The next morning Melissa came down to the kitchen to have some coffee and breakfast before she left. As far as she knew all the boys were asleep. True Logan and Jeff were both Adults being 22 but to her they were still boys. When she came down she saw a fairly large person in the kitchen looking through the fridge she thought about grabbing a bat but then thought "why would a burglar go through the fridge?"

Jeff herd her come into the room and turned around and said "Sorry Mrs. McCall but I woke up and was hungry so I just figured I'd grab something before going back to bed for a bit."

Melissa then said "I said before you can call me Melissa and your welcome to anything you can find in there. I'm going to put some coffee on if you want some?"

Jeff said "yeah that would be good."

Melissa then noticed that Jeff had glasses on and she had never seen him with them before and asked "what's with the glasses are they fake like Logan's"

Jeff laughed to himself as she said "I'm sorry I've just never seen you with them before."

Jeff then said "yeah I know I don't wear them often I usually wear a contact lens in my left I got poked in the eye by someone goofing around on a school trip with a stick that had been in a fire."

Mellissa then said "I'm sorry that must have hurt."

Jeff said "yeah it did, but I kind of hid it from everyone and just shrugged it off. I noticed a few days later it was hard to see out of it. After it healed I found it hard to see at certain distances and my adopted Dad took me to an eye doctor who said that there was some damage to it and that I would need to wear glasses or a contact lens on it."

Melissa then said "so you don't have 20/20vison then?"

Jeff replied "only when I use these.", as he flashed his eyes to red.

Melissa then said "I think Scott said something about Deucalion being able to do that."

Jeff said "yeah there are something's we can compensate for as a werewolf but not others like if you lose an arm you can't grow it back."

Melissa then said "yeah that makes sense I don't know if I would really have expected that one."

Jeff then said "I'll be back in a second I just need to grab something from my bag."

Jeff then came back with case that had a blood sugar monitor in it. Melissa then said "you're a diabetic?"

Jeff said "yeah I'm a bit of weirdo among born werewolves I have traits of both a born and bitten one. Normally only a bitten one that had diabetes before the bite will still have it. The only difference between me and a normal person that has it is I can go a little longer without giving myself insulin but I still use a pump it's so much easier then when I was doing shots."

Jeff then put his pump on the table beside him so she could see it well he took his blood sugar and made a slight correction to his pump. He the added "my levels tend to vary a little more than a humans because of my metabolism as a werewolf but I usually stay pretty constant now."

Melissa then said "do you mind if I look at your numbers?"

Jeff said "nah I'm cool with it." He then pulled up the history stored in his monitor to show her the stored numbers well he also wrote what he had taken earlier in a book he kept in the case. He said "I like to keep a back up just in case something happens to it."

Melissa then said "that's a good idea."

Jeff then said "yeah I had one monitor fail on me once and it wiped everything I had stored in it."

Melissa then said "more people should be like that."

Jeff said "yeah tell me about it my doctor who looks after my diabetes stuff says he likes it too."

Melissa then said "my nephew on Logan and Scott's dad's side has diabetes."

Jeff then said "yeah Logan and I met him at a concert once."

Melissa said "that's right I remember you saying that last night."

Jeff said "yeah we kind of talked diabetes stuff to."

Melissa then asked "do you get to talk to people about that often?"

Jeff said "not really I haven't met many diabetics actually"

Melissa then said "that's surprising."

Jeff said "yeah I guess so I guess I'm more used to keeping stuff about me private with all the werewolf stuff I don't really talk about things like that unless they ask."

Jeff then yawned and said "I think I'm going to go back to bed for a bit I'll see you at the hospital later."

Melissa then said "have a good sleep do you want me to come tuck you in?"

Jeff said "nah I'm good but thanks for the offer."

*- a little while later at the hospital -*

Melissa had been roped into doing some interviews for nursing students wanting to do placements. Most of them had been pretty good so far. The next one up was someone called Teagan Melissa had actually been expecting another woman but instead she saw a young man with the same colour hair as Jeff's was. He was just about as tall as Scott maybe a bit shorter but he also seemed a little out of proportion.

He then walked over to her and said "Hi I'm Teagan McManus."

Melissa took his hand that he had offered out and said "I'm Melissa McCall."

Teagan then said "odd question are you Spanish, I'm only asking because I know someone with that last name and his Mom's Spanish."

Melissa then said "yes my family is originally from Mexico. My ex husband's name was McCall. One of my sons mentioned about knowing a Teagan who was in nursing I wonder if you know him? His names Logan and he's six foot two."

Teagan laughed and said "yup and I know a whole lot more about him too."

Melissa then said "does that included other things?"

Teagan then said "what like he's a werewolf?"

Melissa looked surprised as he said that and he noticed it and said "he told me he had told you. He also told me about his brother Scott too."

Melissa then said "given all the stuff that goes on around here it might be good to have you around."

Teagan then said "yeah I heard about some of it from Logan and Jeff. I couldn't image why other then the money why you would want to hunt down to great guys like them."

Melissa then said "yeah well there are people who are afraid of werewolves I know when I first found out about Scott I was a little afraid. Oddly when Logan told me a few months ago I wasn't as surprised as I was with Scott. Then again I did find out from him one on one rather than the way I did with Scott."

Teagan replied "yeah I get it its like people hunting down wild animals they don't understand. So um anything else you want to know about me?"

Melissa then continued the interview normally and wrapped it up bay saying someone at the hospital would be in touch but she was going to try and recommend him just so there would be another person at the hospital other than her that know about the supernatural. Teagan then said "thanks and since your my best friends Mom I feel comfortable telling you why I'm kind of short and a little disproportionate I was born with something called Diastrophic dysplasia which kind of makes me look like a little person. I'm five foot so I don't really fit the mold of one but my parents got a lot of support from our local LPA with me because what I have is mainly something more common among little people then with average height people."

He then added "it's also been nice meeting you it's nice to put a face to one of the names of the people Logan talks about a lot."

Melissa then said "you're welcome and it's always nice to meet one of my boys friends" she then said "if you don't have anywhere else to go you can stick around and meet the rest of the pack as there coming to talk to someone else in the hospital."

Teagan said "yeah that will be cool, who is it?"

Melissa then said "one of the Doctors I found out his son is a werewolf in Scott's pack and he wanted my help to tell him about him."

Teagan then said "Liam then?"

Melissa then said "how much do you know about this stuff?"

Teagan replied "mainly just names and what they are Logan told me a bit about what went on here but not all of it."

Just as they were finishing up Melissa got a text from both Logan and Scott telling her they were on there way.

Melissa thn went off to find Doctor Gyer to be ready to find out about Liam and the rest of the pack.

authors note I just decided to change Teagans last name comment if you know where it comes from