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Another day had passed, normal as ever, with the same schedule that he'd been accustomed to. Wake up, shower, school, band, work, come home. The daily routine was only broken on weekends, when it was wake up, shower, work, then come home.

Yes, the life of a high school student could be boring when one lived alone, but that was how he lived.

He, was Andrew Dixon, a student at one of the many high schools in Toronto, Ontario. His parents had allowed him to move out at the age of seventeen due to a dispute, and he'd been living on his own ever since. He's eighteen by the way, entered school a little later due to his birthday.

Now, in his final year of high school, decisions were weighing heavily. The biggest was what career path to take. Should he go to university or collage? Military service? It was unknown.

However, Andrew was an avid military enthusiast. He built models of armor and naval vessels, used to be a sea cadet, and took several history courses that were offered, so a career in the military was the most likely option.

Dragging himself home and flopping onto the couch after a long day at school, and another shift at the restaurant he worked at, a sigh was heard.

"Another day down, just five months to go" he muttered, getting up off the couch and going to the kitchen to make dinner.

After dinner, he sat, watching the six o'clock news, like he usually did every night.

"I'm just glad it's Friday and I don't have school tomorrow" he said, getting up and going to his room.

His apartment was modest, with all the necessities and nothing super extravagant, but it was well worth it.

The neighbors were nice enough to share their Wi-Fi password, so long as he paid a monthly fee of fifteen dollars to them.

Changing into his pajamas, he grabbed a book about German tanks, and laid down on his bed to read.

Soon enough with the book forgotten, the lights turned off, the door locked, and silence in the neighborhood, Andrew Dixon fell fast asleep.

First Person

The first thing I expected to see when I opened my eyes, and what I saw every morning, was the beige color that coated my bedroom walls.

I did not expect to be standing fully dressed in a boardroom with a large table.

Seated at said table were obviously very important people, all garnered in either military dress, that didn't look like any uniform I'd ever seen, or business suits.

The discussion they were having seemed pretty in-depth, with talk about terrorists and attack plans and some guy named Zero.

"Huh. Must be nothing if it's Zero" I thought, letting out a small chuckle.

Dead silence reigned in the large room after that, as all heads slowly turned and looked at me.

Confusion filtered through their eyes, as some gawked open mouthed at me, as if I was some sort of freak or something.

"Uhhh...hi?" was all I managed to say in the moment.

As quick as lightning, the trance was broken, and two men dressed in uniforms sprang up from the table.

One, a very tall man with black hair, blue eyes and glasses, adorned in one of the weird uniforms grabbed my left arm, as a man, or a gorilla, with a large scar running through the center of his face, brown hair, broad shoulders, and black eyes grabbed my right.

I stood rigid with terror, all of this foreign and new, hoping to god that they wouldn't kill me.

"Princess, we've got an intruder" the gorilla with the scar said.

"Thank you General, I can see that" a voice drawled out.

"A woman! Great, I'm terrible with women in general, if my relationship track record has anything to say about it" I thought, starting to shake a little bit with fear.

A large, ornate chair was pushed out from the center of the table, it was the chair that I was directly in line with, but ten feet behind.

The person, I had guessed correctly, it was a woman. As tall as me, maybe a little shorter, but by maybe an eighth of an inch, walked around.

Dark pink...well...we'll go with purple for the sake of easiness, purple hair and indigo eyes, dressed in a slightly more ornate, but still very military uniform, but with some funky big cape.

She scrutinized me, under harsh eyes, and the stone cold gazes of everyone seated around the table, before saying "Take him to interrogation. I'll be right there."

I nearly missed it, but there seemed to be a wicked gleam in her eyes, like she enjoyed interrogating people. I had known from the books I had read, that the German secret police in the Second World War, the Gestapo, employed barbaric methods to extract information, I just hoped that wasn't the case.

Once again, the gorilla man nodded and grabbed me by my shirt collar, marching me towards the doors.

Third Person

Andrew was marched through hall after hall, until reaching a set of stone stairs that looked very out of place for the gigantic...palace...that's what it was, a palace.

A large metal door was opened, and he was ushered in, sat in a chair, and one of his hands handcuffed to the armrest. A large metal table, with another chair, sat in front of him.

The door shut with a massive clang, and the key turned in the lock, sealing his fate.

First Person

I was scared. I was genuinely terrified. Alone in a strange place, nobody I knew anywhere, and then locked up like a criminal for something I had no knowledge of anything. My back was to the heavy door, and I didn't know what would happen. I attempted to remember what happened before.

I tried to remember, but the only thing I could remember was home.

"Home" I thought, as my body started to tremble, as realization of everything that was happening set in.

All I remembered was going to sleep the night before and then waking up in the middle of whatever that was.

Footsteps and voices from the corridor alerted me to people coming. A door was closed outside, and I looked to the left, where there was a mirror.

"No doubt a two way" I thought, remembering all the episodes of NCIS and Criminal Minds I had seen, when they were bringing someone in for questioning.

Again, the door behind me opened, and a pair of footsteps entered the room, closing the door and locking it.

One set, heavier, probably male, went to the right, around my chair, and into the far corner.

It was the man with glasses from before, the one who I nicknamed in my mind as 'Pretty boy.'

The other set, distinctly lighter, walked around to the left of me, around the table and sat in the chair on the other side.

It was the woman from before. The one with purple hair who seemed very annoyed that I had barged into her meeting. I didn't ask to be put there, hell, I was supposed to be at work at...well...I couldn't see my watch, so I didn't know the time.

