On Monday at School Scott approached Liam and said "I'm off from Deaton's today so I wanted to know how you feel about doing some training with me, Isaac, Stiles and Malia."

Liam replied "um sure I was going to do some homework with Mason but maybe he can come by."

Scott said "Stiles can give him some tips too just in case."

Liam then said "in case he gets attacked by something again?"

Scott said "yeah not everyone's like Allison and prepared for this stuff."

Just then Mason came over and said "hey Scott."

Scott replied "hey Mason I was just talking to Liam about doing some training and he wondered if you could come along. I figured you could work with Stiles well me, Isaac and Malia work with Liam."

Mason then said "yeah sure I was going to go over to Liam's house anyway."

Scott then said "cool I'll have Stiles give you a lift and I'll take Isaac on my bike."

A little while Later Liam and Mason got in the back of Stiles jeep well Isaac was on the back of Scott's bike. They made their way to an old warehouse on the edge of town Liam remembered it as the same one Aiden had taken him to.

When they got out of the Jeep Scott said to him "you've been here before?"

Liam said "yeah Aiden brought me her well you guys were doing you PSATs."

They all made their way in and Mason stopped and looked at the spiral on the wall and said "I wonder what made that?"

Liam said "Aiden told me it was a werewolf he knew."

Mason then said "really so does it means something?"

Liam said "yeah it means vendetta."

Scott then said "I heard a bit about it from Allison's grandfather when he told me about how he blinded Deucalion he said that there was a gathering of werewolves her and they all came to talk to Derek's Mother about stuff and how they wanted revenge on hunters."

Stiles then said "Peter said that Derek was here apparently hiding from some hunters."

Liam then said "wow so this place has a lot of history then."

Mason then saw a ring burned into the ground and said "hey guys what's this?"

Scott looked down at the ring that Mason had found then said "it was ring of mountain ash that Jenifer Blake threw around herself to try and keep me, Derek and Deucalion from harming her but I broke through it to become a true Alpha."

Liam then said "wow so can I do that too?"

Scott said "maybe but it's really hard to do as you have to force yourself on the one spot."

Stiles then said "Mountain ash can keep supernatural creatures out or help control them. Deaton's office is lined with it so that werewolves mostly remain calm in there. Only Humans can use it or activate it."

Liam then said "so if it's hard to cross it how come we can get into Deaton's office?"

Scott then said "because he invites you in by opening the gate and the back door also breaks it to but you have to have the key to open it."

Liam then said "that's cool so it's like a werewolf refuge too?"

Scott said "yeah plus most people aren't likely to look for you at a vet's clinic."

Mason then said "so do hunters know about it too?"

Scott said "yeah but Deaton will never give away something he's hiding. I know one time when I got hurt he found me and looked after me and Peter came to get me he wouldn't let him in."

Scott then said "ok enough of the history lesson and stuff about Deaton I want to see how you're doing and stuff to get an idea about what we need to work on."

Stiles then said to Mason "we can watch them for a bit and I can give you some tips on what to do when a werewolf comes at you."

Mason then said "yeah sure."

The first thing Scott had them do was shift for him it was easier for Him and Isaac to do and Malia was getting better at it as was Liam. Mason looked over at him and said "wow I think this is the first time I've seen him do that."

Stiles then said "yeah well I guess he hasn't had many opportunities to show you I remember the first time I saw Scott like that I pretty much freaked out but then I realized he was still my best friend."

Mason then said "yeah I guess that makes sense I Mean he's still Liam he just has glowing eyes, sharp teeth, and hair on his face."

Stiles then said "yup nothing to fear at all."

Mason then said "can I ask you what would happen if Liam bit me would I turn into a werewolf too?"

Stiles then said "no he's only a beta they can't turn you. Only an Alpha like Scott or Logan's friend Jeff can turn someone."

Mason then watched as Liam spared with Isaac and Malia. Stiles then said "so do you have any sort of training in fighting?"

Mason replied "not really just me and Liam wrestling on the floor when we were kids."

Stiles then said "yeah same Scott and I used to do that too. I usually like to go for a bat against a supernatural."

