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The rest of the week passed in a blur. Sunday I spent with Jasper cleaning the Cullens' home. It seemed he hadn't really been back there, except for the odd shower and change of clothes. The place was super dusty and stuffy. That was fun, but also painful – I lost it at least three times. Each time Jasper was there for me, rubbing my back and saying all the right things.
Monday I went to school and went through the motions. When I'd been a little late to lunch and felt eyes on me, I turned and saw Jasper, standing at the end of the hallway just watching me. I'd smiled and waved, and he waved back then gave me a little shooing motion. After school, he and I tackled the garage, one of the spots we hadn't cleaned the day before. And believe me, that place was a mess.

Tuesday was school again, (duh) but I had a little more fun. Instead of staying in the cafeteria to eat, I took my lunch and ate in the band room while some of the more musically talented people practiced for a show they were going to perform at a summer camp. It was fun watching and listening to them sing, play their instruments and dance. Then after school I went shopping and found some interesting knickknacks to make my room look a little lived in. . . . And I also mysteriously found a new stereo installed in my truck with a sticky note on it that said 'You murdered the other one. Can you try to keep this one in your truck, at least? Or in one piece?' I laughed, something I found myself doing more of since Saturday.

Wednesday was boring, since today Jazz had refused to let me help him clean. Although there was one interesting part – When Jasper and I fought over me helping him clean. The interesting part of that conversation went as follows:
ME: "Jasper Hale-"
Jasper: *Interrupts, pinching his nose and almost pulverizing my kitchen table* "Whitlock. Not Hale, Whitlock."
Me: "What?"
Jasper: "My last name is Whitlock, not Hale."

"Well, Jasper Whitlock, you are one of the most stubborn creatures on this earth!" *Continues ranting, but loses argument anyways*
But other than that, just school, go home, make Charlie dinner, and listen an old playlist I'd made. That turned out to be a bad idea, though. Three songs in and I was a mess.
Jasper found me fifteen minutes later face-down crying into my pillow. As he rubbed my back I truly realized just how unfair this was – I, the human, was always being comforted by the vampire empath. Jasper got stuck with the job of carefully gluing me back together after being shattered by his brother and someone I'd thought was my best friend. After blubbing out an apology to a very confused Jasper, who then lifted my spirits, it was then forgotten. Or so he thought.

Thursday Jazz refused to leave me alone again, so it was cleaning again. It wasn't that bad. He set me the task of cleaning the kitchen while he washed the windows. After that Jasper just decided to wash the entire outside of the house and I did the remaining cars. In the back of the garage I spotted a gleaming motorcycle, a Harley I think. "Hey Jasper, whose motorcycle is this? Emmett's?" I heard a tiny thud that suggested Jasper had jumped off the ladder and then he suddenly appeared next to me. I jumped, a knee-jerk reaction, and he raised an eyebrow. "No, actually, that's mine." He rubbed the bike almost affectionately. "Wow. I didn't take you for the motorcycle riding type." I said, reaching forward and touching the seat. He looked shocked, "What, you really thought I was the type that enjoyed Volvos and khakis and loafers? I'm hurt, Bella, I really am." I blushed. I'd noticed that Jasper always seemed to be wearing jeans, button downs or flannels, and the same pair of beat-up old cowboy boots lately, but I'd never thought anything of it before. Now that I'd thought about it, before the Cullens left I never saw Jazz wearing anything like he had the past few days. I was then brought out of my thoughts by a blast from the hose. I shrieked and threw my sponge at Jasper, who was standing at the other end of the hose, laughing so hard he was doubled over, slapping his knee. (Shocking, right? Not really. I'd started to learn that although he was physically twenty, Jazz had a mischievous streak a mile wide. And no, I'm still not sure how I managed to wrangle his physical age from him.) Twenty minutes later and we were both soaked and laughing, and I'd managed to get soap in my hair. Jasper won the water fight, of course.

