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Darkness. Pain. Anguish. It seems like there is no light at all, like everything is bleak and unnoticeable. I was better for a time, but now that Jacob has left me, it seems like everything is black again. I thought he was repairing the hole in my chest, but now I see he was only carving out a hole of his own. I have lost my sun now, too.

I jolted out of my thoughts as I automatically stopped the truck at the start of the trail. I was going to try and find the meadow again, like I did almost daily now, but this time, I was alone. Jake wasn't with me, nor was He. It was the first time I'd tried to find it on my own. I grabbed the map, found the right line, and set off into the forest, tripping every two feet and cursing every six. I squinted; Was it just my imagination, or was the forest getting lighter up ahead? After a moment I smiled a grimace – It was getting lighter up ahead! I sped up, tripping more often and definitely cursing a lot more, and then I fell, face first, into the meadow.

Sitting up, I looked around. It was a lot different now, the grass brown and no wildflowers. I unconsciously moved my arms until I was hugging myself, trying to hold together. Unlike I thought it would, it was no easier to remember Them here. "Why, Bella, is that you?" I heard a familiar voice ask. "Laurent!" I gasped, looking at the other side of the meadow and standing up quickly. "I thought you were in Denali." I continued; he shrugged. "I was just coming up to see the Cullens, but they weren't there. By the way things looked they haven't been in Forks for a very, very long time. Am I right?" He asked with a smile. But I was more riveted by his eyes – His red eyes.

Shouldn't they be gold by now? I wondered. Laurent noticed where I was looking and his smile vanished. "Y-your eyes, they're still red." I stammered, also avoiding his question. "Yes, so they are. You see, Bella, even though I went to Denali, and even though I do enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle and the benefits that it brings, I do sometimes cheat when I'm away." He explained patiently. My stomach churned, thinking of the lives that had been lost just so Laurent could enjoy his food choice more! Then I noticed Laurent was walking forward. "Ah, Bella, I do hope you forgive me, but you do smell so mouth-watering." He said, smiling a cruel smile. "I promise I'll make it quick and painless." He vowed, almost close enough now to reach out and grab me. I stood there, petrified.


As soon as I ran to kill Laurent, I knew the game was up. Typical Bella, running into danger the second I turn around. But it's my fault; I shouldn't have left her in that state, not even to hunt and check on her father. I berated myself, tackling the other vampire. The fight was over in a matter of seconds – Laurent may have been old, but he had next to no fighting skills. I stood in front of the fire, my hands by my sides, and my back to Bella. I wasn't sure how she would handle my presence, but she did the last thing I expected: Bella tried to hug me.


I had thought I was dead. Laurent had been mere moments away from draining me dry, but a blur passed inches from my face. There was a harsh screeching sound, then it stopped and strange purple smoke billowed up from a fire. But more importantly (To me, anyways) was the familiar 6'4 lean form of Jasper Cullen. I stared at the back of his shaggy blonde head for a moment, and then catapulted myself at the oddly military-straight figure; wrapping my arms around Jasper in a hug, I realized I'd started crying. He stiffened for a moment, managing to turn so that my face wasn't in his back anymore.

"J-Jasper, you're h-h-here." I stammered, clinging to him for dear life. "Bella, calm down; I'm not going to vanish into thin air, I promise. . . Bella? Bella!" Jasper said soothingly, although he sounded a little alarmed after a moment when I didn't move or stop crying. My emotions must have been crazy. No, I knew they were crazy: Relief, sadness, happiness, shock, slightly scared, and confused, to name but a few. I was relieved because I now knew I wasn't alone or abandoned any more, sadness because Jasper brought bittersweet memories to the surface. I was supremely happy to see Jasper, and because I wasn't dead. I was slightly scared because of Laurent, and shocked because of all that had happened.

In other words, I was a mess; a big, incoherent, shirt-ruining, clumsy, crying, recovering-from-near-zombie-ness mess. A wave of calm washed over me, and I realized what I must have been doing to Jasper. "I'm s-sorry, I forgot. I'm just so ha-happy to see y-y-you, Jasper." I apologized, immediately starting to pull away, but Jasper's cold arms slightly tightened, holding me put. "Bella, don't apologize. You of all people should not be apologizing. Besides, I think I prefer you ruining my shirt and making your emotional cocktail a little more in-my-face over you screaming, running and/or being scared half to death of me." He said with a small sigh. I looked up at Jasper's face for the first time, noticing the small worry lines around his golden eyes.

