm going to cook all this up." Glancing down at the Sea-King he continues, "You can finish cutting it up into larger chunks then use the dining table to finish it, it's a bit more sanitary in there then outside on deck."

"I might consider it," Zoro says stepping into Sanji's personal space, "That is if you ask me nicely." He whispers, brushing away a lock of hair from Sanji's face.

Eyes popping out of his head, he glances around franticly to see if anyone is looking their way. Finding everyone is already distracted with something else, he looks back to Zoro. "Uh, ok, fair enough." I guess this is going to prove a little further what Zoro's intentions actually are. Taking a deep breath, he follows his instincts. Taking one step closer he places his right hand on the front of Zoro's robe, leaning in he murmurs in Zoro's ear "Zoro, will you please take care of the sea-king for me?" Feeling confidence buzz through his veins he boldly starts nuzzling Zoro's ear, amused at the way his earrings chime with the movement, he waits where he is for Zoro to respond.

Zoro can't believe that actually worked, he was expecting the Cook to get flustered and storm off. This is a much better reaction and one he is more than willing to play along with. Sly grin forming he turns his head to lean in to Sanji's ear, he whispers "Well, since you asked so nicely I suppose I could help you out." Daring to take it one step further Zoro takes some revenge and gently nibbles on Sanji's ear lobe until he hears Sanji gasp and feels him tremble slightly, he then moves away to head into the galley to get a large butchers knife so he can get started.

Sanji is left standing there alone for a moment frozen in place, mind reeling with images of what just occurred. He's snapped out of it when he hears the galley door close. Glancing around briefly, he's relived to find no one staring at him likes he's lost his mind. Taking a deep breath he moves into the galley as well to start preparing for the party. Swinging the door open he looks over to the main kitchen finding Zoro staring stupidly at the knife block. Smirking he makes his way over to the kitchen, pulling out a large butchers knife from a nearby drawer. Turning back to where Zoro is examining the knives from the block, he tugs on the sleeve of his robe getting his attention. "Here, use can use this one." He says as he hands it over to him.

"Thanks Cook, I'll get started on it then." Giving a stunningly sweet grin he brushes past Sanji, and heads back out on deck.

Sanji is left staring after Zoro's retreating form, he feels the feelings hes been wrestling with all day well up inside, manifesting themselves fully until he finally gets what it means. That smile confirmned it, hes in love with the Mossy idiot. 'Tonight should be pretty interesting.'

"Come on Luffy dance with me!" Nami squeals swaying slightly from the drinks she had so far. Throwing her arms around Luffy's neck she starts dragging a giggling Luffy to the main deck where Franky and Brook are playing music.

Sanji watches the crew dancing around from the upper deck. Sighing, he takes a large swig from his wine bottle having forgone the glass some time ago. He sets it back down and with eyes closed he turns around to lean his back against the rail while taking a long drag of his cigarette. Exhaling slowly his eyes shoot open when he hears coughing. Standing directly in front of him is Usopp.

"Oh, hey Usopp, what's up man?" Sanji asks doing his best to clear the fuzziness in his head from the wine, while waving away the smoke from the space between them.

"Not much, I just wanted to know if you wanted to come down and join the rest of us. Maybe dance a bit? I know you were probably waiting for Robin or Nami to ask but just because they haven't, doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun too." Tilting his head he eyes Sanji for a reaction.

'Well I am feeling a bit lonely up here,' glancing down behind him he sees Zoro laughing at Chopper, Luffy and Nami swinging around the dance floor together. 'Doesn't seem like he's going to be coming up here, maybe its just me whos in love and I've just been seeing what I wanted to see.'

Turning back to Usopp, he examines him. He has his hair down tonight, no hat or goggles holding any of the wild curls back. He's wearing a button down shirt that's been left unbuttoned, revealing his tanned well built chest and abs. Along with that he's sporting low riding pants that are resting just on his hips. Licking his lips he responds, "I suppose I could dance a bit, it is getting a bit cold up here anyways."