Friday was . . . Harsh. At work, Mike Newton asked me out, again, and when I climbed into my truck I sighed with relief. "Hard day at work?" Jasper asked, popping up from the footboard of the passenger seat. I almost shrieked. "Jasper! Good grief, would you please give me some warning next time?!" I admonished sternly, but I caved after seeing his happy grin. "It wasn't that bad, but Mike – You remember Mike Newton? – asked me out. . . Again." I sighed, starting my truck so I wouldn't seem too crazy, talking to an empty truck. Jasper surprised me by growling and shaking his head. "Honestly! Guys like that really piss me off. Back in my day, ladies were more respected." He hissed, whipping a really, really old looking cowboy hat out of nowhere and pulling it over his eyes as I pulled out of the parking lot. After that, we drove in silence until we got home. Charlie was working late that day, so Jazz didn't have to hide for a while.
There was a message on the machine; the message was from Jacob wanting to know, sounding rather desperate, if we could do something over spring break. I gasped. "Spring break!? Today's Friday! Your family's coming tomorrow!"He looked at me with a confused expression. "Yes, they are. . ." When he felt me starting to have an anxiety attack, he immediately pulled out his phone. "I'll call Alice and tell her that the trip's off. You're not ready yet." I grabbed his arm. "No! I just wasn't expecting it to come so quickly, that's all. Please don't call Alice!" I pleaded. He sighed and slowly put his phone back into his pocket. "So, are you going to call him back?" Jasper asked, jerking his head at the phone. Then he laughed. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing!" He chuckled. I raised my eyebrows as I shrugged. "I'll call him back later. I still don't see what's so funny." I headed for the stairs and then gasped as Jasper picked me up and tossed me up in the air, casually. "Put me down!" I gasped, laughing as he tossed me over his shoulder and ran at a human pace up the stairs. At the landing, Jazz put me down on my feet. "Hey, Bella, I have a question." He announced as I casually grabbed his arm to stop myself falling on my face. "Yes? Ask away."
"Why don't you ever get nervous around me? I'm the most dangerous Cullen, after all, and my self control is. . . Risky at best. Yet here you are, using me to stop yourself from face-planting." I frowned, scratching the back of my head. "I feel safe with you, Jasper. Just because you slip up once in a while doesn't mean you're totally bad. After all, you admit your control can leave a little to be desired. Plus, you're smart, sweet, funny, and you have dozens of other admirable qualities. I wouldn't like to get a paper cut around you again, but then, I wouldn't want to get a paper cut around Rose, or Alice, or Esme, or Emmett either." I said, leaning against my doorjamb. He seemed satisfied with that answer, and we played checkers the rest of the afternoon.

The plans for Saturday were that I'd get up around seven, get ready, and then we'd be at the Cullen house around eight or eight thirty. The Cullens should be getting in around nine. I went to sleep that night feeling a little nervous, but little did I know what was to come the next day.


We're running about fifteen minutes behind schedule, I thought as I unlocked the front door. But that was okay. . . I planned for about twenty extra minutes in between the time we got home and my family drove in. Bella sat on the couch in the living room, still slightly sleepy. I ran around, making sure everything was in order and fixing the annoying leaky faucet in the lower floor bathroom. And then I heard cars turning into the driveway. "Bella, darlin', they're almost here." I said, coming to a stop behind the couch. She was immediately wide awake, and extremely nervous. "Thanks, Jasper." I smiled. "No problem, Bella."

Then I realized Bella was so nervous she was shaking like a leaf. I couldn't say I blamed her – This was going to have some impact on her mental health and we all knew it. Whether it was a good one or not that remained to be seen.
The cars were so close now I could hear – And feel – everyone. They'd taken three cars. Esme and Carlisle were in the front car, talking about how nice it would be to see Bella and me again; I smiled. Rose and Em were sitting in the backseat of Carlisle's Mercedes, and they were talking about meeting Peter and Charlotte at the airport. I scowled; I did not need those two here right now. In a different car, I could hear Alice talking excitedly about how excited she was to see us – Peter or Char must in the car, I thought before I heard Edward: "Alice, Jasper is listening to every word we're saying right now."

