Hi guys! Prism here with another fic, though I'm not really counting this as an actual story. This fic will be a series of one shots about the Reconnected Saga including side quests, secret bosses and comedic adventures. This is also where I'll be storing any requests relating to the Reconnected Saga.

Okay, I'm done rambling now. This first chapter is a request from MysteryGirl7Freak including her OCs Kyra and Rusty. I own nothing other than than the plot for my fics and my own OCs. Enjoy!

Another Side Another Story: Bath Time!

It seemed like ages since West had seen Traverse Town since she started travelling with Riku and Mushu. But, now here they were, wandering through the first district.

"Gotta tell ya, I never thought I'd miss this place. But it sure is nice to be back." West smiled towards Riku, who was walking beside her. Mushu rested on his shoulder.

Riku rolled his eyes. "Just remember; we're here to get supplies to replace the kitchen stock. We can't stay long. Honestly, we wouldn't have to waste time here if somebody, or some dragon hadn't eaten everything in the pantry!" The teenager growled, glaring at the small dragon on his shoulder. "I said I was sorry!" Mushu wined. "What was I supposed to do?! I was hungry!"

"I told you to wait until I brought you some food!"

"But you were taking too long!"

West giggled softly behind her hand. "Okay, okay you guys. Break it up already!"

"He started it." Mushu grumbled with a pout, crossing his arms.

"Hey! West! You're here!" An accented voice exclaimed behind them. The trio spun around, finding Lydia rushing up towards them. "Oh, and you're back too, pumpkin!" She smiled after seeing Riku.

"Yeah, again, it's Riku." Grumbled the silver-haired teen.

Lydia laughed, playfully ruffling Riku's hair. "Okay, okay, Riku. No need to get so pouty on me."

"So, Lydia. What's up?" West asked cheerfully.

"Oh, not much." The gypsy replied in her usual english accent, then she noticed Mushu. "Who's your cute little friend?"

"Who am I?" Mushu asked, moving to stand up on Riku's head. "I am Mushu, the Fa family guardian dragon! I've been bravely looking after these kids! Without me around, they would have been dead meat long ago!"

Lydia chuckled in amusement. "Of course you were. So, West. Are you planning on visiting Kyra while you're here?"

West raised an eyebrow. "We just came to get some food supplies. Why do you ask?"

"Well, you see, it's that time again." Lydia sighed.

"Rusty's bath time?" West groaned.

Riku raised an eyebrow. "That little fox that follows her around all the time? What's so bad about giving him a bath?"

"You have no idea." West said. "He avoids baths like the plague! Once he knows a bath is coming, its almost impossible to catch him and he won't sit still!"

"Exactly." Nodded Lydia. "So, West if your not too busy, Kyra could really use your help."

West turned to her two teammates. "Riku is it okay if you and Mushu get the supplies? I haven't seen Kyra in awhile and I really think she needs help."

"Don't worry about it." Riku smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Me and the eating-machine over here can handle it. Meet back here in an hour?"

West returned the smile in her own perky way. "Sure. Sounds good to me."

"Okay then, see you later, West!" Mushu said as he and Riku wandered back down the stone steps towards the various shops.

The pigtailed girl was so busy waving them off, she barely noticed Lydia had moved right next to her.

"Soo...you and that Riku kid seem to be getting pretty close." The gypsy teased.

West blushed as she looked up at her. "W-what's that supposed to mean?!"

Lydia smirked. "Oh, nothing." She laughed softly behind her hand. "Kyra's probably chasing Rusty around the third district. Have fun!" And without another word, Lydia turned away and started walking back to Tony's restaurant to finish her shift.

West groaned in defeat. "Guess I better get going."


Meanwhile, in the middle of the third district, a dirt and grime-covered Rusty sprinted across the sidewalk, desperately searching for someplace to hide from a certain teenage girl with black and red hair.

"Rusty! Rusty, where are you, boy?!" Her voice called. The small fox's ears perked up and quickly spun his head around searching for a hiding place. Finally, his eyes rested on a large, blue pipe with a few broken wires peeking out. Excitedly, the dirty fox jumped behind the pipe and hid.

The fox was lucky he hid when he did because, in the next second, Kyra burst through the doors that lead to the second district. In her hands, she was holding a scrubbing brush and a bar of soap. She was breathing heavily, as though she had been running recently.

"Come on, Rusty!" Kyra called out into the space of the third district, walking down the steps. "A bath won't kill you! Just come out!"

