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Chapter 2: A Poor Lifestyle

After spending a couple of days in the hospital, my new mother was finally healthy enough to be discharged. I thought my new father would show up by now, but nobody came except the doctors doing regular check ups on my condition.

Being somewhat of a pessimist, I believed that there was a high chance he was dead. It's a ninja world after all.

Its feasible that he's very busy working abroad like a typical Japanese parent you see from anime. Or maybe he's so sick that he is bedridden. Then again, he could've ran away from his responsibilities not wanting to pay child support if that even exists here.

Maybe he'll show up if I change my way of life and channel positive thoughts? My old mother back then always tried to make me think positive and stop thinking so negatively.

It's hard to think positively whenever you watch the news and most topics are about negative events. Right now, I don't feel as much pessimism that I usually used to have back then.

In fact, I feel rather calm and collected about my situation. I guess the [Gamer's Mind] ability really is handy dandy for calming me down and giving me a peaceful state of mind.

Then I felt somebody gently pick me up and held me near to their chest. Looking up at, I see it's my mother wearing some thick robes. She then said in a caring and soft voice "Are you ready to go home Genji?"

I giggled in response and she beamed with happiness. It'd be unnerving and abnormally weird if I remained completely silent and watched everyone like a hawk.

Upon exiting the air conditioned building, I felt the sudden temperature increase outside. It was hot, but not hot enough to be sweltering dangerous.

My theory and conclusion that I was reborn in Sunagakure was confirmed, when I saw the various clay and stucco buildings. There were some buildings I spied that had the symbol for Wind you usually see on the Kazekage's hat.

Each building that we passed by was unique in design and architecture as some are shaped like cylinders, spheres, upside down buckets, drums, and fruits. Along the way, I noticed the condition of the buildings gradually deteriorated the more mother walked forwards.

Arriving at the dilapidated apartment complex, she slowly climbed two flights of stairs, and approached a door labeled '202'. She unlocked the door, entered the room, and locked the door.

Then she announced to me "We're home Genji!" Suffice to say, I was shocked at this apartment room's shape. The apartment had only the bare necessities and its overall state is poor.

The place was just screaming 'Ramshackle Inn'. There are cracks in the walls, the light when turned on constantly flickered at random intervals, and the large appliances looked outdated.

The overall layout was literally open concept as I could see the kitchen, bed, bathroom, wardrobe dresser, and dining table. There was a baby crib right next to the bed so I guess that's where I'm sleeping.

But still, the reason I'm unsettled by this place is because I'm going to feel a firsthand experience of what it's like living in the poor house. This coming from someone who was raised by a middle class American family.

Like she read my mind or something, she continued talking "It's not much right now, but I hope I'll find a stable job to support the both of us. Even if this place is like a haunted house, I'm strong enough to protect you from ghosts."

My mother then posed in a manner similar to that 'We can do it' girl to reassure me and I giggled again. She approached the crib and softly placed me in the crib right next to a worn out teddy bear. She then went into the kitchen and I watched her cook a meal for herself.

Yep, this is definitely going to be a rough experience. And I mean it figuratively and literally because I touched the bedding and it's in a horrible condition. Despite it separating my soft baby skin from the wooden crib, it's feels very uncomfortable.

With nothing better to do, I mentally thought [Observe] on my crib mate and the bedding I'm laying on.

Worn-Out Teddy Bear

-The bear looks sad, there's a rip in its stomach, and the stuffing is coming out like its bleeding.

Overused Bedding

-There's several weird yellow stains on this white bedding.

Seriously?! Talk about too much information.

So I can see the details of objects, but couldn't gleam any information on a person. I'll either need a higher leveled [Observe] skill or raise my character level.

Noticing my mother sit at the table with her meal inside a bowl, I used [Observe] again on the food she's eating.

Simple Salad

-A basic salad that'll fill up the consumer for a while.

It's not very plentiful and looks meager. Seeing her eat made me hungry as well and the only way to alert her was to cry loudly.

At first, it was awkward for me to be breastfed, but it was either suck that titty to live or die by starvation. And I'm not going to die because my mother's exposed breast.

When I was satisfied enough, I chose to fall asleep to pass the time after she placed me back in the crib. I then heard her whisper "Good night Genji."

Nothing really happened the next day or day after that because it was a boring cycle of eat, soil myself, move around, spam the [Observe] skill, sleep, and repeat the process over again.

Soon she went to work and the kind old lady who's our next door neighbor came over to babysit me. Doing my usual shtick, I tried to see her information only to see nothing as usual.

Name: ?

Basically, she's here to take care of my needs until my mother comes back from work. No, I did not breastfeed off the grandma. Get your mind out of the gutter!

She did however prepared some baby formula in a bottle whenever my tummy rumbled for nutrition. Feeling curious, I tried to gleam some information on the formula itself.