I flew into a stream of cuss words. (I'll spare your ears) I'd told Alice that Bella wasn't ready to see him. And she should have known that anyways. And what does the pixie do? By the time I was finished with my profane streak, I heard Peter's God-awful grate-on-my-nerves laugh. "I told you Major wouldn't be happy!" He exclaimed. I hissed.

Bella was tugging on my arm, I realized. "What is it? What's wrong?" She was asking. "Ah, Bella, I'm afraid Alice couldn't resist bringing along a certain Cullen. . ." I said with my annoyance showing in my voice. She stared at me, simply confused. Carlisle's Mercedes was parking. "Bella, I'm out of time to mince words. In a matter of minutes Edward Cullen is going to walk through that door, so I suggest you prepare yourself." Bella sat back down on the couch with a thud. "I thought y-you said h-he wasn't c-c-coming," She stammered. "I didn't think Alice would be idiotic enough to bring him! Especially after I told her not to!" I snapped, almost to my exploding point.

"I'm sorry, darlin'. Look, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie and Emmett will be right in. Come on, it won't be that bad. If it is, someone will be losing a few limbs." I promised, glancing at the door. "I'll be right back." I blurred to the door and opened it. "Ali, I refuse to apologize to that human. I don't why I should. She's pathetic and weak and clingy. I don't see what I was thinking." Edward's tones floated clearly in the open door. The others were standing on the porch, horrified and looking inside. Slowly I turned to look, almost afraid of what I'd see.

Bella's emotions were devastating, and she had tears streaming down her cheeks. It was heartbreaking. My sight turned red as I snapped. I vaguely heard the family scattering off the porch behind me as I started growling. Turning, I leaped off the porch, almost crashing into someone (I wasn't sure who) and tossing them out of my way as I blurred towards a paralyzed Edward. Ripping his arms and legs off was almost too easy, as I was going on instinct alone. Grabbing the scruff of Edward's neck, I raised him up to my eye level.

"Don't you even think about going there, boy. I've spent months here fixin' your damn screw-up, and the very least you can do is apologize to the lady youwronged, damnit! Mark my words, boy, you even look at Bella wrong again and I'll burn you so damned slowly it'll take me a month to do it. You make her cry again and you'll beg me to burn you by the time I'm finished with you. Now go apologize to Bella, and unless you like bein' ripped to pieces, I'd make it sincere if I was you. Understand?"

As I finished talking, I noticed Alice gripping the arm that was holding Edward up and pulling in vain. "Stop! Edward understands. Just put him down, please!" She was saying. "I get it now." Edward said, smirking through the pain he was in. "You and Bella are-" Off came his head and over the treetops it went. "Is he always like this?" An unknown voice whispered. "Only when he's upset." Peter muttered back. I took no notice of them as I turned and bowed to Alice. "My apologies, Alice, he was about to say too much."

Then I quickly walked back up the porch steps and inside, where Bella still sat crying and hugging Esme and Carlisle. The others had stayed outside, probably to make sure I didn't kill Edward. I can't say I blamed them. "Bella, remember what we've talked about? You are a strong, smart, beautiful young woman." Taking Bella's cheeks in my palms again as I kneeled in front of the couch, I tried insinuating a little peace in her chaotic emotions. . . Even if at that range their strength made me want to curl up into a little ball. "Please, darlin', try not to listen to Edward. He's an idiot, he doesn't know what he's saying, and he doesn't have his priorities straight. You are one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring humans I've ever met." I murmured, feeding her more peace with a little calm. "Thank you, Jasper." Bella sniffed before leaning forward and giving me a hug. "It's no problem." I whispered into her ear. Then, louder, "Now, there's several anxious people here wanting you to cheer up and waiting to say hello."