Just then, the large, double doors leading to the first district opened and West stepped into the new area. Kyra's eyes widened at the sight of who entered the third district.

"Sorry, Kyra but I doubt he's going to listen to you when you're clearly holding bath supplies." West smiled up at her.

"West? What are you doing here?! When did you get back?!" Kyra demanded, storming up to the pigtailed thief.

West just kept smiling, nervously rubbing the back of her neck. "Just a few minutes ago. Me and Riku are just taking a break from travelling around the worlds."

Kyra groaned. "You know, I don't trust that kid."

"I know you don't. But I do. And you need to trust me on this, I know what I'm doing." West told her.

Kyra sighed, moving a hand up to her forehead. "There's just no reasoning with you, is there?"

"Nope." West giggled. "So, Lydia told me that you're trying to give Rusty a bath today. Do you need any help? I have some free time before I have to meet up with Riku."

"You got that right." Kyra grumbled, placing her hands on her hips. "I just don't know what that little fur ball has against baths."

West rolled her eyes. "I have no idea. So, where is he?"

"I don't know." Replied Kyra. "I saw him run in here, but I don't know where he disappeared to."

West looked around the third district, looking for any sign of the missing fox. Finally, her eyes rested on the large blue pipe. As she squinted, she could see four tiny dirty paws peeking out from beneath the pipe. West poked Kyra's shoulder, pointing to the paws.

Kyra was just about to storm up to Rusty's hiding place, but West stopped her by grabbing her arm. A smirk spread to West's face as she gave Kyra a wink, an idea spreading through her mind.

"Well, obviously Rusty's not around here. Let's look somewhere else, Kyra." West said as she lead the older girl up the stone steps and behind a nearby wall.

Feeling that it was safe, Rusty peeked out from behind the pipe and looked around for any sign of the two girls. Not seeing them anywhere, the small, dirty fox released a small snicker of victory.

But, Rusty didn't have long to celebrate. The next thing he knew, someone had grabbed the scruff of his neck and pulled him up, coming face-to-face with an angry Kyra.

"Gotcha you stinky fur ball!" She exclaimed as Rusty released a wine and struggled in her grip, barking in protest.

West laughed as she joined them. "Sorry, Rusty. But, you really need a bath."


It had taken some time and a great deal of effort, but Kyra and West had managed to drag the struggling fox back to Kyra's apartment in the third district. The two girls had locked all the doors and windows but Rusty still ran all around the apartment. His dirty paws soiled the previously clean hardwood floors, soft purple rug, brown couches and light blue walls.

Both girls chased Rusty all around the apartment, finally catching him and dragging the struggling fox over to the crisp white and blue bathroom with a tub filled with bubbly water.

Throwing Rusty into the bathtub, Kyra and a West wasted no time in scrubbing him down. Rusty struggled with all his might, splashing water, soap and suds all over the two girls. The fox never ceased in putting up a fight, but they soon managed to finish the bath. Once they were done, Rusty jumped out of the tub the first chance he got, shaking the water off his now clean fur.

"See, Rusty? That wasn't so bad." West laughed, wiping the soapy suds off her sleeves.

The fox responded by glaring up at the two girls, growling at them and jumping up on the couch, curling up for a nap.

"Thanks for the help, West." Said Kyra, ringing the water out of her shirt. "So, I'm assuming that you're going to leave now."

"Yeah," West replied. "Riku and Mushu should be done gathering supplies by now."

"Are you really sure about this?" Asked Kyra.

"For the last time, Kyra, I'll be fine!" West responded.

"I just don't trust that boy! And I think it'll be better if you just stay in Traverse Town where you're safe!"

"Kyra, please! You need to trust me! I know what I'm doing!" And, with one final smile, West opened the apartment door and walked out into the third district.

Kyra spent the next few moments standing in the middle of her apartment floor, gazing at the door West disappeared through. Running her fingers through her hair, Kyra released a sigh.

"What are we going to do with her, Rusty?" She mumbled. "She just doesn't understand how dangerous it is out there. She's not even close to being ready to handle it."

Rusty only responded by glaring up at her, then curling back up for his nap.

"Hey! Don't give me that look!" Kyra said, grabbing a mop and bucket, throwing them at Rusty's paws and pointing at the dirty paw marks he left all over the apartment. "Now, you better get to work cleaning up the mess you made! Just because we're friends doesn't mean you can trash the place and not clean up!"

The fox released a growl of annoyance, but proceeded to jump off the couch, grab the mop in his mouth and start to clean.

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