He used to be somebody, someone respectable and well admired by his colleagues in his line of work. Everything was going right for him, his job falling into place after a few rough bumps along the way and the family he had made with his loving and doting wife.

Their two little boys, he had done everything for them and made sure to be the best father he could be to them. It was amazing to see them smiling in the morning, their pouty faces when they had to eat their vegetables. It was never boring, and goodness knows, his wife loved it.

He felt himself smiling at the memory, and dropped the smile. It was gone, everything was gone. He had lost everything and there was nothing he could do to get them back. The blood, the dying screams, the carnage he witnessed…His wife's frightened eyes as she chased after their son.

The door breaking down, the snarling and growling from the undead as they made there way in their home. He carried his son in his arms, running to the backdoor, screaming and crying for his wife.

Why didn't he do anything? He ran out the backdoor, closing it and running into the yard but stopping and turning around at his wife's frantic screaming.

He closed his eyes, recalling the sight he witnessed. She was there, right in the children bedroom, banging on the window, their son in her arms. He watched her opening the window, climbing out with their son and closing the window behind them.

He remembers crying out to her, but it was too late. The door busted open, the undead scrambling and lurching towards him and his son. Remembers running away, never looking back, her screams and his name on her lips, and he ignored them. Frightened and scared as he ran with his son.

"Dad, are you ok?" He was brought out of his memory and turned to face his son. "They want you; one of the older men is hurt. He got shot."

He marveled at the sight of his son, the tired look on his face and how skinny he had gotten. The dark circles underneath his eyes, a clear indication of a lack of sleep. "Alright, you stay here alright? Get some sleep, maybe eat something at least. Get some strength in you."

He went out of the trailer, hearing the silent good bye from his son. He had fallen, he was nothing but a conniving Bitch now, stealing and robbing from other survivors and making sure their group is kept alive. He had turned into nothing but a criminal, a cruel and heartless Bitch, but he didn't mind it to any more.

What is there to feel sorry about anyway? It was time to forget the past, and move on. It was time to survive.