Just about everyone had drifted inside, except Alice, who had gone to find Edward's head. . . As well as his other limbs. Oops. Bella smiled, "Hi, guys. It's nice to see you again." In the next predictable rush of them trying to get to Bella to say hello and smother her with hugs, I stood up and drifted to the side. Looking at the scene, I smiled; Emmett was just then giving Bella a bear hug and almost shouting, "Bella Bells!" She was laughing as she said hello to everyone.

Then I turned to Peter and Charlotte, standing close together by the door. "Captain, Lieutenant. It's been a while." I greeted them. "Indeed it has, Major." Charlotte replied, before grinning and leaping at me. I dodged and grabbed her sides as she landed where I'd been half a second before, laughing as she squealed. "You're getting rusty, Char." I chided. She smiled as she turned and gave me a hug. Peter came over and slapped me on the back. "You really are a sight for sore eyes, Major; I may as well admit it." I laughed as I kicked his legs out from under him.

"Well, I could say the same for you, Peter." I began, dodging a punch from Char. "But the fact remains that this is pretty much the worst time you could have chosen to visit. But I suppose you had your reasons, eh Peter? Perhaps your friend in your head?" I quipped, grabbing the leg Peter kicked at me and tugging, throwing him on his back. Charlotte was a little more cautious, but it was still easy flip her on her back on top of Peter. They were both excellent fighters, but no one had ever defeated me. Plus, I knew their moves – I'd taught them, after all.

"Ah, well, about that, Major. . ." Peter started to say, helping Charlotte up. He was hesitating on purpose, the idiot. "Spit it out, Peter." I growled, crossing in my arms. Charlotte looked at me and nudged Peter, who was uneasily fixing his shirt cuff. He looked up and snapped to attention with Charlotte. "Major! Found someone who I thought you'd like to see. Sir!" I was confused for a minute, then realized I'd slipped into what my family called 'The Major Stance.' Alice said it was one step away from what they called 'Major Mode.'

I rolled my eyes. As annoying the reactions were, at least I got answers this way. "I see. So, you thought you'd crash the party because you found someone you thought I'd like to see?! Really, Peter, this takes the cake, even for you. Esta semana ya se había garantizado que hemos nosotros actuando como si estamos caminando sobre cáscaras de huevo, idiota! Me alegro de ver que ustedes dos, no me malinterpreten, pero por esta razón?!" I roared, before noticing the other part of the reunion had gotten quiet. They were watching us, I realized, Bella with some curiosity.

Breathing deeply, I tried to calm down enough that I wouldn't be yelling in Spanish at least. "Jasper?" Bella called. "Is everything okay?" She was worried, confused, and anxious. I tried smiling at her – It probably looked more like a grimace. "Everythin's just peachy, Bella." I said before turning back to Peter and Charlotte. "I told you we should have waited a few days." Charlotte muttered, glaring at her mate. "No, you two, it's fine. Let's jus' get this ovah with." I growled, pinching my nose. I registered Alice's annoyance that I'd let the accent slip and then pushed it to the back of my mind as I turned to go outside.

I heard a gasp in the still-open front door right after I turned. I felt my eyes widen as I, too, gasped. "What the hell are you doing here?" I and the vampire in the doorway asked each other in unison. I dimly realized that I was projecting my shock on everyone and pulled it back, my eyes riveted to the red ones in the doorway. The vampire standing there was about an inch shorter than me, with hair the exact same shade as my own, although his was chin length, not shoulder length like mine. He was slightly stocker, but our similar features were frozen into a mask of shock. "Jasper?" The other vampire asked. "Jackson?" I replied.

Walking forward to meet each other halfway between the corner I'd been in and the door, "It's really you." We chorused. Then Jackson laughed and hugged me, nearly picking me up in the process. I laughed, hugging him back. "I told you that I thought you might like to see him, Major!" Peter crowed. That was followed by a smacking sound and an "Ow! What was that for, Char?" I rolled my eyes. "For being an idiot, Peter." I answered for Charlotte, who snickered.

