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Dalian's past has never been revealed. What if she was someone the world never thought about? After losing Huey Dalian is visited by several strange men who say that her name is Ivy Potter, sister of the boy-who-lived. And they want her to attend the greatest school for witchcraft in the world. Dalian thinks the entire thing is rather pathetic. Contains Fem!HarryisDalian, past DalianxHuey, Manipulative!Dumbledore, Alive!James

The Wizard and the World

Chapter 6

The Aftermath

"First years? First years this way please!" Dalian turned around to see a tall young teen with pale golden hair. She wore the same blue and bronze colors of the Ravenclaw table with a small 'P' badge sewn into her blouse.

"You all heard Penny, this way to the Ravenclaw tower!" A young man about the same age as the girl looked around to confirm that all the first years were present. "Right I'm Robert Hilliard your 5th year Perfect and this lovely lady," He gestured to her with his hand. "Is Penelope Clearwater my whimsical partner."

"Oh stop that." The 5th year perfect lightly smacked her partner's hand away. "You know I'm taken."

"Yeah, by someone who's as rigid and plain as a plank of wood. Actually Wood would be the better choice!" Penelope was ushering the children to the stairs, but stopped to throw a poisonous glare back at her partner.

"Well at least some of us don't have to pay for company."

"What does she mean by that?" One of the young ravens latched on to Hilliard's robes to catch his attention.

"Well . . . -when, er. . . "

"Yes, explain to the little Ravens Robert." Penelope Clearwater laughed. They'd get it in a few years, no harm in saying something they wouldn't understand or find in the library for now. Rather let them drive themselves insane trying to find the answer, because they were Ravenclaws. Relentless pursuit of information was their very nature!

Robert jerked forward as he was pulled by one of the students demanding an answer. He looked at Penelope in desperation. Okay, Penny you win. I'm sorry okay? Just-please! Call them off!"

"Okay little ravens, that's enough. Come over here by the stairs and I'll lead us to the Ravenclaw tower" Penelope smiled as Dalian huffed. What a waste of time.

And up the stairs they went, the Perfects in particular making sure that they chose a different route from the boisterous Gryffindors. Not that they'd be able to get into their common room in the first place, but it was always better to be safe than sorry. The muggles actually came up with a few useful sayings from time to time.

"Be sure to jump the 12th step, and always always watch out for Peeves." Robert advised the children as they climbed the marble staircase. "You'll know him on sight I guarantee it. Don't ever listen to his advice. I swear the Gryffindors turn up late every years solely because of him!"

Dalian merely followed along, not to overwhelmed by everything (Talking/moving portraits, changing staircases), nor dragging her feet and yawning like some of her housemates. Privately she was concerned about Neville. He was so shy, -likely abused at home. And now he was by himself.

Then again Hufflepuff was the house of Loyalty and the one that was reportedly most like a family. Lacking the backstabbing politics of Slytherin, the rowdiness of Gryffindor, or the competitive academic mania that Ravenclaws were supposed to possess.

Still, it would not do for Neville to continue on like this. Dalian had seen potential when he'd silenced her 'brother' on the train. That resolute, silent confidence. Likely that was what he would have been like if the poor boy had grown up in a more normal household.

But he hadn't. And his family would rue that day, because she refused, refused to pull a meek child into the sphere she inhabited. He would be slaughtered, and that was not an understatement.

So, the meekness would have to go. Along with most of his relatives given the chance (She would just politely donate a book anonymously to little Neville's family, maybe . . . . ).

The murderous thoughts were cut off (fortunately for Neville's family) as the group arrived at the entrance to the Ravenclaw tower. Dalian raised an eyebrow. Another plain wall? The only difference here is the material and the addition of an eagle statue. Wait if it's Ravenclaw, why is the house symbol and eagle?

"Now listen up Ravenlings! This here is the entrance to the Ravenclaw tower, and unlike all the other houses we don't have a set password." Robert smiled viciously (Perhaps Slytherin in-laws?) and moved to the side.

All of a sudden the eagle statue came to life and asked, "A girl is sitting in a house at night that has no lights on at all. There is no lamp, no candle, nothing. Yet she is reading. How?"

Both Perfects smiled and looked around obviously waiting for one of the new students to answer the riddle. But as murmurs grew it quickly became apparent that the children had no idea how to answer.

