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Reconnected: Nomanissan Automata

Roxas and his team were on the Falcon on their way to the next world. They had just finished fighting a great deal of heartless and villains and everyone was really tired. However, when a blinking red light started going off at the ship's dashboard, the ship's pilot snapped to attention.

"Huh?" Kyra raised an eyebrow at the blinking light. "This is weird. We hardly ever get video messages."

"What's wrong? Is it a message from the other team?" Roxas asked curiously as he walked beside her. "Are they in trouble?"

Kyra shook her head. "It's from Nomanissan."

"Nomannisan?" Xion question from her position beside Naminé. "Is it Mr. Incredible and his family?"

"I hope nothing's wrong." Stated Dragon worriedly.

"Yeah, we just helped them beat Syndrome! I'm not ready for more fighting yet!" Myde whined.

Oswald rolled his eyes. "Answer them Kyra. They might have more trouble with the heartless or nobodies."

"Right." Kyra nodded in agreement and pushed the red blinking button without another moment's hesitation.

The moment she did, a large, digital screen appeared before them with the faces of Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Dash and Violet.

"Oh good. We were able to reach you." Mrs. Incredible sighed in relief. "I was worried this transmission wasn't going to reach you guys."

"Hey there!" Roxas waved at the screen. "What's with the call?"

Mr. Incredible moves to explain. "Well, since we and any other supers were grated permission to finally come out of hiding-"

"You were?! That's amazing! Congratulations!" Myde interrupted excitedly.

"Can we please focus?!" Lydia glared at Myde.

"Sorrrrry." Myde grumbled as he crossed his arms. "Excuse me for being happy for them."

Kyra released a groan, then turned back to the screen. "As happy as we are for you guys, you were saying about the reason you called us?"

"Right." Mr. Incredible nodded as he moved to explain. "As our first official mission as official supers we were asked to check out Syndrome's island again after some activity was detected here."

"That can't be right." Said Dragon. "We defeated Syndrome so who else could be on that island?"

"That's what we want to know." Said Violet.

"Anyway," Mrs. Incredible continued. "When we got here we found a very suspicious battle arena filled with heartless, so we decided to call you."

"Yeah! You guys are the pros of kicking heartless butt!" Dash exclaimed. "By the way, I'm the one who found the arena."

"Sounds serious." Said Roxas as he turned to Kyra. "Should we head over?"

Kyra nodded. "We really should if there are that many heartless. Just hang tight, we'll be there as soon as we can." She said.

"Okay. Meet us at the beach and we'll take you guys to the arena." Mr. Incredible stated as the monitor shut off.

"Well, it looks like we're going back to Nomanissan." Dragon stated. "Think we can take care of all those heartless?"

Xion nodded. "Of course we can. With all of us and the Incredibles working together we can do it."

With that, Kyra started steering the Falcon back towards Nomanissan, the entire team ready to fight more heartless.


Luckily, it didn't take too long for Team Twilight to reach Nomanisan considering they weren't too far. The moment the Falcon touched down on the world and the team stepped on the beach, they were immediately approached by the Incredibles.

"Hey! Long time no see!" Dash exclaimed as he ran over to the team of world travellers at his usual lightning speed.

"You guys sure got here quick." Mr. Incredible noted.

Oswald shrugged. "Well, it wasn't like we were far."

"So, where's this arena?" Roxas asked.

"It's just near the entrance of Syndrome's lair." Mrs. Incredible said. "Not too far from this beach."

"Then let's head over there and kick some heartless tail." Lydia exclaimed.

Dash nodded. "Yeah! Those heartless are going to be sorry they messed with you guys!"

With that, the team followed the supers deep into the jungle until they came across an open metal door. It was slightly hidden behind some foliage with some vines and branches torn off, most likely from Mr. Incredible and his family's search. If the doorwY was truly hidden that much it was no wonder they missed it before.

"Well, here we are." Violet said, a hint of nervousness in her voice. "I should warn you, there really are a lot of heartless in there. We barely made it out ourselves."

"And with our powers, that's saying something." Agreed Dash. "They almost caught up to my awesome super speed!"

Roxas took a deep breath then stepped forward. "Okay, let's take this slow; one at a time."

"Okay, I'll go first, you guys follow." Mr. Incredible volunteered.

Without listening to any protests, Mr. Incredible entered the arena. Then, Xion followed behind him, Naminé entered next followed by Dragon and Oswald. Then, Lydia and Myde entered. Next was Rusty and Kyra then lastly, Roxas.