"Someone mind cluing me in?" Bella asked. "That would be nice, wouldn't it, Bella Bells?" Emmett said, with an exaggerated sigh. "Sorry, Bella," I apologized. "Everyone, I'd like to introduce my older brother, Jackson." You could have heard a pin drop as they stared at us, shocked, confused, happy. . . A few other emotions, simply a medley. I suppose we may have looked odd, as I was slightly leaning on Jackson, while he had an arm around my shoulders. It was a pose we'd fallen into a lot in our childhood, even when I overtook him in height when I was thirteen. (He was fifteen at the time.)

I'd never been a very huggy person to begin with, and my past had definitely made it worse. But just this once, I put up with the inevitable hugs, slaps on the back, and all that lovely awkwardness. (Note the sarcasm there?) Bella stayed on the couch, and after a few minutes of soaking in the happy, excited atmosphere, I ducked out and went to stand by her.

"Are you doing okay, Bella?" I asked, smiling at her. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's nice seeing everyone again, you know?" She turned her head to look at me, smiling back. "Yeah, I know. It's even better not having that whiny brat of a mind reader here." She nodded, her expression turning thoughtful.
"Jasper, did you mean what you said to him?" She asked me a minute later. I raised my eyebrow. "You mean, did I mean my threats? Yes I did, Bella. And trust me I say I would gladly back them up as well." She was surprised, but I wasn't going to worry about it. Just then Peter and Charlotte came to introduce themselves.

"Hi, Bella, I'm Charlotte, and this is Peter. But my family and friends call me Char. It's nice to meet you. And you have my word that Peter and I – and probably Jackson – will do our hunting out of state, okay?" Charlotte said, smiling as she extended a hand. As Bella shook it, she smiled. "Hi, Charlotte, I guess you know I'm Bella. And thank you; the gesture is appreciated. " Peter grinned as he held out a hand to shake. "We know Major here back when-" I cleared my throat unnecessarily. "Captain!" Peter raised an eyebrow at me; with his eyes he asked, 'You seriously haven't told her yet?' I'm pretty sure he got the message when I glared at him. Charlotte smiled at Bella again. "What my dear mate meant, Miss Bella, is that we knew Major, err, Jasper here when he was younger. In fact, he's the one who changed us." She said smoothly, although I could tell she had a little trouble calling me by my name, not rank.

When Esme called me back over, I winked at Char and ruffled her dirty blonde hair as I passed, while slyly kicking Peter in the back of one his knees. "Yes, Esme?" I asked with a smile. Hey, I couldn't help it! The happy emotions were certainly powerful. "I don't mean to spoil the mood, but look out the door. I think you'll find yourself looking trouble in the face." She murmured. Looking out, I grimaced. Alice had put Edward back together, and was tugging him across the yard.

"Lovely." I muttered, "Thanks, Esme." Blurring to Bella, I realized Jackson had gone over to her, taking the rest of the family with him. Dodging Emmett and ending up behind the couch, "Bella, Alice and Edward are back." I said, quickly assessing her emotional state rather than just feeling it. One good thing was Bella wasn't quiet on the breaking point, like earlier, but she was still on shaky ground. "Okay, thank you, Jasper." Bella said, trying to smile even as she paled.

Moving to stand by Jackson, I watched the doorway. Soon enough, Alice walked into the living room, a stubborn look on her face. Standing in front of Bella, she smiled. "Hi, Bella, it's nice to see you. I am so, so, so sorry for what Edward said. It was unforgivable, and if I had known he'd say anything that incredibly cruel, and stupid, I promise you that I would have made him stay at home." Alice said earnestly. Bella smiled back. "It's fine, Alice. I understand. It wasn't your fault, and I trust you." She said simply, patting the couch next to her. Rosalie and Esme were already squished in, and Carlisle had pulled a chair up near the couch. Emmett was perched on the arm of the couch, and the rest of us were standing near it.