Face lighting up, Usopp reaches out and grasps Sanji's wrist, gently dragging him along down the stairs to the main deck to join the rest of the crew. Finally making it to the dance area he pulls Sanji with him and they start dancing.

'Usopp is actually pretty good at his.' Still feeling the effects of the wine he starts dancing a bit closer then he normally would, wishing it was someone else who had an arm draped over his shoulder and another hand resting on his hip. He notices the music slow down to a more mellow song.

*A/N song to listen to if you like is called 'Earned it' (Fifty shades of grey album)*

Brain slow to catch up he feels himself being pulled closer to Usopp, who has now put both hands on Sanji's slim hips. Sanji's hands automatically find their way on to Usopp's shoulders as they sway with each other. Looking over Usopp's shoulder he sees a scowling Zoro making his way over to them, feeling a bit guilty for some reason he separates himself from Usopp just as Zoro comes to stand next to them. Usopp's momentarily confused until he looks to the side to see Death itself glaring down at him, yelping he quickly turns around and walks away.

Zoro grabs Sanji's waist and pulls him flush against himself, one hand resting on his lower back while the other rests against his hip. Sanji's face flushes as he feels all the hard muscles beneath Zoro's robe. 'Well this is more like it, took the idiot long enough.' Sanji reaches his arms up to twine them around the back of Zoro's neck as they slowly drift back and forth bodies grinding together with each movement. Zoro catches Sanji's gaze and holds it as they dance. Flicking his eyes down to Sanji's lips he sees Sanji's tongue dart out to wet his parched lips. Snapping his eyes back up to Sanji's he notes the change he sees within them.

Pupils are blown wide and lids are half closed as he gazes up at Zoro. He shivers as Sanji threads his long fingers through his hair at the back of his head. Biting his lip Zoro looks around to see everyone else is distracted with their own dancing and drinks, he looks back down to Sanji who's practically climbing on him by this point and makes a decision. Pulling Sanji's hands down from around his neck he keeps a hold of his right hand and guides him into the galley, shutting the door firmly behind them and locking it.

Pushing Sanji against the now locked door he wastes no time in finally tasting that smart mouth. Using his right hand he holds up Sanji's wrists above his head while cupping his face with his left hand. Lips moving, teeth clacking and tongues dancing together, this kiss is not gentle. Its one with purpose and years of build up being finally released. Panting into each other's mouth in a desperate need for air Zoro pulls away from his lips, now leaving small kisses along his jaw and down his neck to nibble on his collar bone. He revels in the way Sanji is coming undone under his ministrations. Licking his way back up that smooth neck, he hears Sanji gasp, and feels his hips involuntarily buck into his own, causing a delicious friction that leaves them both groaning at the feeling. Looking for more of that friction he presses himself more fully against Sanji. Nuzzling at Sanji's ear he murmurs his name, "Sanji…"

*A/N I wrote this part listening to this, I'd recommend listening as you read (Change 'in the house of flies' by Deftones from the Queen of the damned album)*

Panting Sanji shivers, as another jolt of pleasure shoots up through him, drawing his bottom lip between his teeth he turns his head towards Zoro and captures his mouth once again. His wrists are released so he immediately grabs fist full of Zoro's hair as they continue to explore each other's mouths. He feels Zoro's left hand move from above him and start caressing down his neck slowly making its way to his chest. Feeling his fingers graze over a nipple he gasps, crying out lightly at the new sensation.

That cry goes straight to Zoro's groin. Feeling more alive than he does during fights, he pushes further wanting to touch more and see more of Sanji's body. Kissing and licking at Sanji's neck again, he moves his hand down further to grope at Sanji through his pants. Hearing Sanji now make yet another sweet sound he unbuttons Sanji's pants and zips down the zipper. Feeling Sanji tense under him he moves back up to taste those lips again, darting his tongue out he slides his along Sanji's. Hearing a muffled moan come from Sanji, he gets back to what he was doing; pulling down Sanji's pants a bit releasing his stiff member from its confines. Pulling back and looking down its just like he thought it would be, long, pale, and perfect. Licking his lips he removes his swords from their straps and sets them to the side. As he's about to shrug out of his robe he feels long fingers on his neck, looking back to Sanji he's got his bottom lip between his teeth again. Sanji pulls the robe down over his shoulders and Zoro lets it pool at his waist. Pulling his haramaki over him and tossing it on the floor he starts working on the buttons of Sanji's shirt. Having some difficulty, Sanji takes over and makes quick work of them, shrugging out of it he lets it drop to the floor by his feet.

