Summery- Emerald is the fifth seat of the fourth division. Before she vanished and became a soul reaper she was good friends with Renji and Rukia. What happens when she runs into Renji once again? Will the sparks fly again?

Author Note - Underlined is a zanpackuto speaking

Main story line starts when Rukia is in the real world, during the first arc of the anime. This is before there is any inkling that something has gone awry with Rukia's mission.

Main Character- Emerald

Hair- Mid-back length blond, usually up in a high ponytail

Eyes- Emerald green

Has a single diagonal scar over her heart

Division- 4th

Seat- 5th

Grew up in the 78th district of the Rukongai

Good friends with Renji and Rukia until she vanishes one day

One class ahead

Excels in healing kido

Excels in some combat kido

Her flash-step leaves many things to be desired but she is proficient, especially in short distances.

Thinks she isn't good at swordmanship


Sealed form- Long (almost a meter about 90cm) and extremely thin katana. The width of her blade is only a centimeter. The hilt is sky blue and grey with a deep emerald green ribbon hanging from the end. She rarely fights with her sealed zanpakuto. When she does she puts on a fingerless hardened leather glove on her left hand so that she can place her hand on the back of her blade to give it a more forceful block or strike.

Shikai- transforms into naginata (release command Breathe, Harkura ).

Bankai- not yet achieved (Moroha tantos)

Emerald's inner world- Mountains with sheer cliffs wind is constantly around

Chapter Two- The Functions before the Storm

After bandaging a few very ungrateful eleventh members I returned to my quarters, eager to catch some sleep, but there was a patrol attacked out in the Rukongai so my team was called out to deal with the causalities in the field. My seconded in command in my relief team, Tenth seat Hitomi Yukimura, walked up beside me. She appeared to be a human seven-year old with raven black hair.

"Team leader, you look dead on your feet," She commented.

I sighed, "Tell me about it."

"We can…" she started.

"I do not doubt my team but if anything were to happen to my team and I was sleeping because I was tired I would kill myself Hitomi," I hissed.

"I understand," Hitomi bowed her head.

"How long ago did they head out?" I asked.

"Twenty minutes ago," Hitomi replied.

I crouched down, "Piggy-back now, I am going to flash-step to get there."

"But you don't know where they are!" she protested, climbing onto my back.

"You do and you will guide me there," I stood. "Hang on tight!"

I took off towards the Rukongai. Hitomi held on tight and when we arrived everything appeared to be normal. Hitomi jumped down and immediately ran to one of the downed men not being tended. My third-in-command, Daichi Himura, ran to me to give me a report. Daichi appeared to be in his late teens and stood a good foot over me. He had a sloppy mop of brown hair and hazel eyes that rang with truth.

"All members were injured! No sign of what originally attacked madame!" he shouted.

"Daichi, no need to yell, who is the worst off?" I asked.

"Him," He pointed at a man with three of my underlings around him.

"Thank you, have you contacted their division?" I asked.

"Yes, the thirteenth…" he stopped midsentence and fell to his knees.

Hollow stood in his place in front of me.

"You are the one I seek!" he hissed.

"Clear Out Now!" I ordered, drawing my zanpakuto.

Within seconded the field was cleared of healers and injured. The hollow was huge with a horrid vomit color body with a mask that looked like a bull skull.

"Breathe Harkura!" I shouted.

The hollow started forming a cero. I took a deep breath and used my attack to distract the hollow but I had no such luck. I barely flash-stepped out of the way in time to avoid the cero.

"Unido!" I shouted.

It forced the hollow back a mere inch. The hollow took it's clawed hand and lashed out at me. The claws gashed my forehead, causing blood to trickle done into my left eye.

"Weak!" the hollow growled.

It charged at me and I blocked his horn with my naginata's blade.


The hollow rushed at me, as if the wind I had released had no effect on him, and I for some reason was unable to move. There was something there that I needed, longed for. A kama that had been the blade that protected me… now against…

"Pa…" I was impaled by one of the hollows large horns.

"Windy for my taste, long time no see Tsuki-," the hollow began to dissolve in front of me.

I fell to my knees clutching my abdominal wound. A hand rested on my right shoulder and I looked up into the kind gaze of Captain Ukitake.

"I sent the t-team b-b-ack to the S-seir-rei-tei," I sputtered.

"Captain!" came the two shouts of who I assumed were his third-seats.

Everything went black.

"Emerald, Emerald, Emerald, Emerald, Emerald, Emerald, Emerald, Emerald," I heard Hitomi's voice.

I wanted to open my eyes but I couldn't, it took too much effort. I groaned with the terrible strain the eye-opening effort was taking. My throat was parched, as if only the cool and dry mountain air had been entering my lungs.

"Wa-ter," I croaked.

I felt two sets of supporting arms slip underneath my back and tip me to a sitting position. The pain that shot through my abdomen caused me to open my eyes wide, I felt a painful gasp in my throat.

Hitomi's face same into view as she placed a plethora of pillows behind my back.

The other soul reaper placed a cup at my lips and tilted so I could drink. I did not recognize her.

"Easy fif…" she started

"Emerald," I mumbled.

"Easy, Emerald, you only came out of surgery three-hours ago."

I nodded, my eye-lids feeling heavy with exhaustion, "I- kinda- sleepy."

Gentle arms lowered me onto a single pillow as sleep took hold once again.

I found myself sitting cross-legged in my mountainous inner world. In front of me was an eagle preening her feathers in a neat and orderly fashion. She gazed into my eyes with an extreme amount of pressuring intent.

"Master, I just want to say this. The only way to defeat a person with power is to become powerful yourself. A person may be powerful they just have to learn when and how to use it without abusing it," Harkura said.

"If this is about bankai…" I started

"This isn't about bankai, Emerald. This is about a bad feeling I have. I think something is very wrong right now and I desperately wished you had bankai now. I have a feeling you are going to need it soon." Harkura flapped her wings.

"Wrong?" I asked shocked at Harkura's words.

"I have a feeling someone in a position of power is going to betray us all… all of the souls. I don't know why but I just have that feeling. Don't be foolish and try to figure who it is. I need you to fear power less, master. Please for the sake of the soul society you must try! I deeply implore you!"

"I am sorry, Harkura, but I am not yet strong enough to control your powerful winds."

"You remind me of a stubborn rose that seems to never bloom! An ugly green bulge on a green thorny stick! I need you to believe in yourself master! You fear power so much you could never abuse it."

"If I become corrupt…"

"You wouldn't. I would kill you first."

"Thank you, Harkura."

"I will take my leave but, remember this, the only way to defeat a person with power is to become powerful yourself and I don't mean politics… I mean natural ability. Fulfill your potential," Harkura flew to the skies to leave me to ponder on my own, the meaning of what she had said.

"Thank you…"

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