Alice squashed herself in somehow, and then they all immersed themselves in female chatter. However, my gaze was still riveted on the doorway; Edward was busy sauntering in. Bella looked up at him, nervous, slightly scared, but determined. "Hello, Edward." She said, moving to clasp Esme's hand. Rosalie put one her arms around Bella, and Alice stroked her arm reassuringly. "Hello, Bella." I tensed as he said her name. "I'm terribly sorry the things I've said and done." He said in a bored tone; with no feeling even if the words were right. I hissed, and Edward's eyes flickered to my face.

"It was wrong of me to say those things about you and leave you in the forest like I did. Even though I did leave you in sight of the house. Will you forgive me?" He concluded. I sighed; it would have to do. . . For now. Bella snorted. "No! I most certainly do not forgive you, you monster! I loved you with all my soul, and then you tell that our relationship was nothing to you! That I was a mere toy!" By now, my girl was standing up, her chin jutting out as she thrust a finger into Edward's face, a streak of iron surfacing in her emotions. (No, I didn't have anything to do with it.) "Then you leave me in the forest, and while you did leave me in sight of my home, you should have known that I'd do what any teenage girl would do and follow you. You idiot! And then you convince everyone to leave me without even saying good bye, without even giving me a way to contact them, you selfish self-absorbed stuck-up snobby good-for-nothing!

"As if tearing me to pieces isn't enough, you decide to show up here again, and call me pathetic, weak and useless! Gee, thanks so much. I walked around like a zombie for months because of you, and if it weren't for Jasper here I don't even know where I'd be by now. And this is how you repay me? Did you know I used to have nightmares because of you? No? Well, you do now! I used to wake myself up screaming every single night because of you. You could care less, am I right?

"You walk around as if you know everything, as if because you can read minds you're the cat's meow! Well, I have news for you, buddy! I have shed my last tear over you. You will not be tearing my family away from me ever again. I have found them, and I am not letting go. I will deal with you only because you are a Cullen, and therefore will likely be hanging around my family. You don't deserve such a sweet, kind, caring, loving family around you. I hope that you never go through what I have because of you simply because I know that you would never come through the other side stronger. No, you would be reduced to a pile of mush. I bet you never knew that I was secretly creeped out by the way you'd spend your nights in my room, did you? I should be thanking you, actually, because you showed me that what your true colors actually are. If I hadn't seen them in time I'd be stuck with you! And this is for all those times you called me 'love', kissed me, and promised me that you loved me!" Bella said defiantly before turning, picking up a chair, and throwing it into Edward's face.

There was a shocked silence in which no one did anything. Then Edward's emotions started turning towards a more murderous tint. Jumping over the couch, I tossed Bella to the waiting gentle hands of Peter and Charlotte, and then ducked as Edward leaped towards where she'd been half a second before. Catching him by the waist, I tossed him out the door. Taking advantage of the few moments before I knew Edward would come back in it, I bowed to Bella. "Congratulations, Bella darlin', you have managed to not only call out all Edward's faults and tell him off excellently, you have also made him extremely mad. Nice move with the chair, by the way." I said with a wink, before blurring out the door.

Edward was indeed running for the door. As I got into his way, he tried to punch. Ducking under it, I kicked him in the side, followed up with a punch to his cheek. In between dodging a barrage of punches and kicks, I kicked him in the nose, sending him flying into the creek. I sighed, this was getting slightly tiring. I had some things planned for the day, and if I had to spend all my time trying to keep Edward from killing Bella, I was not going to be very happy. As I waited for Edward to get up, I could hear Charlotte. "Jackson, honey, calm down. Major knows what he's doing. This is nothing! Just watch."