Oh for the love of-! Dalian scowled then sighed in despair. House of the intelligent? Ha! And she would have to put up with these people for the next year (because it was quickly becoming apparent that her time would be better spent elsewhere).

"The woman was reading braille." Dalian answered for them, as she had many braille books herself. Well it was either braille or quipu and given that this was Britian. . . .

"What's that?" One of the boys with blond hair asked, probably a pureblood. Though he still scowled at Dalian. Second coming of Rowena Ravenclaw his-

"It's raised writing so that even blind people can read." A girl near the front of the group answered before Dalian could.

"And you are?" Penelope directed the question the girl.

"Lisa Turpin." She gave a slight smile.

The Perfect nodded and ushered the children up a narrow winding staircase made of rode iron. Dalian felt her breath catch as they entered the common room part of the tower. She would never admit to nearly squealing.

Books. Loads, and piles, and shelves, and mounds of books . . . .

The wonderful common room was decorated tastefully in blue and bronze, but not so much that it looked tacky. There was a beautiful marble statue over by another set of stairs. But the books. Those were the important part!

Maybe Hogwarts won't be so horrible to bear after all.

"Welcome to Ravenclaw!" The tiny professor whom Dalian had seen earlier at the table greeted them. She swore he was part goblin based on his appearance alone.

"I'm Filius Flitwick, your Charms professor." The small man smiled warmly, but his eyes gleamed with a raven's intelligence. "Our house was founded by Rowena Ravenclaw alongside the other four founders. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and creativity. Should you find yourself with a problem do not hesitate to approach an older house member or myself at a reasonable time. After classes are done for the day I hold office hours until supper. Also I'll be meeting with each of you individually at the end of the month to see how you're all settling in. Curfew for younger years is at 10 pm. Do you understand?"

"Yes professor Flitwick." Dalian and the others chimed back at him.

"Good. I'm looking forward to this year. Now It's late and you're all very tired no doubt. So past me-" Here Flitwick stepped to the side a gestured towards the statue. "Boys on the left, and young ladies on the right."

While most of the students surged forward at the Perfects and Professor's urging, Dalian stood to the back. She had something to see to before she could rest.

"Professor Flitwick?" Dalian asked once the majority of her year mates were gone.

"Yes, Miss-?"

"Dalian, Dalian Disward." He nodded and Dalian took that as a cue to proceed. "I was wondering how I might-"

In the overly gaudy Headmaster's office,

"Now, now my boy. There's no need to be so concerned over the mis-sorting." Dumbles turned the eye twinkle up full blast as he looked at young Alex.

"But sir! Those slimy snakes have to be punished!"

"Alex! That's quite enough out of you young man! I'll not have such language!" It seems as though Professor McGonagall had recovered enough to scold her student during the semi-staff meeting. Which had been called in great haste after the child of her favorite pupils sorting.

"Just like his father." Snape (Greasy stalker, git) sneered. "I'll have you in detention for that!"

"Severus, come now. It's the very first night. Alex didn't mean it, did you my boy?" Dumbledore turned on his chair (THRONE!) and indicated that Alex should respond.

"Of course I'm sorry . . . . .That you're a greasy haired Death Eater not fit to lick my boots! Alex no doubt thought himself clever for answering the last bit in his head. It had already grated on his pride but he knew Dumbledore would never let him leave till he did.

Why was the man so forgiving of the evil that was Slytherin? When Alex was Minister he'd just have anyone who was sorted into Slytherin chucked out of England (Because killing them was not something the Boy-who-lived should do).

Dumbledore smiled, but Snape just sneered and mumbled something about favoritism. "Incidentally Alex, how are you getting along with your sister?"

The whole room held it's breath at the goat's seemingly innocent question. McGonagall looked about ready to cry, though whether it was from joy or relief he couldn't tell. Snape the greasy git just sneered even harder. His dad had been right that was the only emotion the great dungeon bat was capable of expressing.

Of course he asked about Ivy. Ivy this! Ivy that! Why is everything about her now! I'm the-boy-who-lived! Savior of Britain and the Wizarding world! Just what makes that little snake(Raven) so special? She's practically dark anyway sticking up for those death eaters! . . . Wait. What if she was the one who . . .