"Now, we're just going to have a nice little chat" she said, folding her gloved hands on the table.

Of course, she took notice of my slumped posture, and trembling limbs, so she attempted to 'comfort' me.

"Don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of. We're just going to talk."

Somehow, that terrified me further, as the wicked gleam in her eyes came back, and her lips turned upwards in a small smile.

"Can you tell me your name?"

Once again, I was at a loss, until my brain kicked in and I stammered out the words.

"A-Andre-w Di-Dixon."

Pretty boy frowned at this, but the woman looked relieved. I had nothing to hide, so I might as well cooperate with my captors fully.

"Well Mister Dixon..or...can I call you Andrew?"

I nodded at this.

"Well Andrew, what is your purpose for being in the Viceroy's Palace?"

My brain started to churn, as if looking through files for the word 'Viceroy' and coming up empty.

"Excuse me, but what is a Viceroy?" I asked.

The first thing I felt was a sharp stinging on my cheek, and Pretty boy standing over me, his features twisted into a snarl.

"Don't play stupid boy!" he shouted, bringing his hand back for another smack, before a sharp snap of fingers brought him back into the world.

His face returned to a scowl as he went back to the corner, leaned on the wall, and crossed his arms.

"Do you not know what a Viceroy is?" she asked, drawing my attention to the previous conversation.

I shook my head no, so she elaborated for me.

"A Viceroy is a ruler exercising authority in a colony on behalf of a sovereign."

"Oh" I said "So like a Premier? But...without the colony and sovereign thing."

Both of them looked at me like I had two heads, and Pretty boy said "A what?"

I tried to act casual, and not seem like I was terrified or in pain from the slap I had just gotten, and elaborated.

"You know, a Premier. Works under the Prime Minister who heads Canada? I've voted for one once already."

"Canada?" she asked.

"Yeah Canada" I replied, turning to the mirror, I asked "Uhh..can we get a world map in here?"

A nod from purple hair, and two minutes later, gorilla man came back inside and plunked a map on the table.

I shifted my chair closer, and was startled at what I saw.

"Now" she said, coming around the table to my side "Where is this Canada you speak of?"

The map was nearly impossible to read. The borders were in all the wrong places, and they had these things that said Area and then a number over most places.

There was a big two right in the middle of Canada.

"Well...Canada is above America. The border is roughly...here" I said, drawing an imaginary line across North America.

"So..Area 2 is Canada?" Pretty boy asked, coming closer.

"Area? What's with this Area thing?" I asked.

Again, both of them looked at me like I was nuts.

"An Area is what a country is renamed after the Empire of Britannia invades and conquers, or if they willingly submit, like Area 2 did" she said.

"The Empire of what now?" I asked, a sinking feeling growing in my gut. I didn't like where this was going.

"Britannia" she said with a frown. "Where are you from?"

I looked on the map, and breathed a sigh of relief as I pointed to Toronto.

"Toronto, Ontario. In Area 2. Good to know" she said, nodding.

Purple hair returned to her side of the table and sat back down.

"Now, what are you doing here?"

"Honestly, I don't know" I said "I don't even know where here is."

"Area 11" Pretty boy muttered from his corner.

Looking on the map, I saw a big 11 over what I knew as Japan.

"How did I get to Japan?" I asked myself.

"That's what we're trying to figure out" Purple hair replied.

As I was thinking of what to say, the door swung open again, and gorilla man walked inside with a laptop in hand.

"Just put a revolving door in. There's enough through traffic here to warrant one" I thought, as the man said,

"Princess, look at the security footage."

"Woah woah" I thought "Princess? Just what kind of world is this?"

A "Hmmm" brought me out of my monologue, as the laptop was flipped my way and the play button was pressed.

It was silent, and then some sort of blue vortex opened up, and then poof! I was standing in that room with my eyes closed. Then I opened my eyes, and...well...I could figure out the rest.

"Anything you'd like to say about this?" gorilla man asked.

"Sir...I have no idea what's going on" I managed to squeak out. "I went to sleep in my apartment like I always do, and then I woke up here."

"He seems to be telling the truth" the woman said after a minute "But just to be safe, get the truth serum out."

"Yeah!" I said, before paling "Wait! WHAT!? Truth serum?!"

I started to struggle against the cuffs that were binding my right wrist to the chair, as two hands clamped down onto my shoulders.

The woman grabbed my left arm to stop that from flailing about, as Pretty boy pulled a silver case from under a different table.

Taking out a syringe and filling it with a green liquid, the flicked it to get all the air out. With a malicious grin, he grabbed my right arm to still all movement.

Once again, the purple haired woman...no, the princess, said, attempting to calm me down "Don't worry, this will only hurt a bit."

I felt the needle plunge into my arm, and the liquid spread out from the center of contact.

The last thing I remembered before passing out was he soft that table looked.

Third Person

Andrew didn't pass out totally, he just lost conscious control of his mind.

His eyes were open, but as wide as dinner plates due to the serum.

Again, they drilled him with the same questions as before, and again, the answers were the same.

"Well...what do we do with him now?" Pretty boy asked.

"We could just kill him and get rid of it" the gorilla stated.

"No, that wouldn't be right" the princess said. "Think about it if you were in his position. Nobody around and you're in a strange place. No family, no friends, you've got nobody. Would you want to be shot?"

"I guess not" the gorilla mumbled.

"I didn't think so" the princess said "Take him to a guest room and let him sleep off the chemicals. Also, put a guard on him just to be safe."

"Yes, your highness" they both said, as the gorilla hefted him up on his shoulder and walked out of the room.

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