The moment Roxas entered the arena, his eyes widened in surprise. It was a large, round metal arena with tall metal walls and no ceiling, revealing a clear blue sky. However, what really stood out to him was the fact that there were absolutely no heartless in the arena. Not even a trace of one.

Then, in the next second, when Roxas joined the others in the Center of the arena a loud alarm started ringing. Then, the heavy meal door to the arena slammed shut, trapping them in and locking Mrs. Incredible, Dash and Violet out.

"What?!" Exclaimed Kyra. "It trapped us in?!" Rusty whined nervously and hid behind Kyra's legs.

"What's going on?!" Dragon questioned as he turned to Mr. Incredible. "I thought you said there were piles of heartless in this arena."

Mr. Incredible looked around the arena, a look of confusion on his face. "There were. They were crawling all over this arena!"

"Then how'd they just dissapear?!" Asked Lydia.

Naminé looked up at the sky as a feeling of unease overcame her new heart. "Could someone or some kind of weapon have defeated them all?"

"Syndrome was making powerful weapons here like the Omnidroid. I wouldn't put it past him." Said Xion.

"But, what kind of person or weapon could defeat all those heartless?" Asked Roxas.

At that moment, the wind began to pick up and a dark shadow loomed over them from the skies above. The entire group looked up to the sky to find a large flight unit carrying a figure.

"I think we're about to find out." Dragon said as the flight unit began to descend. As the flight unit approached the bottom of the arena, the group readied their weapons. The very moment the flight unit touched the ground, a strange-looking woman jumped out. She had short, silver hair, was dressed completely in black with thigh high boots, black dress with white patterns and feathers on her black and white gloves and a black blindfold over her eyes. Two sharp katanas floated behind her and some kind of box-shaped machine with mechanical arms flew behind her.

"Analysis; human beings. One from this world, others from many other worlds. No trace of alien machines." The machine spoke to the woman in a mechanical voice.

"What?!" Myde gasped. "Alien machines?!"

Xion looked up at Myde with her eyebrow raised. "Why are you so surprised? Stitch is an alien."

"Yeah, but he's cute and fluffy; the aliens she's talking about might be really mean." Myde whined.

"So, there are humans here after all." The woman ignored the voices of the group. "I thought there were only machines and those dark creatures lurking here. The dark creatures here I destroyed." She said in a stoic voice.

"Who are you?" Questioned Roxas.

"I am YoRHa unit 2B, this is Pod 042." The woman introduced herself and the flying machine behind her. "I am an android meant to fight for humanity and defeat the machines that have taken over my world and forced the humans to flee."

"An android?!" Naminé questioned. "But, you look so human."

"YoRHa units are designed within the image of humans." Pod 042 reported.

"Yes, we get it." Snapped 2B in annoyance. "Details like that are pointless."

Mr. Incredible shook his head, still trying to wrap his mind around the android in front of them. "Then, what are you doing here?"

2B reached behind her back, grabbed one of her katanas and pointed it at the group of heroes.

"I want to battle you." She said. "Prove to me that mankind is strong."

Lydia scoffed as she held her tambourine. "Bring it on, sister! We'll show you just how tough we are."

"Very well." Stated 2B.

"Preparing for combat." Pod 042 reported. And with that, 2B rushed into battle with her pod following closely behind her.

She first targeted Roxas with one of her sharp katanas. Roxas managed to block the attack with his Keyblade, but he was pushed back due to her massive strength. Then, she took her other, larger katana in her other hand and slashed at Roxas, causing severe damage. Xion gasped at the sight of Roxas' face twisted in pain and quickly rushed to help him. She jumped in between her friend and 2B, unfortunately getting cut from the katanas. 2B clearly was a powerful android and Roxas and Xion were rapidly growing weaker from the consistent katana slashes. Mr. Incredible tried to rush to help but his strength wasn't enough to block the deep, powerful slashes of 2B's weapons.

Kyra didn't waste any time in throwing Roxas and Xion healing potions. Unfortunately, just as she healed them, Pod 042 started firing bullets at them. She kept trying to heal them with potions but between 2B's deadly sword attacks and the pod's endless supply of bullets she was quickly running out of the potions. Lydia tried to use her own time magic to slow the female android down but it had no effect. So instead, she used her magic to speed up Dragon. The brown-haired katana-weilder rushed between Roxas and 2B and thanks to Lydia's magic was able to keep up with her speed.

The more damage they caused to her, the more powerful 2B's attacks seemed to become. She had even resorted to putting away her katanas, jumping behind Pod 042 and allowing it to fire a powerful laser at the group of heroes. Oswald pushed Naminé out of the way just before the blast could hit her, but it unfortunately hit Oswald, sending him near death. Naminé acted quickly and healed him.

