A/N: This was originally written by myself but i did not think it was good enough so RB (RetardedBoy) fixed it up and made it her own. so all credits goes towards her :)



I smiled down at my two younger siblings, who fought were fighting over the remote and yelling and screaming like little pests. Mother sighed for the tenth time that day, shaking her head muttering about supper as she got up and went to the kitchen.

Finally, I snatched the remote from them and tuned into the News. There was no surprise there, just the same shocking and appalling discovery about more people getting attacked on the streets, and some sort disease is on the loose. It had only gotten worse.

We were so foolish to just assume our daily lives, pretending everything is under control and nothing was wrong. The hospitals became a warzone, streets filled with cars, vans and trucks all preparing to leave the city. People running, screaming…Blood, vomit, dying screams, cry for help, door locked.

My two little brothers, Ken and Andrew, clung to me during the hectic days. Crying and coming to me to reassure them as our mother phoned everyone in our family, and going out occasionally to get food. She always came back, looking dazed and sick.

The News told us to remains indoors and to keep our homes bunkered down until everything has calmed down. How stupid, I wanted to leave our house and pack up our things and get going. Mom refused, saying that everything will be ok.

Andrew was in the living room with Ken, watching a movie and ignoring the noise outside. The yells and the crashing, car horns honking, people yelling, he wrapped his arms around Ken holding him close. They comforted each other, and I felt so useless.

Mom went outside, in need of getting groceries and food due to the fact that we were running low. I tried to keep her inside, yelling and begging her not to go.

She left, ignoring my pleas saying that she will back soon and keep an eye on the kids. I ended up sitting in the hallway, listening to my Andrew talking softly to Ken and telling him a wondrous story; an adventure story.

The door burst open, I looked up to see Mom looking pale and scared as she fumbled with the locks on the door. Muttering and cursing, I got up from the floor inching towards her slowly. She spun around, her eyes wide and crazed before she forced a smile on her face.

"Sweetie, are-are the kids' safe?" She asked me, her voice sounding weak and frail. I noticed her arm had a bite mark on it, it was bleeding and a good portion of the flesh there was gone. "Just check the kids please!"

"Mom, there fine! What happened out there? Who did this to you?" I asked her, trying to help her but she merely just shoved me aside and stumbled upstairs. "Mom, why aren't you talking to me? Let me help you! Please, tell me what is going on!"

She refused to answer, the only thing I heard from her was the hard slam of her door. Andrew appeared beside me, scared and staring at the blood trail on the ground. Ken picked at the blood on the ground, putting his finger in it and tasting it.

"Ken, don't do that! Spit that out right now!" I yelled at him, startling him and making him jump. He looked up at me scared and frightened before Andrew came and took him back to the living room. I cursed, grabbing at my hair in frustration. This wasn't good, this wasn't good at all.


It's been twenty minutes now, why is Ken looking so sick? Must give him some medicine…


Ken puked, he looks so sickly. Andrew is crying. Mom hasn't left her room since she came back.


The screams outside intensified, someone banged on our door. More screams, more groans….Ken is breathing too shallow, his skin has gone pale. Andrew comforting Ken…A strange noise coming from Mom's room.


Checked in on mom, she is just laying there. Breathing fast, sweating and pleading for me to close the door but II left it open, telling her I will give her some medicine…Andrew screaming, ran downstairs, Ken was attacking Andrew, biting and clawing. A broken neck, shock and adrenaline running through me…Mom came rushing downstairs, looking ravenous and threw herself unto me.


Dead bodies, two of them I killed. Andrew screaming and crying, I scooped him up in my arms and we went outside. Finally, I can see the truth of what is going on. Witnessing the carnage, the blood, the pleas, while searching for someplace safe…This is our new hell on earth now and survival is everything…Sorry, I couldn't protect you Andrew but I had to live. I didn't want to die.