Cheap baby formula

-Formula has barely any nutrients needed to promote healthy growth for a newborn.

+Staves off hunger for 4 hours.

To say that the formula was bland was an understatement. It had absolutely no taste whatsoever. Guess I'm going to get my nutrients from my mother.

Still. It's best to drink till I'm full. Who knows whenever she'll come home from work?

Several hours went by and mother finally arrived home. She looked like she was down in the dumps and upon seeing me changed her frown upside down. It was like I'm her personal ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

I thought I'd hear the old lady mention my mother's name when she came in, but all she did was call her "Dear." Then the cycle started all over again.

As the days go by, I noticed her being very thrifty and made it a habit to save money via various ways. One such way was using cheap cloth bought from a thrift store as diapers. Another was having the granny take care of me.

It's a very cheap solution rather than paying money to a daycare, the granny takes care of me when mother is out. In exchange, the granny gets to spend time with me because she likes to play with children.

6 Months Later

After six months of continuous observation and having the subtitles on, I could hear my mother being stressed out. She cried a lot and kept talking to herself about the unstable jobs and fluctuating income at night time.

She said she's a talented chef, but nobody's offering a chef position. I learned that most of the money she had in savings was used to relocate to Suna and to pay off the hospital fees of my birth.

She mentioned that if this trend continued, she wouldn't have enough money to take care of my needs like food, clothes, and supplies past my first birthday.

It felt like I was watching a heart wrenching documentary of what it's like to watch a single mom working many jobs to support her child all happening before me. She made no mention of my father at all and I can conclude that he's dead.

Something in my mind snapped seeing such a desperate situation. It's been six months and I'll have to see this for the next several months or years. really is hard on the heart.

I made a resolution to myself that I would consume everything she provided for me and to make her life easier by not crying at night. Only crying when I needed something to be done that can't be helped.

It's not like I can control my bladder movement as an infant anyway. A firm resolution that I planned on keeping unlike those half hearted resolutions where I say "I will lose weight and eat healthy this year."

As I grew older, she tried to teach me how to speak my first word to be 'Mother'. I would try but I only got the first syllable right.

I'm pretty sure that there was several times where my normal baby façade failed and my mother heard it when I tried to say words she didn't teach me yet. But I didn't care because being a baby is boring.

I know that I was a lazy couch potato back on Earth and I loved to lay down all day, but this shit is unbearable. There's no TV or source of entertainment other than the music playing in the background.

The original sound tracks I listened to was [Morning], [Daylight of Konoha], [Naruto's Daily Life], and [Evening]. But after hearing the same thing for the 300th time, it became annoying. So I went into the Options to turn off the Background Music.

Nothing of note happened until my first birthday.

6 Months Later

One day, I woke up and a message greeted me on.

It's your first birthday!

+25 HP and +25 CP!

+1 to all stats!

Ah?! No level up? Oh well, Character Status!

Character Status

Name: Genji Kaguya - Class: The Gamer - Age: 1

Titles: None

Status: Surprised. Normal.

Level: 0 - EXP: 0/100

HP: 95 - HP Regen: .1 per 5 seconds

CP: 190 - CP Regen: .6 per 5 seconds

STR: 1

VIT: 2

PE: 3

WIS: 6

INT: 4

SE: 10

DEX: 1

AGI: 1

LUK: 2

Fame/Infamy: 0/0

Unspent points: 0

Money: 0 Ryo

Looking at my one year old appearance on the character status screen, I observed an oddity. My hair color is dark blue, my eyes are yellow, and that I'm wearing cheap robes to cover up my body.

There's nothing odd about my clothes, but my hair and eyes certainly are. Hopefully, I'm not some bastard mix of a Uchiha and Kaguya with mutated yellow eyes or something.

If I'm from the Kaguya clan, how come I don't have the usual white hair trait? I'm sure Kimimaro had white hair, though the other clan members had a different hair color. Maybe it's a trait that only those who have the dead bone pulse all have white hair for confirmation?

Maybe my father's genes is the dominant gene, just like Naruto. Those of the Uzumaki Clan usually have red hair, but Naruto received his father's bright yellow hair. I wonder what'll happen today on my first birthday?

When mom came home that day later than usual, I notice her hiding something behind her back with a joy. She chirped "Happy birthday Genji" and presented me a stuffed animal doll shaking it in front of me to get a reaction.

I responded with managing to clearly say "Mother" loudly without my vocal chords butchering the word. She was joyful that I managed to say my first word making today all more memorable to her.

Regarding the toy doll she bought, I found it ironic that the doll its a tanuki, which is the biju of Suna. I then used [Observe] and saw its description.

Brand New Tanuki Doll

-A beige-brown stuffed animal that looks like a Tanuki, but has a zipper mouth and can function as a wallet by inserting money into its mouth.

