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"Tantei-chan?" Kaito asked boredly as he and the mini detective were sprawled out lazily on the floor of her library. "Have they called yet? You said that they'd call when the 'member' woke up." The detective yawned, staring at her phone with unfocused azure eyes before her arm collapsed to her side, unsupportive of the task at hand.

"Not yet," She mumbled, voice quiet and laced with sleepiness. "Soon, but not yet."

"How about now?" The thief asked, not liking her answer and wanting to do something. Even if that something was bugging a dangerous Tantei-chan.

"No." Her irritated voice replied, and she rolled her eyes.

"What about now?" He tried again, being the ever-so-persistent thief he was.

"Kaito," She sighed. " I'm not playing this game with you." However, the threat coming from the detective wasn't all that scary with her stature and high-pitched voice so Kaito snickered loudly, clearly amused. "They should call soon. Or text me. One of those two. Be patient will you."

"Why should I be patient when you're not." He pouted and Shinichi rolled over to face him, glaring. "Oh, I see." He smirked. "So I have to be patient because you're not." An eye roll and another glare had him grinning. It was his joy and somewhat hobby to annoy all his prized detectives, he decided.

A small vibration from the phone sent the detective and the thief scrambling to get up. Shinichi quickly unlocked her phone and read the message.

[On the way to the Kudo house with Suspect who just woke up. Are you sure they agreed to let the interrogation go on at the house? Why is the basement soundproof? -Jodie Starling]

"The basement is soundproof?" Kaito asked with a skeptical brow. Shinichi rolled her eyes but nodded her head. She smirked at the memory of her actual seven-year-old-self asking the same question.

"Your father and mine would experiment down there with gadgets." She paused slightly before continuing. "I suspect a lot of it had to do with KID heists. Is been cleaned up since, though." She told him wistfully.

[Yes, Shinichi-nee-chan and her parents both agreed. And I don't know why the basement is soundproof. I should ask, though. - Edogawa Conan]

"Lying will become a habit if you keep doing it." Kaito scolded playfully and the mini-detective scowled.

"Says the person who also carries two identities," She muttered.

"Point taken." Kaito grinned, ruffling the not child's hair fondly to which she shied away from. He let out an irritated 'tsk'. "I can't decide whether your not kid behaviour is adorable or not. You seem like a child who wants nothing more than to grow up." This was answered when a certain shrunken teen raised an unimpressed eyebrow before gesturing vaguely at her body.

"Your stupidity honestly baffles me sometimes, stupid thief." She sighed, and Kaito gasped dramatically, clutching at where his heart was. He then proceeded to act like he was dying a slow and excruciating death because of her words, his face shifting through many face expressions that seemed all too real for the detectives liking.

And that's how Kaito got hit on the head with a flying book. If anyone asked, she would not deny it.

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