Author's notes:
I have recently become hooked on the Mystery Case File: Ravenhearst series, and, seeing as I could uncover very little fanfictions on these games, I have set out to add more. Much as the game largely is centered around the diary of Emma Ravenhearst, this will center around the journal of detective Josephine Miller (OC). Also, these will likely be rather short chapters. I hope you enjoy it!


May 11, 2006

Dear Journal (I refuse to call you a diary because that seems too…too…trivial, too light for this investigation.)

I stand here, in front of Ravenhearst Manor. Tall, dark, foreboding, abandoned, creepy Ravenhearst Manor. Why am I here? Because the Queen of England herself sent me a personal letter requesting my investigation of strange goings on in Blackpool (where Ravenhearst is located). Why did she send me? She said in her letter that it's because she knows that I'm the only one who can handle this investigation. Why does she think an amateur sleuth such as I can figure out something like this? I have no idea. In my satchel, I carry few items: this log, several pens, a pocket knife, the remains of a pack of cheese crackers, and a diary. The diary belonged to a young woman known as Emma Ravenhearst, who, as I understand used to inhabit this manor but is long dead. Perhaps, despite this, she still makes her home there. I don't know; I don't consider myself a believer in the paranormal, but upon doing some research, perhaps I should reconsider this skepticism... Although the binding of Emma's diary contains the edges of several ripped-out pages, few entries remain in-tact. It is pouring rain (as it seems to be always in Blackpool) and I get the feeling that I should have stayed in bed this morning. But instead, I find myself here. The first entry is dated August 24, 1894. At this point, Emma details her arrival in Blackpool from Iowa, after attending a teachers' college. She plans to take board with a headmistress in exchange for household chores. The second entry, dated September 5 that year, mentions that while Blackpool isn't a town bursting with activity thus far, she is eagerly anticipating the fall dance later in the week. Frankly, I am of the mind that Blackpool is still not bursting with activity. I talked to a few of the locals, but they seem resolute in making me feel unwelcome. They seem to think that entering the manor results in frightening experiences and anyone associated with the bleak structure is going to inevitably cause trouble for Blackpool. As one gentleman told me, 'Well, best of luck to you, but you're probably going to be either scarred for life or scared to death.' I hope that he's all bluster and that the obviously deep fear of the estate is some act they put on to scare tourists, but if I don't open my mind at least a bit to the possibility of the paranormal, I may find myself in a tough spot. Although I am quite curious as to what the source of this chaos is about, I am also filled with apprehension. Oh well, here goes…