On Monday at School Danny walked over to Ethan and said "hey babe do you have any plans for tonight?"

Ethan replied "nope Aids at Deaton's after school tonight do you want to hang out or something."

Danny then said "I was thinking of doing some shopping at the mall after school."

Ethan then said "sure do you need my advice on something?"

Danny then said "no I just want to go shopping with my boyfriend and see if he needs anything for the cruise were going on."

Ethan replied "I think there are a few things I could use but I'm not sure what I want to pack."

Danny replied "I can help I know I could use a new bathing suit."

Ethan then said "Ok that's something to add to my list I don't think I have one right now, maybe I should pick one up for Aid just in case he ever needs one."

Danny then asked "so do you guys ever go in the pool?"

Ethan replied "not really."

Danny then asked "so do you know how to swim?"

Ethan replied "I can doggie paddle. I haven't swum since I was kid though."

Danny then said "I could teach you if you like."

Ethan said "I'll think about it I know the apartment were at has one so I'll see when it's not busy."

Danny then said "sounds good to me."

Ethan replied "thanks I'd rather not embrace myself if I do decide to swim on the ship or an excursion or something."

Danny then said "don't worry not everyone is a great swimmer."

Ethan then said "I know I'll catch you later I got English for Aiden right now and he's in Math for me right now."

Danny then said "I'll see you at lunch then." Danny then gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek before heading off to his next class.

Later on after school Danny saw Ethan talking to Aiden by their bikes Danny walked over and said "hey you ready to go."

Ethan then said "I was going to ask if it would be ok if I dropped my bike at home and got a ride cause the malls kind of on the way from their?"

Danny said "sure you're like five minutes away from there; I'll meet you at your place."

Ethan then said "good" as he and Aiden left Aiden made the turn to Deaton's well Ethan headed to the apartment they lived in. Ethan arrived at the same time as Danny did so he came up with him. Before they left they went through Ethan's stuff to see what he might need for the cruise. Once they were done and had a list of what they needed they headed out to the mall together.

On the way to the mall Danny asked Ethan "so what's everyone else up to right now?"

Ethan replied "Lydia and Allison are working on the bestiary, Scott, Isaac, and Stiles are helping Lima and Malia out."

Danny then said "do you think Aiden will go and help them after work or just head home."

Ethan replied "I don't think he'll show up because it will make Isaac nervous. I know they have Math together and he says Isaac can be a little jumpy in that class sometimes."

Danny then asked "is that him as Aiden or him as Ethan?"

Ethan replied "he's himself in that class just like how when you have English with me."

Danny then said "that's a god coincidence then?"

Ethan then said "not really it was part of our plan to get close to Scott and Derek's pack."

Danny then said "so how much of our relationship was part of that plan?"

Ethan said "the first five minutes after that I fell for you and wanted a way to be with you."

Danny then said "wow what about Aiden and Lydia?"

Ethan said "I think their building there's a little slower. Lydia knew a bit more then you did so she didn't trust him as much as you did?"

Danny then said "I don't know I think she's just afraid to love him and thinks he might levee like Jackson did."

Ethan then said "so were thy like really close then?"

Danny said "yeah I don't really know everything about them but they had keys to each other's places or at least Lydia had his."

Ethan then said "that's cool. I'd give you mine but I'm just not really comfortable having you come and stay with us."

Danny then said "I get it you have your issues. So why do you guys have such a huge apartment all to yourselves?"

Ethan said "Deucalion rented it and the supper intended is letting us stay until we can find something else. "

Danny then said "yeah I guess that makes sense so is that why you guys are working at Deaton's?"

Ethan said "yeah so we don't have to rely on our family's' money to much. We could live their forever but we kind of want to have families of our own someday."

Danny then said "that sounds like a good plan to me. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to commit like that."

Ethan then said "don't worry neither am I."

Danny then said "we can let fate decide that one."

Ethan smiled as they pulled up to the mall.

Well they were there they looked around a few stores and picked up some things, Danny even talked Ethan into getting some cologne.

A little while later as they were in a sports store looking at bathing suits a voice said to Ethan "I'd go with that one it's your colour. But I'm not really the fashion minded one."

Ethan looked over and saw Aiden standing there as he said "Deaton closed early there wasn't much going on, so I figured since you were going to pick up a bathing suit for me I should have some say in it."

Ethan said "that's cool you know I always let you have a say in stuff I just you know figured I knew you enough."

Aiden then said "just like how I know you're more likely to go with the blue one over the green."

Ethan smiled and said "yeah but green is better then red. I've never really liked red much. However the colour maroon is kind of growing on me I don't think I could wear it all the time but..."

Danny then said "you look great in your lacrosse uniform."

Ethan then said "thanks speaking of lacrosse there's something I want to pick up."

Ethan went over to the section of the store that had knee pads and stuff and picked up a knee support brace. Danny looked at him as he said "are you ok?"

Aiden then said "let me guess your knees bothering you?"

Ethan said "yeah sometime when I make quick movements on it, it hurts a bit I want to see if this helps."

Danny then said "so did you hurt it or something?"

Ethan then said "yeah back when I was 12 during a fight with another, um you know I kind of twisted it and it didn't really heal properly so every now and then it kind of hurts me , like I said when I make quick movements just on the one foot."

After paying for their purchases the three of them headed over to the food court to grab something to eat. After that Danny drove Ethan home well Aiden flowed behind on his bike. Danny came up with them for a bit to work on some homework with them before heading for home.