And then Edward once again tried the leaping-at-me approach. I rolled my eyes as I crouched, then grabbed Edward by his waist and slammed him into the ground, the same way I had with Peter earlier. "Jasper, full Major Mode! It's the only way!" Alice called as I weaved through the punches and kicks Edward was trying to land on me. "Alice, are you crazy?! That's risky at the best of times!" I yelled back, grabbing Edward's arm and tugging, causing the unbalanced idiot to land on his face. "No, I'm not crazy, just do it! It'll be fine, I've seen this!" Alice shrieked back. With a hiss I let myself fall halfway into what Alice insisted on calling Major Mode. I wasn't Jasper anymore; I was the Major who'd existed under Maria's thumb – Cold, calculating, stern, merciless, and a ruthless expert fighter. There was a reason I was still one of the most feared vampires in the South. It wasn't a different personality, but it was close. I did have some rational thought, thankfully, and a full memory of what happened before falling into Major Mode.

Viewing the situation through almost different eyes did help I later realized. Edward was still kicking and punching with abandon. Getting close to Edward, I placed a swift punch to his nose, and then as he went flying I leaped after him and punched his side then grabbed his leg. Falling back down to the ground, I casually tossed Edward away from me; he hit a tree so hard it fell over. Walking calmly over to him, I stared at him – He was almost beaten, I could tell, but he came up swinging. Ducking and dodging, waited until he got closer to me, then I grabbed Edward's arms, spun him around a few times, and then tossed him back in the general direction of the house while pulling myself halfway out of Major Mode. It was risky, yes, but I knew that by now his rage was directed at me and not Bella.

I stalked over and waited. Any moment now, Edward would make a bad mistake. And then it came: Running at me, he attempted to kick my head. Grabbing Edward's ankle, I pulled and he went on his back again. In a flash I was locking down his arms and legs, thrusting one arm under his chin. He simply glared at me. "Do you submit?" I growled. After a moment, Edward growled but said, "Fine, I submit."

I got up and turned to walk away, intending to bring myself out of Major Mode when I heard something behind me. Turning, I saw Edward in the process of jumping at me. I laughed, easily slipping into full Major Mode. In seconds he found himself back on the ground missing his arms and his legs again. "Thoughtcha said ya submitted." I said, raising an eyebrow before I tore off his head and tossed it casually behind me as I walked away.

Taking a deep breath, I relaxed somewhat and took myself out of control of my darker side. Looking at the array of destruction stretching from here to the house, I winced. Walking quickly to where the others had gathered on the porch, I sighed. Alice at least was bound to be mad at me for tearing Edward to pieces twice in one day. The pixie in question was skipping off the porch when I reached it. "Alice, I'm really sorry." I started to say, but she shushed me. "Jasper, if you hadn't done it, things would definitely have gone badly. Very badly." I cocked my head questioningly, but she was already heading towards what was left of Edward.

Then the next thing I knew Bella was hugging me fiercely again. "Thank you, Jasper. I shouldn't have said what I did and made Edward so mad. Thank you for protecting me." She muttered. And she really was sorry, I realized; sorry and relieved and happy. "Bella, you did nothing wrong. Why on earth are you apologizing? You did something that I've longed to do for a long time in telling Edward off." I said, patting her back. Blushing, she let go of me and stepped back.

And then it seemed to Jackson's turn to worry over me. "What the hell were you thinking?!" He started to say, but I huffed, moving away. "Really, Jackson that was nothing." I said, rolling my eyes. The bad thing about my very much loved older brother was that he tended to be over protective. "I appreciate the concern, really I do, but it's unnecessary. Have you not seen me lately? I've never yet been defeated by anyone – If I had I wouldn't be here right now. Seriously, that was easy. Edward has no real training to speak of; he uses and depends on his mind reading advantage far too much. I've faced worse than a spoiled whiny mind reader." I said crossing my arms and shifting my weight to one leg. It was unnecessary, but it was a habit that I'd never been able to break.

