This fic is going to sort of serve as an apology for my computer breaking and me being too busy to write. It's only going to be a two-shot because I can't see any significant plotlines coming from this.

Rin: You're writing an apology fic to apologize for not writing fics?
NM: Do you have a problem with that?

Rin: Well…um…no, that just seems odd

Anyway, this fic is just going to be a reaction fic and nothing more than that, so some of you might find it a bit dull. This chapter is going to be in Rin's POV and the next will be in Yukio's and this follows anime cannon. I hope that you like it!

I collapsed onto my bed in exhaustion and pure depression. I have no doubts that today will change my life forever, and I have no way to return to the life I used to live. It began as an ordinary day, only to discover that I was the child of Satan. And that isn't a joke, I'm dead serious. I laid in my bed, unable to find sleep, and began to think about everything that happened, attempting to process it. It turned back and forth, hoping for some sort of distraction from all of this confusion.


I felt a tingling sensation in my spine and heard a small noise.


It happened again. I turned over to see what it was and began wondering if I was going crazy or dreaming because the object causing the noise was none other than a tail.

It was black, very soft, and had a bit of a mind of its own. I sat up in an attempt to get a better look at it. It began gently rocking back and forth in the moonlight as if it was dancing. The small amount of light shining through the window reflected off of the shiny fur. I grabbed it out of the air and began to gently stroke it. It squirmed around in my hand before giving up and staying still. It was smooth, as if naturally groomed. Of all the things that had happened to me this afternoon (besides the flame and parent thing) this was by far the strangest. The ears and fangs that came with this didn't really make any sort of difference, but having a tail that wasn't there before was just bizarre.

I guess that I really am a freak now…

I thought before letting the tail go. It seemed happy with its newfound freedom, as it began moving around freely. I laid back down in an attempt to get sleep before the funeral tomorrow.

Dammit! The funeral!

The tail…my tail flicked in irritation.

Tail…that is going to take some getting used to…

Sorry if that wasn't that entertaining…but you can't expect me to believe that someone just grows a tail and isn't the slightest bit curious about it.

Rin: I was! It was just…

NM: No screen time?
Rin: Pretty much

Part two of this should be out soon…if you are wondering what part two is going to be, it's basically a post-anime one about Yukio because the show didn't even seem to care that he became a demon, but I do. See you next time, bye!