a/n: this story is based on an Indian movie and book named 'Devdas'. This will be a historical fiction and I will change a lot of things. Devdas basically is a story that ends in tragedy but I may change the ending depending on where the story takes me. I am a lover of happy endings mostly. Do read and review.

He was coming today, that's what Ginny had informed her, she had heard her mother say so, also Hermione had heard Narcissa mention something about his return last week , but she couldn't ask her outright now could she. She looked out of the third floor of her French villa to peer over the gates of her home to see or hear if the manor gates across the street opened, they did make an awful sound when they opened and so she was sure she wouldn't miss it. But sadly no, the gates were shut. She pulled out her small binoculars to looks into the manor; there was no one to be seen except a few gardeners. Was he coming today or not?

She adjusted her hair which her hand maid had piled into a high bun and a few tendrils had already escaped. She wore a black lace gown today as it suited her well, perfecting her non-existing imperfections, she wanted to shine today specially for him, it had been ten long years. She had dressed up just for him. Her pale skin glowed and her hair shone, she looked beautiful and she knew it. She wanted to impress him, she wanted him to see her and only her. How she had missed him, she already loved him and would always love him. He had left when she was 13, his father who was an aristocrat and practically a royal in the wizarding world had sent him off to study far away, this was the first time he would be returning. She remembered how lucius had sneered at her and said "he needs to learn without distractions", before he had sent him off to Scotland. Now distract him she would, from everyone and everything.

Hermione was a witch but her father was a muggle healer. He was a healer to the crown and rarely lived with her at the villa. He lived in London most of the time. He mother was an actress or you could call her a former actress. Her father had fallen in love with her after watching her perform at the theater and had married her soon after. Her mother still had flair for dramatics. They were very well off as her father was the most successful surgeon and healer and her mother had earned fortunes in her acting days. Hermione being a witch had a private tutor named Arthur Weasley who would come and teach her magic and bring along his daughter Ginny to practice magic with Hermione. Ginny's mother worked at the Malfoy manor in the kitchens, she supervised the house elves and managed the upkeep of the estate. Hermione's father has specifically brought this French villa in a magical part of the country so his daughter could be educated, it was a secret as being magical was always thought to be the work of the devil and frowned upon, he had gone great lengths to find a community where he could let his daughter grow up. He had once accidentally stumbled upon lucius Malfoy who was a cousin brother to the king when he had heard them speaking about taxes collected from the magical population. He had followed the conversation and had remembered to note down various places where he could get his baby daughter to settle down and grow up peacefully.

It was already noon, she was tired of embroidery, it was so tough to do it specially on delicate silk. She was sitting on a chair by the window when she heard the carriage draw in, into her gates not the one across the road. Was he coming to see her first?, it was then she heard her mother call out in a very loud and happy tone, "Hermione, someone is here to see you", she could hear her mother say something to him, he was here, he just had to climb two storey to see her, she wanted to hide now, all her bravado was lost, she looked into the mirror, she looked pink, more hair had escaped from her bun. She looked terrible. Her corset looked a little loose, and her lace sleeves looked a little too much for something to be worn at home, while attempting embroidery. What would she do now? Should she hide in the attic or behind the curtain. She was pacing around in the room and out of sheer frustration fell onto her bed on her stomach and hid her face with her hands like a child.

He couldn't wait to see her, his father had barred him from returning home till he finished his education and now he had. He saw the villa grow larger as he neared Wiltshire, its gates gleaming in the sunlight. He took at it with his binoculars finding her bedroom window, all he could see was a pale neck and a lace adorned back. She was sitting and doing something, probably reading. He wanted her to turn around, if he could just catch a glimpse of her face but no she abruptly got up and left.

The villa gates opened and he saw Jane running towards him with a maternal look on her face, Jane who had looked so much like his Hermione then, did Hermione grow up to look more like her mother, he wondered. He wanted to skip all this pleasantries and run to her bedroom to see her in flesh but he was stopped by Jane and her insistent chattering. "you have grown up to become a handsome man Draco", she complemented and then called out loudly to Hermione to inform her of his arrival. He couldn't stop from constantly looking up at her window again and again hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Would she come down to meet him or would she hide like they did when they were kids.

"you know I was testing your patience and pulling your leg", laughed Jane after she had asked fifteen different questions about his education. "go on, she won't be coming down anytime soon, run along, I hope you haven't forgotten her room", her mother smiled at Draco.

He took off without delay, he kissed Jane on the top of her head and heard her laugh out loudly behind him as he ran. He reached her door to find it partially open. He pushed it and peered inside. She was lying on her bed her face down. Her room was the same, stained glass windows, very airy with lots of pale yellow curtains that moved with the wind. A dressing table with beautiful perfume bottles that he knew she collected since childhood. Except instead of dolls and toys, her room now showed off paintings and books.

She heard him open the door and she took a deep calming breath. "Don't you want to see me", she heard him say.

" I don't think I want to", she said, sitting up straight with her back to him. "you didn't try to meet me even once in the past ten years, why should I want to see you now", she said with false anger.

"so much pride", he drawled.

"hmmmmpph", she retorted.

"I didn't want to see you as well, for fear of going blind, but then Jane forced me to come here", he informed her albeit teasingly.

"Why is that?, am I that beautiful? that it would blind you", she asked him, ignoring his jab.

"oh no, you misunderstood, I was scared your huge front teeth would dazzle me and it would be too much for my eyes to take in", he laughed.

She stood up and clenched her palm, "is that so? fine! I wont be showing my face to you, but let me tell you one thing Malfoy, I am prettier than anything you have ever seen before", she said with pride.

"The moon is less vain than you my darling", he tutted.

"Maybe, after all the moon has so many scars", she mocked.

"in that case, I don't want to see your face now", he said walking towards her ,"I ll see you in the evening, when the moon rises, let me decide who is beautiful, you or that moon", he whispered into her ear as he kissed her shoulder. He then pulled out the pin that held her hair and it fell down like waterfall on her back, beautiful brown curls, rich like chocolate. she gasped as she felt him kiss her but she didn't turn around.

"mother is throwing a party tonight in celebration of my arrival, I ll see you then" , he said and staked off shutting the door behind him, leaving a smiling and flustered Hermione , who had a deep blush staining her pale milky cheeks.

A tiny butterfly made of paper flew towards her and sat on the palm of her hand, when she unfurled it ,in beautiful slanted cursive it read.

"vanity is a deadly sin my love, you will be the death of me"

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