At a fair distance, Rusty tried to cast a variety of magic spells on the female android. However, fire and blizzard magic had no effect and thunder magic seemed to considerably heal her. Myde then tried to attack with his sitar and water magic, managing to deal minuscule damage. Knowing they couldn't last much longer and seeing that 2B was growing more and more powerful by the second, Mr. Incredible and Roxas used all their strength and attacked the female android simulateously. With a mighty blow from Mr. Incredible's fist and a blast of heavy light magic from Roxas, 2B was defeated as she collapsed to her knees.

"Very well done." 2B complimented. "I apologize for underestimating you all. You're much stronger than I thought." She said as she stood up to her feet.

"It wasn't that easy." Sighed Roxas. "You were really strong."

2B shook her head. "Androids may be well made but clearly more work needs to be done if we are to be able to defeat the machines in my own world."

At that moment, another flight unit appeared over the arena, identical to the one 2B had arrived in. Quickly, the flight unit descended and another figure stepped out. A young boy considerably shorter than 2B. He was dressed in a similar YoRHa uniform to 2B with the same blindfold over his eyes and the same short silver hair. Unlike 2B however, he wore shorts, dress shoes, knee-high black socks, a detailed black jacket and a choker around his neck. Floating behind him was a similar katana and a pod like what 2B had. The group suspected he may be another android.

"There you are ma'am." The young boy smiled up at 2B. "I've been looking all over for you. It's dangerous to be out alone you know."

2B glared at the young android through her blindfold. "I've told you before, 9S. Don't call me ma'am."

"Oh! Right, Sorry!" 9S exclaimed nervously.

"Uh, is this guy an android too?" Dragon asked. "He seems much more emotional than 2B."

2B nodded. "Yes, this is scanner model 9. Also known as 9S."

Beneath his blindfold, 9S's eyes widened. "Wait, are those humans?! True humans?!"

"Yes we are." Xion nodded. 9S didn't waste a second in rushing to the group and shaking each of their hands.

"This is so amazing! It's such an honour to meet you all! I've always wanted to meet real humans!" 9S exclaimed excitedly.

Roxas smiled at the young android as he shook his hand. "Uh, it's nice to meet you room 9S."

"Oh, you can call me Nines. People who are close to me do." Said 9S. "But 2B still refuses to call me that." 2B released a groan and shook her head.

Lydia turned to her team with a confused look on her face. "Are we really sure 9S is an android? Dragon's right, his personality seems really human."

"I assure you, we are androids. And we need to return to our own world to complete our mission." Stated 2B.

"Oh! Right!" 9S exclaimed as he and 2B started walking back towards their flight units with their pods. However, before the two of them climbed back into their flight units, the two androids turned back to face the heroes.

"I wish you luck in your mission. Seeing you fight together against me as a powerful unit, I believe you will succeed." 2B said as she and 9S saluted the team by putting their hands on their hearts. "Glory to mankind."

Roxas and his team returned the salute. "Thank you 2B."

And with that, 2B and 9S entered their flight units and blasted off into the sky on their way back to their own world. The moment the two androids left, the arena's lock opened, freeing the heroes.

Roxas, Mr. Incredible and the rest of the team watched the flight units leave, unaware of Mrs. Incredible, Violet and Dash rushing towards them.

"Think they'll win the war against the alien machines on their world?" Naminé asked Roxas.

"I'm sure they will." Nodded Roxas. "2B was a tough opponent, those machines will have a hard time beating her."

"You're right." Naminé smiled as she and Roxas' hands intertwined as they continued watching the two flight units fly off.

However, as the Incredibles and team Twilight exited the arena and said their goodbyes to each other another android was watching from the shadows of the jungle. This one had long, waist-length silver hair, a destroyed YoRHa uniform, a kanata floating behind her back and she lacked a blindfold. She was known as A2.

A2 simply watched the group of world travellers return to their Gummi ship, then walked back into the woods. No one had any idea she was watching as she made her way back to her own world now knowing the movements of 2B.

So in case you guys didn't know, 2B, 9S, A2 Pod 042 are from another recently-released Square Enix game called Neir: Automata. It's really good story and an amazingly stunning game. I highly recommend either playing or watching it.

And you guys can thank NicoB for this fic idea since his let's play of the game was very entertaining and funny! Check him out! Thanks so much for reading you guys and stay tuned for the next chapter of Reconnected. Be sure to leave a review!