It was much harder to think of names for them than I thought it would be. Maybe I should have chosen them when I was three months along and not hating their father. I didn't know whether I should tell Ryder that they are born, I did make it pretty clear I wanted nothing to do with him. Him the same seeing as I didn't even try to respond to the letter. Then again I did say all his attempts of contact would be ignored.

I didn't want to ask mom for help because she thinks Joseph is a good name in this generation. I didn't want a super common name but I didn't want to be one of those Hollywood actors who give their kids crazy names.

I looked down into the little incubator they both lay in. They both had little oxygen nubs to help them breath since there lungs aren't fully formed yet. The main doctor says they are a lot more developed than most babies for there age and that in a week I might be able to take them home, but with regular hospital check ups.

I stuck my hand into the hole next to the boy. I placed my finger by his hand and I felt him grasp it. I wonder if he can tell that I'm his mom from that. He's in a worse state than his sister who liked to kick him not only me. The girl however is a lot bigger than the boy, she's 5 ounces bigger it doesn't seem like much but he's 3 pounds 12 ounces and she's 4 pounds one ounce.

They both had diapers on that went up to there nipples. They're just so tiny. I had dolls growing up that were bigger than them. He looked over at me and opened his eyes. They were very dark since they lacked pigment at the moment. Most likely they'd be brown like Ryder's. His eyes watched me. He couldn't see further than 16 inches without it getting blurry. Kinda like Maddie.

"Hi, baby." I whispered as I rubbed my thumb softly over his hand. My thumb was nearly the size of his palm. It's crazy to think of. He's mine, no one else's.

He had a little blue hat on his head and she had a little pink one so that the doctors could tall the difference between them when they were feeding. I haven't fed them yet because the doctors are feeding them some formula that supposedly builds up their immune system so they have a better chance of survival. Babies born this early have a 50% morality rate.

He let go of his grip on me and began to move his little feet around. He wasn't able to do that for the past month since he'd grown to big for the womb. I walked over to the opposite side and looked in on the little girl. She was asleep. Her chest was rising and falling softly as she took big breaths in. I doubt she even needed the extra oxygen. I stuck my hand in next to her and rubbed little circles into her palm lightly. I didn't want to wake her up because in the 6 hours I've known her she's cried for 2 of them.

"Do you know who I am?" I asked her softly. "I'm your momma."

She wiggled her other arm lightly. "You're both so teeny. I can't wait to take you home and show you your grandma and grandpa and your aunt Maddie and your uncles Parker and Joey." I told them.

I stood away from the incubator because I needed to go back to my room so the nurse could run a check up on me. Before I left I took a photo of their little feet side by side in the incubator.

Maddie came to visit after she went to school. Mom gave her the option to stay here but if she missed anymore days this year she'd be put on suspension from the team. It was stupid because there was only a week left but Maddie didn't like to miss school days as it was. Joey and Parker spent the day in the hospital room with me. Parker had figured out how to make one of the monitors play pacman.

When Maddie did show up she brought cookies and a secret present for the twins. I wasn't allowed to open it until they were discharged.

"How you feeling?" She asked as she sat down and through a bag of cookies at my abdomen. I winced. Maddie doesn't realize the force in which she throws things.

"Sore." I told her angrily as I opened up the bag of cookies. They were the big home-made ones they make in the newsagents run by the elderly couple by the school.

"Well you made it look easy, you didn't even scream." Maddie told me. I rolled my eyes.

"Well it still really hurts down there and everywhere really." I told her. My stomach still looked swollen just not as swollen.

"Well that's poop." Maddie said trying to sympathies. She doesn't like to curse much either. "The entire school is buzzing about you." She told me.

I smirked sarcastically. "I wonder how that got out?" I asked.

"I didn't tell them." Maddie said defensive. "It might of been the hospital staff." Maddie suggested.

"Well that's the least of my worries at this stage. Will you help me think of a name, these two numbskulls are no help." I asked her as I pointed towards Parker and Joey who were intensely playing pacman.

"Hey!" Parker cried offended.

"Sir Logan of Eastwood is a great name!" Joey yelled his eyes never looking off the screen. Pacman isn't even a good video game I have no idea why they want to play it so bad.

"Anyway, help me?" I asked looking back and Maddie.

"I can try, I mean you and I have very different styles and probably very different choices in names."

"Maddie please. What's your favourite girls name?" I asked looking up at her with a pout.

"I don't know. Joselyn?" Maddie said.

"This is hopeless!" I cried and covered my face with my hand.

"Just give them names that you like." Maddie suggested.

"Easier said than done." I muttered glaring at her.

Maddie rolled her eyes and googled baby names into google.

It was a long day but I eventually found a name I liked.

My baby boy was called Reyes Parker Rooney and my little girl was Sammy Jaylen Rooney.