-For some reason, it wasn't popular in the store and was marked 99% off. I wonder why?

So if Naruto has his Gama-chan wallet, then I have something similar respectively. I think I'll call it Tanu-chan. This wallet would certainly be useful in the future. People will wonder if I can pull money out of thin air to pay for things and think I have a bloodline limit of making money out of nothing.

Throughout the following days, I would repeat several other words she tried teaching me to bring her mood up. I thought these happy times would last, but my way of living turned upside down around one month later.

One Month Later

Something must have happened at mother's latest job. She's crying at night a lot more often.

She talks about Suna's slowly failing economy and how hard it is to get and keep a job. Sometimes when she looks at me, she seemed to be struggling with inner turmoil on something.

But from my view point, it probably has something to do with my future.

Waking up the next day, she dressed me up, gave me Tanu-chan to hold, and picked me up. Apparently we're going somewhere and my pessimistic instincts are telling me something bad is going to happen to me.

I finally found out the reason after 30 minutes of slow walking and it was some building I don't recognize. Mother was in deep thought mulling over whether to enter the building or not to. So I guess it's the orphanage.

Entering the building, I see kids of all ages from one to four in a nearby room littered with toys and she was walking to the front desk. This place could either be a daycare or the orphanage. It couldn't be the daycare because the old lady does their job for free.

If I'm going to be put in the orphanage, then I want to know my mother's name at least. I just hope that my 'Observe' skill is high enough to give me the information I want.

I spent a year spamming that skill and it recently became level 10 yesterday. Observe.

Name: Miya Kaguya

Finally! So her name is Miya and she's a Kaguya alright. But what's a member of the Kaguya clan doing here in Sunagakure for?

Hmm, didn't the voice say it'd influence certain events to accommodate my presence? That must be the reason.

Looking around, I noticed Miya signing some papers and conversing with the head caretaker. Despite not being able to read what she's signing, I could read the conversation between the two because of the subtitles.

To summarize what I've learned, Miya got fired from one of her jobs that provides most of her income. So now she's relying on supplementary jobs that can barely take care of herself.

Without that job, she couldn't take care of both of our needs past my 1st birthday. I guess my birth really did put a final nail in her saving's coffin.

Before I was handed over to the caretaker, my mother looked straight at me with tears in her eyes. She said with regret "I'm sorry Genji, please forgive for doing this. Here at this place, you'll be able to eat more and have decent clothes than if you lived with me."

She really does care about my wellbeing. At least she didn't give me up because I was abnormal, a monster, or annoying.

"Should I ever get a job that I know will be stable, I'll come back to readopt you so we can live together again. Goodbye Genji."

Miya kissed my forehead, gave me to the caretaker, and left the building. Turning my attention to the young lady holding me, I used [Observe] on her.

Name: Eri

Hmm, she looks to like she's in her late twenties. Eri then proceeded towards the playroom and set me down. A coworker of hers asked about my sleeping arrangements, and Eri left along with Tanu-chan to make sure I have a place to sleep tonight.

On her way to the bedrooms, orphans of all ages greeted her with respect, gratitude, and happiness. The atmosphere was really friendly and the other caretakers were kind too.

I activated [Observe] on them and saw their names too.

Name: Haru

Name: Kari

Haru was a middle aged lady and Kari was in her late teens. I stayed away from the other playmates as some were slobbering on each other.

Soon, Eri picked me up and placed me in a high chair repeating the same thing with other one year olds feeding us some baby food. Mother was right that it's more nutritious compared to what I ate back at home.

Soon it became evening and she placed me in a crib where my Tanuki doll is. I wasn't big or old enough to sleep on a bed, so another crib is my sleeping area. Luckily enough, I had the thing to myself.

As usual, I utilized [Observe] again to see the bedding's information.

Decent Bedding

-There are faded brown and yellow stains on this soft bedding. It provides some comfort.

Guh! Too much information again!

I think I'm going to be sick. Oops, threw up on the bedding.

"Waaah!" Somebody clean this and me up. I don't want to sleep covered in vomit.

Time moved on and Eri and the other caretakers assisted with my daily needs. Eri was special in a way that she could connect with all children and I could see why everyone in the orphanage likes her.

She treats us as one large family so whenever it's somebody's birthday, we all celebrate it. Those who are old enough sing the happy birthday song and play games with the birthday boy or girl.

There's no cake mind you, but it's the thought that counts.

One day out of the blue, Suna-nin visited the orphanage. I panicked for a moment thinking they came here to adopt me because I was super special, but boy was I wrong.

The gist of their conversation between the ninja and the caretakers was a recent law ordered by the Kazekage that affects all orphans. The Kazekage and Shinobi Advisory Council passed a law stating that any orphan who are four years of age will be conscripted into the Ninja program.