Mason then said "does that actually work?"

Stiles then said "aluminum ones do I know I broke a wooden one across the twins back when they were merged together."

Mason then said "did that stop them?"

Stiles then said "no it just made them mad until Scott's mom shocked them with the heart paddles. Electricity really hurts them."

Mason then said "why not use a teaser then?"

Stiles replied "um I've never really thought about it and I'm not sure if my Dad would let me have one. I think Chris has some shock sticks that him and Allison have used he might let us have one or two of them."

Mason then said "I might just stick to running and let you guys do the hard stuff."

Stiles then said "Danny does that he helps us out when we need research and stuff but he doesn't really want to get involved too much."

Mason then said "yeah he said that when we were trapped in the basement of the school. So what else works on them?"

Stiles then said "well there's always wolfsbane but you have to get it inside them somehow like putting it in bullets or on a dagger like Garret did."

Mason then said "that's what he used to take down Brett right?"

Stiles then said "yeah although we didn't know he was a werewolf at the time. Well not all of us actually Ethan thought they might have one but it was hard for him to pick out which one of them was one because of all the sweaty teenagers."

Mason then said "how come you couldn't tell he was one?"

Scott then said "werewolves can mask their scents sometimes to hide from other werewolves and Brett was taught how to do that. Although Ethan can pick it out a bit and so can Jeff apparently."

Mason then said "yeah I remember they said that a couple weeks ago when you guys told me about all this stuff."

A little while later they stopped to grab some dinner before they heeded to Scott's to do some homework. Just as Liam, Mason, Stiles and Malia were leaving Melissa came in and said 'another pack meeting?"

Scott said "no just some training for Liam and Malia. Stiles talked to Mason about some things too."

Isaac then said "we went out for some Mexican after that and then did some homework."

Melissa then asked "so are Ethan and Aiden around too or have they already gone home?"

Scott replied "Aiden was at Deaton's and Ethan went shopping with Danny for stuff for the cruise their going on." Scott then yawned and said "I think I need to go to bed we've got lacrosse tomorrow morning before school."

*- the locker room at the high school the next morning -*

The next morning well the team was getting ready for practice Scott saw Ethan putting the knee brace he had got the night before and walked over to him and said "what's that for?"

Ethan then said "I just need some extra support for my knee I hurt it when I was a kid and it hurts every now and then when I make fast movement during lacrosse so I'm going to see if this helps.'

Scott said "if it doesn't my Mom can help you find someone to take a look at it."

Ethan said "thanks I'll think about that."

A little while after practice Ethan took the knee brace off his knee which hurt him way less than it did after his first lacrosse practice and also the game he had played since then. To him it was like the reason he wore all the other equipment he didn't want to get hurt or in this case he didn't want to hurt himself further.

Ethan dumped his stuff at his locker and was grabbing his stuff for his first class and Aiden came over and said "how's the knee?"

Ethan said "it feels god so are you ready for another day at school?"

Aiden said "yeah so did you find out how Liam's training went yesterday?"

Ethan said "yeah he said it was pretty good they mainly worked on controlling their shift. Scott said Liam's getting pretty good at that."

Aiden then said "that's good maybe we should work with him a bit."

Ethan said "yeah maybe on the weekend or on Wednesday."

Aiden then said "what about Friday?"

Ethan said "we've got a lacrosse game on Friday."

Aiden then said "oh yeah I forgot about that, is it here or away somewhere?"

Ethan said "it's here and so is next week too."

Aiden then said "that's good two home games in a row so who do we play next?"

Ethan said "I'm not sure but Davenport prep is back next week we have like four games with them because they're our closest rivals."

Aiden then said "maybe we should talk to Brett about that guy that beat you up."

Ethan said "yeah Brett seemed pretty mad at him about it. Jeff said that he talked to him during the game and he had no idea what it was about."

Aiden then said "do you think he knows about you?"

Ethan said "no he was talking about Danny and I being gay nothing to do with anything else."

Aiden then said "are you sure?"