"I don't like her sir." Alex attempted to be slightly diplomatic. His mentor had no idea how much of his opinion on that stupid little girl he was holding back. Nor would the old man listen if Alex told him his suspicions. Especially with that slimy Death Eater in the room.

Then suddenly Alex got an idea. A wonderful, awful, nasty idea. He had fiercely resist yelling out. That brat would be out of Hogwarts before the end of the week! She would pay for humiliating him! And for making their, HIS! Father forget about him!

"How so? I know it was a bit of a surprise (Understatement of the century Dumbbells) to learn that you had a twin sister, but you're family." The Headmaster smiled warmly for he had come to love what he'd lost (Really!?) in his younger sister. Although he wasn't really close with his brother . . . .

"Well sir, it's . . . " Here Alex turned away and made a great deal out of refusing to answer. "I just, get this weird feeling around her you know? Like something's not quite right."

The old goat's eyes lost their twinkle as they widened in horror. He'd been careful about the girl, but never in his wildest imagination did he suspect that she might be-

"I think . . My sister, might be dark sir. I mean it really hurts to be around her. And I'm worried about dad. He just hasn't been himself lately." He turned to the Headmaster and set his face to full puppy-eye mode (He was a celebrity after all!). "I don't know what to do!"

Dumbledore closed his eyes, even as his two most trusted subordinates began to utter their protests. Was it possible? He knew the girl was cold from his own interactions. Not to mention the child seemed to have a good grasp on the wizarding world. Far too used to it to be a raised in the same way as a muggleborn. Not to mention there was the strange proclamation of the Sorting Hat.

What had happened that night ten years ago? Where had little Ivy gone? Had she been abducted and raised in secret by supporters of the dark? Unlikely, but not impossible. Either way young Ivy's guardian Ms. Viola Alvey was in the castle. He'd have to keep a close watch on her.

Dumbledore did not doubt Alex's words. He knew that the curse scar was likely to contain a fragment of Tom's power, even if he could never get an accurate reading on it. And for the boy to say that I've made him uncomfortable, and that James had been acting odd, was concerning. It was a matter he would have to discreetly look into.

He prayed that young Ivy had not gone down that dark path. And if she had . . He would merely pull her back into the light again.

Fawkes and the Sorting Hat sighed as they watched the human's conversation. They were probably going to meddle in something far beyond their control. And it would come back to bite them. Especially when the new guardian came into his own.

. . . . . .Draco Malfoy's 'mis-sorting' was conveniently forgotten by the Hogwarts staff, including his own godfather. He simply followed Slytherin house to the dungeons that night and stayed there. Kicking Crabbe out of a nice warm bed was an unexpected bonus.

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A very unusual wand wood, which I have found creates tricky wands that often refuse to produce magic for any but their owner, and also withhold their best effects from all but those most gifted. This sensitivity renders them difficult to place, and I keep only a small stock for those witches or wizards of sufficient subtlety, for acacia is not suited to what is commonly known as 'bangs-and-smells' magic. When well-matched, an acacia wand matches any for power, though it is often underrated due to the peculiarity of its temperament.

Black Walnut

A beautiful dark wood, this wand is more decorative than Dark, and is actually a strong Light wood- black walnuts produce a chemical that kills poisonous plants of the Nightshade family


Neither stiff nor flexible, but has a mind of it's own often adding more to spells then the owner wants in amounts of power used

Veela Hair

Veela wands are temperamental like the creatures they come from, and are considered too volatile for a decent wand core in many circles. However, some wizards, particularly those with Veela blood, enjoy the boost it gives to outdoorsy magics, divinations, and Charms. The veela's inherent intelligence makes finding these wands among the non-Veela blooded most common in Ravenclaw. Occasionally a wand will be made with more than one of a particular core, or with a combination of two cores.

Thestral Tail Hair

Thestral wands generally produce strong magic but only when the wielder understands themselves. If the wielder does not know themselves or loses themselves than their spells will suffer. When the wielder knows themselves than this wand can create very strong spells. The thestral wands work very well for Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration. The Thestral wands are very temperamental and rare to find with Wizards and Witches of today. The most common thestral hair wands are found with Ravenclaws and very rarely with Hufflepuffs.