Wait, back up a minute. Worry lines around Jasper's golden eyes? I saw three things wrong with this picture: even His eyes darkened when I flung myself at him like this. And number two, why would Jasper be worried? He didn't even like me all that much. . . Right? And three, vampires didn't get worry lines unless they were currently worrying about something, which would cause their face to wrinkle a little. My realizations took only a second, and I scrambled to find a reply. "Why would I be running, screaming and/or scared half to death of you?" Wow, could I do anything to make this awkward reunion even more awkward?! Way to go, Bella! I thought to myself sarcastically. Jasper was shaking his head, though from why I didn't know. "For now, let's just get you home. Charlie will be getting worried, and you need to rest. NDEs really aren't good for your nerves, Bella." He scolded evasively. Alright, fine. I'll find out what you're hiding soon enough, Jasper Hale. I thought as I nodded in agreement. He was right – It was getting late; it had taken me longer than I thought to find the meadow.

"May I?" Jasper asked, and I realized he was asking permission to pick me up. I was touched by that small courtesy – Certainly He had never asked, and when the others picked me up it was when they were hunting James. There had been no time, except for that one time with Alice. "It'll be faster, and you'd be far less likely to injure yourself." He added persuasively. I had to admit he was right, but. . . "Are you sure you'll be alright? I don't want to cause you pain, or anything." I ventured. But Jasper merely snorted as he swooped down and picked me up bridal style. "If only you knew." I thought I heard him mutter as he started running. I shut my eyes and hung on for dear life, trying not to scream. Jasper's run was different than his, more aggressive somehow. As I realized that he had stopped running, I heard a deep throaty bass laugh. "Bella, you can let go now." He reminded me, but I was too stiff from hanging on so tightly to move without help. Plus I was amazed; I had never heard Jasper laugh before. Ever. I had seen him smile all of five times, and heard him chuckle exactly once.

"Bella, can you move at all?" Jasper patiently asked, bringing me back from my thoughts with a jolt. "Help. Please." I managed to squeak, and then the next thing I knew, I was sitting in the passenger seat of my truck, buckled and all. As I opened my mouth to protest, Jasper smirked, "Next time, Bella. Right now you're in no shape to even sit behind a wheel. Remember, if we crash, I walk away just fine. But you? You're more fragile." He said. I sighed; Jasper was right, again. "Fine. . . ." I pouted. Then I thought of something, and gasped in pain. I hunched over my arms around myself. Jasper immediately looked over. "Bella! What is it? Tell me and don't you dare say it's nothing, Bella!" He ordered, but I knew he only snapped because he was worried. "I'll tell you later. . . If you stick around." I mumbled, knowing full well he could hear.

The truck stopped, and Jasper moved over and started rubbing my back, stroking my head, little things. "Bella, of course I'll 'stick around.' It would only break you more if I left now that I've shown myself, and I couldn't do that. Not to you, mi hermosa y roto uno. Me comprometo a permanecer el tiempo que me quieres, mi compañera." Jasper murmured, ending in what sounded like Spanish to me. I blinked and straightened slowly, moving my arms to my lap. "Better?" Jasper asked softly, keeping one marble arm around my shoulders. I nodded, concentrating in breathing in, out, in, out. "I didn't know you speak Spanish." I muttered after about five minutes, turning my head to look at Jasper, who half-smiled. "There are a lot of things you don't know about me, Bella." He murmured, moving back over to the driver's seat. The moment was over.

When we were three streets away from my house, Jasper raised an eyebrow, "Charlie's not home." He sounded puzzled and worried, although I wasn't sure why. It was quite likely he'd gone fishing. He swung in the driveway, then turned off the truck and was out of the vehicle almost faster than I could comprehend. But I was glad he had taken it easy on my poor truck. Since I wasn't entirely sure what was going on, I stayed in the cab, although I did unbuckle. Then Jasper opened my passenger door, and I stepped out. "Is everything alright?"I asked anxiously – In response, he handed me a note. It said,


Billy Black called, wanted me to go fishing with him and Harry Clearwater. I thought I'd accept the invitation, so I'll be home later with some fish and Harry Clearwater's homemade fish fry.

Love, Dad.

"Fish again?" I moaned. Jasper raised an eyebrow. "I'm guessing you don't like fish?" He asked, and I shook my head. "I do, but we have at least a three year supply!" I wailed. Jasper just shook his head and shut the truck door, which I had accidentally left open. "Oops." I muttered, walking towards my front door. After walking about ten steps, I became aware that Jasper wasn't walking with me; I turned. "Aren't you coming?" I asked, already starting to feel the pain raising its ugly head. Jasper looked startled, then blurred over to me. "Of course, my apologies." He said, carefully putting an arm around my shoulders.

After we went inside, I realized I was, in fact, more than a little hungry, so I quickly slapped together a sandwich, quickly ate it, and then joined Jasper at the kitchen table. Then I had to ask. "Jasper, when did you come back to Forks?" I asked, studying the wood under my face. When I looked up again, Jasper was rubbing his neck with his hand, looking decidedly uncomfortable.

"Ah, Bella, I never actually left."

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