Ethan said "yeah but we can talk to Brett about it if you want. I wonder if Liam has his number."

Later on at lunch Ethan went over to Liam and said "hey um odd question do you by any chance have Bret's number I kind of want to ask him something?"

Liam said "no I don't we weren't exactly friends and I didn't get a chance to get it from him before we went off to Mexico. Why do you want it?"

Ethan said "it was just something about that guy Aid is kind of worried he might know something more then I'm gay."

Liam replied "I doubt he knows Brett would have said something to Jeff if he knew."

Ethan replied "yeah I guess so makes sense. Oh by the way Aid and I are thinking of doing some training with you on Wednesday or the weekend maybe we haven't figured out a time yet or talked to Scott."

Liam replied "that sounds good, do you guys think there's something coming or something like that?"

Ethan replied "maybe but even if there isn't you still should be prepared for anything and besides you don't want to ended up like Malia and get stuck as a wolf when you shift."

Liam then asked "do you know anyone that happened to other then her?"

Aiden replied "not really but it was hard for us to control it d too when we were you age."

Liam then asked "really? I thought you guys were born werewolves?"

Ethan said "we were but sometimes even we have trouble learning how to control that side of ourselves."

Aiden then said "having anger issues doesn't help either."

Ethan then said "also losing your family at a young age doesn't help either."

Liam then said "so you guys have been on your own for a while then?"

Ethan said "sort of Omegas don't really do well on their own; you're more venerable to hunters and other things."

Liam then asked "like what?"

Aiden replied "other werewolves not all of them are like Scott, Jeff or his brother."

* - Deaton's office after school -*

Ethan and Scott were there well Aiden was at Lydia's getting some help with math at least that's what he had said anyway. Ethan was cleaning out the cat cages as they trusted him he was one of the few that cats actually liked he even had a cat of his own, he had taken in on that had belonged to a family of windagos that had gotten killed when the whole death pool thing had started. Ethan had also had one when he was younger as well. His current cat was right now curled up in ball sleeping near Ethan's bag in Deaton's office as he had brought him in for a check up, he had gotten a drive from Danny as he couldn't easily bring a cat on his motorcycle.

Well he was looking after the cats the bell rang as someone came in, Ethan usually listened into most things in case he got asked to come and help at the front, most of the time it was someone bringing in a sick or injured animal or one for their regular checkups like Danny bringing in his dog. Scott had been asked to go and see who it was.

Scott went to the front and saw Brett Talbot there he looked at him as he said "I asked Satomi if she knew how I could get in touch with you easier then hanging around the high school."

Scott said "yeah that makes sense so what do you need to talk to me about?"

Brett replied "it's not really you I wanted to talk to Ethan and find out how he was and to let him know about the other night."

Ethan then came around front and said "that's nice of you."

Brett said "I wanted to come by and say on behalf of Davenport prep and the team that were sorry about what happened."

Ethan then said "it's no biggie I've been queer bashed before. It's nothing worth starting a fight over."

Brett replied "It's still not ok he did that, but I also wanted to tell you just in case anyone else was wondering too he doesn't know about us and the supernatural stuff."

Ethan replied "that's good I asked Liam earlier if he had your number because I wanted to know if that jerk knew anything."

Bret said "I don't think he has it. I was never really friends with him at Davenport. But if you guys want it you can have it and I'll help out with Liam if you need me too."

Scott then said "thanks I could use it sometimes. Can I ask you if you were born or bitten?"

Brett replied "I was born one and so was my sister she was the other one your brother and Jeff saved from a hunter. I have to say your brother is something else the way he grabbed and arrow in mid air it was crazy."

Ethan replied "yeah you don't want to take him on blindly he's got a martial arts background so he can throw anyone around easily. I know Aid and I took him on once and we're glad he was on our side."

Scott then said "so how did you ended up with Satomi?"

Brett replied "some hunters set fire to our home and we escaped and she found us and brought us here."

Scott then said "was it the Hale fire?"

Brett replied "no but my Dad knew Talia Hale, I think I remember someone like your brother one time when I went over there with him one time when I was kid."