Sanji takes a moment to drink in the sight in front of him. He still can't quite believe this is really happening, but it most definitely is. He moves his hands to Zoro's chest, reveling in the hardness of his muscles and warmth of his body. A moan slips past his lips as Zoro takes his member in his hand and slowly works him. Wanting to see more of him, Sanji slides his hands down to Zoro's pants and undoes them as quickly as he can. Pulling them down a bit he frees Zoro, seeing what he was hoping for, but it's so much better since it's not in a dream or a fantasy. Thick, tan and dripping, Sanji reaches for it, working him over just like Zoro is working him. Hearing grunts coming from Zoro, Sanji starts nibbling on his neck eliciting longer, deeper moans from the swordsman.

Zoro wants to just keep going like this, but he has other plans for tonight. Pushing Sanji back against the wall he releases Sanji's member and removes Sanji's hand from his own. Noting a slight pout from Sanji he smirks and holds up a finger, signaling for him to wait. Zoro makes his way over to the kitchen grabbing for the container of olive oil. He makes his way back to Sanji and settles back in to the position he was in before. Capturing his mouth again, he lines them both up and grinds his hips into Sanji's. Taking a moment he just stares at Sanji, drinking in his pleasure filled expression.

He pulls away slightly to slick himself up with the oil, stroking a few extra times to relive more of the pressure that's building there. He leans forward and rests his right forearm on the wall next to Sanji's head. Using his left hand he takes both of them in it and starts massaging them together. Sanji's reaction is immediate, mouth going slightly slack and moaning loudly. Feeling Sanji wrap one arm around his waist and another around the back of his neck he leans forward to rest his forehead against Sanji's. Squeezing and gripping with just the right amount of pressure, after just a few minutes they are both panting into each other mouths, sweat glistens off their bodies in the moon light shining in from the windows. Feeling the heat coiling in his gut he knows he close, and by the way Sanji is mewling and cursing under his breath he can assume he's close as well. Applying just a bit more pressure he pumps them both with quick hard strokes while thumbing over their slits until Sanji is crying out Zoro's name and Zoro is groaning loudly as they both spill out on to Zoro's fist and their stomachs.

Catching their breath and basking in the afterglow of orgasm, they stay as they are, entwined in each other's arms. After a minute Sanji leans down and grabs a kerchief out of his pants pocket and hands it Zoro, who then starts cleaning his hand off as well as both their Stomachs. Stealing kisses as they go, they both put their pants back in place, Sanji deciding to leave his shirt where it lays. Zoro takes his swords in one arm and grasps Sanji's hand with the other, leading them both to the aquarium area and to the sofa that sits there. Zoro removes his robe all together leaving him in just his pants, with his swords just nearby leaning against the outer arm of the sofa. He begins to lay down dragging Sanji down with him till he's lying flat on his back with the Cook laying on him, fitting together perfectly.

Sanji has one leg resting in between both of Zoro's, with his other leg wedged between the back of the sofa and Zoro's leg. Sanji lays his head in the crook of Zoro's neck and snuggles in, resting his right arm on Zoro's chest. Zoro tosses his robe over the both of them until they are covered and cozy. He promptly falls asleep having had a very satisfying night. Sanji takes a moment to watch Zoro's sleeping face.

'What a crazy day and I have a feeling this is only the beginning.' Gently stroking Zoro's cheek he closes his eyes committing tonight to memory, so he will never forget; never forget his voice, his warmth, his sleeping face or his intoxicating scent. Sleep finally claims him and he falls deep, feeling content and peaceful next to the one he loves.