They'll be relocated from the orphanage and placed into an apartment complex along with a stipend to teach them how independence, self reliance, and money management. They'll then attend the Ninja Academy, instead of a regular civilian school.

Those that don't make the cut will be dropped out of the Ninja Program and attend the Civilian Academy. Though I'm pretty sure Eri and the others will miss everyone who leaves and will want them to come back to visit frequently.

The leader's reasoning for implementing this law is to bolster and recover Suna's shinobi forces after the 3rd Shinobi world war just in case of an invasion by Iwagakure or Kirigakure. But mainly the threat of Iwagakure because there's some deep seated hatred between the two nations.

But I see what they're doing. By giving the orphans a personal room for their own and a stipend for necessities, this will lessen the burden on orphanages. It's also the best time to start the brainwashing process and instill some beliefs, when they're young and ignorant.

Another reason they initiated this program is to find someone that has natural talent or a prodigy because there hasn't been a famous shinobi from Suna since Sasori. It's like they're gambling on the idea that out of 100 random orphans, there'll be a few that are diamonds in the rough.

It even reminds me of that anime [The Legend of the Legendary Heroes] because orphans are expendable. Nobody wants them, nobody will miss them if they die, and they cost money and resources to take care of.

The law's duration will remain in effect till Suna's shinobi force is restored back to normal. All because Suna lost big time in the war and is suffering from the consequences today.

Knowing my luck and Suna's slow dwindling economy, my mother won't be coming back to adopt me by the age of four. Thanks to the adult's conversation, I now know an estimate of what timeline I'm in.

I'm in a period somewhere after the 3rd Shinobi War and before the Suna and Oto alliance to invade Konoha. The exact estimate is unknown.

However, I miss my mother. It's been several weeks since she dropped me off and I wonder how she's doing.

Major Quest Alert!

A Reunion with Mother Miya

Don't meet with or talk to your mother before you graduating from the Ninja Academy.

Quest Rewards: A choice to live together with Miya and +5000 EXP.

Quest Failure: You'll never see her again.

I guess fate really is telling me to become a shinobi. If that's the case, then I'll become one.

I don't have to worry about Danzo kidnapping my little ass for his ROOT program if I'm in Suna, so I'll reveal my genius when we learn about Chakra at the Academy.


Assuming I have the dead bone pulse of the Kaguya Clan, then I have someone even worse than Danzo after my ass. It's going to be Orochimaru and his lackey Kabuto!

If I reveal my bloodline, I'll be Orochimaru's future body replacement. Since I'm a healthy boy with no deadly sickness unlike Kimimaro, I'm a juicy target for the Sanin.

No... Even if I don't reveal it, Kabuto has infiltrated multiple villages due to his ROOT training. Then there's the possibility I'm in Naruto's generation meaning I'm eligible to receive his curse mark.

Well that's just Fan-Fucking-Tastic! I'm only one year old and already have someone I know of who will definitely target me in the future.

Shinobi need all the strength, skill, and knowledge they can attain to ensure their continued survival and mission success. Especially with all these overpowered characters running around with their powerful mass destruction or unique hax abilities.

I hope the characters here aren't too smart compared to their canon counterparts. What if Tobi decided to use his warping ability to assassinate upcoming stars that are new in the Bingo Book?

What if Deidara wasn't arrogant or prideful and carried several bags of detonation clay, instead of one? What if they differ from usual and send four people to capture a Jinchurikki instead of two?

My presence in this world could change the story and plot for Naruto. In fact, it already has because I'm in it.

Reviewing all my options on what to do now and in the future, I've made my decision. I refuse to be one of those people who believe the philosophy of "I'll stay here in the background and everything will be fine."

I refuse to remain weak with a stunted skill set to avoid being a Gary Stu. I refuse to remain a weak ass bystander, live on scraps, and live in the poor house like a common civilian.

A self-insert original character can only be a support role? Fuck that shitty idea! I'll be the damn Jack of All stats and skills to ensure my well being in this particular world.

In fact, what if I'm in an alternate universe where one of the canon characters died because of my refusal to interact with the plot? I could be in a place where Sunagakure is severely shafted by Konoha compared to its canon counterpart. Instead of five major hidden villages, it'll only be four.

I HAVE A DREAM! That one day, I'll be strong enough to rake in the money, bring my mother out of a life of poverty, and become an S-rank ninja.

Even though S-Rank ninja attract fame and enemies, nobody thinks of messing with them unless they have a death wish. I know I won't become powerful enough to defeat Orochimaru at 12 years old, but I will become powerful after that.

Gaara became a Kage level shinobi around 15 years old. If he can do it, then with the powers of [The Gamer], I'll be Suna's first ever God of Shinobi by that age. You can bet on that!

Author's Note:

This chapter is meant for setup and world-building purposes.

I thought about skipping the growing up years, but decided against it because Genji is growing up in Suna.