Jackson groaned. "Fine. Whatever. You're just as stubborn as you used to be, you know that?" I smirked. Esme sighed. "Boys, boys, let's not argue, this is a wonderful day and we shouldn't waste any more of it!" I laughed. "Of course not, Esme, come on, I made sure to reconnect everything."


Bella looked at the clock and disappointment flooded her. "Oh, it's six already. Charlie will be getting home soon." She stood up from where she'd been watching Carlisle and I play chess with Jackson. Everyone else was scattered around somewhere. Other than the events in the morning, the day had passed pretty uneventfully. . . Other than the fact that everyone had sat down to play games; that was unusual. I stood up as well. "Come on, I'll take you home." Edward stood up from where he'd been sulking all day in the corner. "Is it safe, though? You being alone with her?"

I growled. "We've been over this, Edward. And we both know the reason I snapped. So, either shut your mouth or let me shut it for you." And then Bella sighed. "You know what? Can Emmett come too?" Emmett jumped up. "Sure, Bella Bells! I'd be glad to." And so we were on our way, after Emmett gave Rose a quick goodbye kiss. We ended up taking Esme and Carlisle as well, on Alice's insistence.

Piling into the truck, Bella, Esme, and I got the cab; Emmett and Carlisle got the tail bed. Squeezed into the middle, I hoped the drive would be quick. Getting in, Bella yawned. She was getting a little tired; after all, she'd been up since, what, six in the morning? Six thirty? I wasn't sure what time she'd gotten up – Unless like certain mind readers, I didn't make a habit of watching her sleep. No, it was far too uncomfortable for me to even be in her bedroom. Watching her sleep? Hell no!

Halfway there, Bella fell asleep. I smiled; she needed it. And Bella certainly deserved it! I mean, throwing a chair at Edward's head? That was a nice move. And then Emmett went around a big curve in the road. Bella toppled over, straight into my lap. Esme looked over and smiled at me; I realized that she did that on purpose. I raised an eyebrow at her, and then placed an arm around Bella.

When we pulled onto Bella's street, I groaned. "Charlie's home," I whispered. "That's not good." Esme muttered. "We'll just have to improvise." I said calmly. Esme nodded in agreement as we pulled into Bella's driveway. "Bella, time to wake up, darlin', you're home." She groaned. "Five minutes." The front door opened. "Bella!" Esme, Carlisle, and Emmett were getting out. "What?" Bella asked, opening up one eye. Then she gasped and sat up straight, blushing. "Oh my gods, I'm sorry Jasper. I swear I didn't mean to fall asleep on you." I smirked. "I could care less about that, Bella. But you have a rather upset Charlie coming." They were saying hello now. . .

She unbuckled as I scooted towards the door Esme had left open for me. Walking quickly at human pace, I walked around the back end of Bella's truck and opened Bella's door for her. "Hi, Dad; you're home from work early." She greeted as I shut the car door. "I'm sorry, Charlie. Bella's truck broke down and we fixed it, and then I asked her to come over and spend a little time with us, and we lost track of the time. Alice would have killed me if we'd seen Bella and didn't let her say hello." I lied smoothly. Charlie looked satisfied with that answer, and so we spent a few minutes saying hello to Charlie and promising that Edward wasn't going to be talking to Bella anytime soon. I even told him that Bella had gone off on him and thrown a chair at his head; he was happy after that, and then we started to walk home. I was giving Esme a piggyback ride, and Emmett was telling Carlisle a joke. Perhaps we let some of our true nature show then – After all, we refused Charlie's offer of a ride home and we were supposed to be walking across the town.

But when we were out of sight of the Swan home, I passed Esme to Carlisle with a smile. "I'll see you guys tomorrow, okay? If Peter and Charlotte are still at home and want to know where I am, then tell them." And then I blurred back to my lookout tree and settled down to wait out the night watching over Bella and Charlie.

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