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Ran was going to kill her. It was official. Shinichi was a dead women. As Conan, she couldn't exactly call her all the time, so now that she's back, even if temporarily.. she's most likely going to be demanding answers. If was very much like her to do so. And Shinichi wasn't sure she wanted to face her karate.

"I'm so dead.. so so very dead." And she proceeded to mutter it until she got to the heist location, where she knew Sonoko had dragged her best friend. Maybe Lady Luck would favor her for tonight and Ran wouldn't see her.. hopefully. Lady Luck wasn't always on her side.

Thankfully, Haibara, the demon child (or woman technically) as Shinichi put it, had come up with a temporary antidote that would most likely last her at least three days, given her bad luck didn't interfere. Which it usually did. Getting back to the antidote though- the side effects were rather nasty. That is, if you count looking extremely malnourished and had fussy red nail scars from where you clawed at yourself during the transformation.

She didn't know it was possible to get that painful during the transfiguration. The previous 'temporary antidotes' did not hurt that much! Eventually Haibara strapped her hands down because she was inflicting self harm with her nails. Another side effect- A good one, mind you, was her hair grew back out, and it's never been softer. Like silk, Haibara had commented.

The best effect would be her being simply her. She was no longer a cross dressing eight year old and no longer had worries at the moment. Well, besides hiding from a huge organization that wouldn't blink an eye at blowing someone up. But hey! Think positive. Be optimistic. All that jazz~

Pulling her hood down further, Shinichi made her way into the building, being careful not to let the fans outside break her very fragile body. They could be rough sometimes and she was in no position to take a direct blow. She then proceeded to walk up to Nakamori-Keibu's loud self and explain she was a detective. It took a lot of explaining, convincing, and cheek pulling to finally understand she was here to catch that darn, elusive thief.

There she used her wits to help the Police Task Force solve any unsolved questions with the Heist notes. It worried her slight, about how all of Japan's police we're idiots. Seriously, she knew why Kaito KID got so bored easily. Even when she was in the state of a cross-dressing eight year old, she was more of a challenge. But that's why they're rivals, she supposed.

But now she would be facing him a Shinichi. Kudo Shinichi, high school detective. Female her. Not boy Conan, her. Female Shinichi. The one he had met at the clock tower, and had foiled his plans of stealing the hands, yet he still heroically saved the clock tower from being teared down. For a thief, he was a pretty nice guy. He even jumped out of a air blimp to save her.

Enough about that though. She wasn't here to save him, she was here to catch him. Not to mention she'd like some time off from homicide cases. KID's heist were a stress reliever for those. But ah – speak of the devil and he shall come. The power cut- and turned back on to reveal KID seemingly standing over the air of the display case of his current target – Midnight's Blue Sapphire.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentleman, to a truly magical night!" The thief started with his trademark smirk, eying the crowd before frowning slightly. He must not have seen Shinichi's alter ego and was disappointed, or was that sad? Well, oh well buddy, you're stuck with the grown version tonight.

The smirk was back on place before anyone knew what had happened. A snap of the fingers and glitter and confetti were everywhere. Shinichi had seen this trick many times and had already learned to bring an umbrella, hence the one she was holding above her head now.

The cops and fans hadn't been as lucky, some were still coughing up confetti. And Shinichi wondered that despite KID's 'No one get's hurt' rule; someone would probably die from to much confetti and glitter congestion. It was possible, people choke on food, so why not party items? And personally, Shinichi has seen so many people die in so many weird ways, that death from confetti was quite mild in terms of exoticism. But alas, back to the heist.

Shinichi yawned, and strapped her portable umbrella back on her belt. She was quite tired after ignoring all of Haibara's warnings to rest and not go to the heist. Oh well. She could deal with demon child later.

The thief jumped down from midair and grabbed the sapphire before making his way to Shinichi in slow, dramatic, echoing steps. Within the detectives musings, she concluded that when she was lost in thought, the thief had some how managed to duck-tape the entire Police Force to the ceiling. It was quite funny, really.

"Are you the replacement for my dear, tantei-kun?" The thief asked brightly as her lightly poked Shinichi on the nose, duly noting how the girl keep her face and eyes hidden by her hood. Shinichi, startled at how close he was took a couple steps back. That was awkward, she supposed. A world renowned detective having they're nose poked by a world renowned thief, is a horrendously childish manner. But what can you expect from a thief who calls himself KID?

"Replacement?" Shinichi asked, attempting to act oblivious to the whole 'Conan' thing. "I'm Kudo Shinichi, a detective!" Maybe that outburst was a little stupid on her part. She was trying to conceal her identity after all. Oh well, who's the thief gonna tell? His dove?

"The detective from the clock tower?" Kaito asked her with a skeptical expression. "Why are you being so secretive then? Aren't you famous?" Shinichi rose her eyebrow at that. Such a prying thief.

"Why does it matter?" Her tone came out a bit more irked than intended and the white-clad thief rose his hand in a surrendering manner. "Sorry." She apologized softly. "Didn't mean to yell, it's just personal."

"I see, well I'll be on the rooftop, I'd love to see if you can keep up." The Moonlight magician smirked. He was challenging her, any idiot could tell, and she thought for a moment the warmth that spread through her was fondness. Either way, Challenge accepted.

So began the chase and evasion. Multiple glitter and feather traps were nearly set off but Shinichi soon swiftly avoided them, pushing herself to the rooftop where Kaito waited. She knew she shouldn't be pushing her body this much, especially with no rest after the transformation. But she couldn't help it. So instead she pushed herself, ad arrived on the roof looking like a hot-mess.

She didn't miss the concern that flashed through KID's eyes as he caught herself from stumbling into a collapse as she breathed heavily. He discarded the jewel with no interest and laid Shinichi down, taking off her hood. He then noticed the sunken cheekbones and dark circles under her clenched shut eyes and felt bad. He felt guilty for challenging her when she was obviously sick.

But then her eyes opened. They were the same eyes he had come to admire on Conan. Piercing blue, calculating, and dangerous. The eyes that looked straight into people and determined who and what they were. They were Detective Eyes. With integrity like none else. Always seeking the truth.

"Are you alright-" He was cut of by her smirk and something cold snapping around his wrists. She had just handcuffed him. Something the police have been trying to do for years. And she just so simply did it, right there in front of his eyes. Yeah she had done while he was distracted, but she had still done it nonetheless.

"Gotcha." She winked as she struggled to sit up. Being overly cautious, she took out another pair of handcuffs and cuffed her right wrist to his left. "Just so you don't get away." And then she proceeded to drag him to the rooftop doors where she could hear the footsteps of the police. They had finally made it out of that duct-tape trap. And were now setting of a lot more. Poor poor idiots..

Kaito was contemplating what do when the police burst through the doors covered in glue, feathers and paint. Deciding to screw sleight-of-hand to get his tools to take off the handcuffs-(the detective would notice and kill him, her hands move with his now)- he simply decided to gas her with his sleeping gas, then promptly throw them both off the edge of the sky-scraper and making beeline to one of his hideouts, maneuvering the hang-glider the best he could with one hand and holding a way to light-weighed girl in the other.

It had been a wonderful day, and KID had been officially labeled as a kidnapper. Shinichi had once again been kidnapped, god knows how many times. The jewel? Well the jewel laid on the roof to be discovered by Nakamori-Keibu who declared victory to the press.

And all to be continued in the next chapter where Shinichi may or may not kill Kaito for kidnapping her.

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