Scott said "maybe you did see him he used to be friends with one of the human members of their family."

Brett then said "does he still know him?"

Scott said "no he died in the fire."

Deaton had gone into his office to some other stuff and didn't her the conversation he left pretty much after he heard that it was pack business and stayed out of it unless he was asked to join in the conversation. He caught some bits and pieces that he knew already from talking to Satomi and from what he had found out from things Logan had said around him.

Brett replied "I'm sorry that must have sucked for him."

Scott said "yeah Logan had a few people close to him die young, his girlfriend and both his best friends."

Brett replied "man that really sucks how did the others die was it werewolf related too?"

Scott replied "no they were humans his girlfriend had cancer and died from it and then his other best friend got killed in the military. He was also Isaac's older brother."

Brett nodded and said "wow he's had a rough life."

Ethan said "yeah and then on top of it all off the Alpha me and Aid had made us drag him into the woods so he could bite him."

Brett then said "so was he in the pack with you guys?"

Scott said "no his friend Jeff found him and helped him out. His family got killed by hunters when he was 13 so he was an Alpha then."

Brett then said "I think Satomi knows him."

Scott said "yeah she said something to him in the warehouse with Chris."

Brett then said "yeah he did i think it was something about him not always thinking of being violent. Oh and thanks again for helping save my pack like I said if you need any help let me know." They then exchanged numbers Scott even group texted Brett's number to the pack just in case anyone else wanted it.

Ethan then said "so we'll see you in two weeks then unless something else comes up."

Brett replied "yeah and by the way Jason got suspended from the team and from School for the whole fight thing. Our Coach was pretty mad at him for doing that so he cut him from the team. I'm not sure if he'll be coming back to school or not. I don't really talk to him much also it was his first year on the team too."

Ethan then said "that's good so I don't have to worry about Aiden betting the carp out of him."

Brett replied "I take it you don't want to mess with him then?"

Ethan said "or me but unlike him I know when not to fight. I could have fought back with him and hurt him badly but I didn't want to go to jail."

Brett said "yeah I know what you mean being a werewolf sometimes you don't always know your own strength and what you do to anther werewolf doesn't hurt them in the same way as it does with a human."

Deaton then came in and said "very sage advice."

Brett said "yeah Satomi taught me that she said you always have to be careful around humans as you never know what they may do to you or each other."

Scott said "yeah Kira Yukimura's mother knew her when she was younger and in a world war two internment camp."

Brett said "yeah she mentioned that to me once when I was doing a school project on that. I couldn't really use it because the camp was closed and all reference to it was lost."

Scott said "yeah they built Eichen house on the grounds of it."

Brett then said "wow that place creeps me out when I go past it so what happened to Kira?"

Scott then told him about the whole thing with the nogitsune and how Kira had died after they defeated it. Brett replied "wow you guys have been through a lot then."

Scott said "yeah."

Brett then said "it's interesting to find out why all the weird stuff happened in the town last year."

Just then Allison came in and said "I was driving back from the library and I came across a cat someone had left on the road." Deaton came around from the back and said "let's see what I can do to help". Brett looked at it and said "aw he's so cute how could someone abandon such a sweet little thing."

Brett then went and picked it up and it without fear nested itself in his arms. Ethan then said "wow I thought I was the only one cats did that with."

Brett said "really I know Satomi said it was rare. When I was younger I used to have one but he died a couple years ago."

Ethan said "the same I had one from when I was like six to when I was twelve he died just before our family got killed. I got a new one a few weeks ago though his former family was the family of windagos that got killed early on in the dead pool list."

Just as they made their way into the back Willow appeared and walked around Ethan's legs and also nuzzled Brett's as he could tell he was also someone who liked cats as well. Brett lay the cat down on the exam table and stoked it well Ethan and Deaton examined it. They found out it was boy and that it wasn't hurt to bad after they cleaned him up. Deaton said he'd put some signs up but would let Brett have him if he wanted to until he found out if it had an owner. Brett decided to call him Simba.

Authors' note I decided to have Brett have a cat to because of Cody Saitngune having one and his is also called Simba.