"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!" Dean yells, as he throws a pillow at his brother. Sam sits up and rubs his head. He looks towards his brother who went back to brushing his teeth. Swinging his legs off the side of the bed, he joins his brother in the cheap motel bathroom and starts running a comb through his hair.

"So, why are we here?" Sam questions, stopping his combing momentarily. "Is there a job here, or do you just want pancakes?"

"Now why would you think that? I'll have you know that we have a case of vampires here, and I haven't eaten a single pancake!" Dean yells. He spits into the sink and places his toothbrush on the counter before walking out of the bathroom.

"Canada and vampires? I don't think I heard you correctly." Sam thinks aloud as he enters the small kitchen. He sees his older brother with his laptop already open, typing into a search engine. He sits down at the table, and they look through the small amount of articles that come up. After looking through about six, they find one saying that a pale man with red eyes has been walking around town square. They brush it off as nothing, but one post catches their eye. It shows two pictures, one in black and white with a small '1880' written in the corner, and the other only a couple months old. The brothers look at each other and Dean quickly goes back to searching for the owner of the post.

"I got an address, Sammy, let's go." Dean grabs his coat, followed by his brother, and grabs a set of keys. They walk out and go to their 67' impala, opening the doors and closing them after they slide in. Dean starts the car and backs out of the parking lot.

"So do we even know the name of the guy we're tracking, or are we looking around like blind men?" Sam asks.

"In one of the posts, it said that he walks around with a little blonde guys that calls him 'Gil'." Dean explains.

"So after we talk to the writer of that post, should we look for the blonde?" Sam gets out of the car as Dean parks in front of a house.

"I guess, maybe the author will know what the kid's name is." They both shrug and walk to the door, knocking on it three times. A young blonde girl who looks to be about twenty, opens the door. Her bright blue eyes fill with confusion as she looks at the two strangers.

"Can I help you?" She asks nervously.

"Yes, I am Paul Gordon and this is my friend George Lennon. We read your post on the man you saw with the red eyes and we want to ask a couple of questions for our blog." San lies impressively.

"Um, sure. Please, come in." The woman steps away from the door, allowing them enough room to enter. She leads them to the front room, and tells them to sit down. "Is there anything specific you want to know?"

"We are just wondering if you know where this man lives, or maybe his full name. Anything that can help up find him." The elder brother explains.

"I can't recall his name, but I believe his friend's name is Matthew Williams. He owns a motel in downtown Montréal." She tells them. The brothers' faces light up at the helpful new information.

"Well that's all we need, Miss..?"

"Jones." She gives with a small smile. "Amelia Jones."

"Alright, Ms. Jones, we don't want to bother you any longer so we'll be leaving now." Sam says with satisfaction in his voice. The three stand up and Amelia leads them to the door.

"Bye, boys! Be safe!" She yells as the boys get into their car. The brothers wave as they drive away.

"We should go sign out of our motel. We can just stay in the other guy's motel." Dean thinks aloud. Sam nods in agreement and they turn the car around.

Page Break

The brothers stand outside a small motel, both with a blush on their cheeks. The two were not expecting this.

"Northern Lights, huh. That's a strange name for a love motel." Dean observes the sign on the door with a smirk. They walk in and see a blonde with curly hair down to his shoulders. His face is hidden by his hair as his face leans over a book. They walk to the counter and ring the bell, startling the man. He looks up, showing his feminine face and blue-violet eyes with a curl hanging in front of them.

"Um, sorry. Do you two want a room?" He asks, eyeing the brothers.

"Yes, we would, but my brother and I would also like to ask a question first." The blonde's eyes widen.

"Wow, brothers? That's a first. I thought only I was into that." He says with a face full of amusement. The brothers both turn red at the suggestion, both ignoring the last line.

"Actually we were wondering if you could give us a normal room. It said on the door that you had a couple." Dean mumbles. The look of amusement is immediately replaced with one of embarrassment on the man's face.

"Crap, um, I didn't mean that. I was joking." He says looking down. "I'll get you one of the normal rooms then." He walks to the back and comes back holding some key cards. He sets them on the counter along with a pen. "Please write both your names in the space under today's date." He explains, tapping the open book beside him. The brothers each write their fake names and hand the book back to the man.

"We'll be going to our room then." Sam states, grabbing the cards, but is stopped by a hand on top of his. He turns back around and sees a look of anger on the Canadian's face.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but I know who The Beatles are, and I would like your real names." He says with annoyance in his voice. Both brothers are surprised at the man, and instantly turn back to the book, writing their real names.

"Sorry about that. We'll leave now." Dean grabs his brother and pulls him out the door quickly, not glancing back at the man, they have yet to notice is the very man they want to speak to.

"Winchester, huh? Whatever." The blonde closes the book and goes back to reading.