Chapter 1

It happened in slow-motion. The collision. Despite happening in less than a second, it felt like the world had stopped. It was sudden, it was painful, it was deadly.

Riley's eyes flickered open, tiny shards of glass imbedded in her skin, and a large gash across her forehead, her lip was busted, and the deflated airbag laid under her, the horn blaring. She jumped up, gasping for air, a low shriek escaping her throat. Her hands were bloody, she noticed her leg had an open gash, blood was seeping out, staining her clothes. Her hair was stained with blood, some of it rolling down her neck. She felt burns and blisters across her neck and chin.

She glared over, there was Lucas, his face bloodied, some pouring down his nose. His eyes were closed, and his blood was staining his shirt. Riley reached over, shaking him. He didn't answer.

The backseat was empty, vacant of Maya, who had been sitting there only seconds before. Riley looked at the winshield, noticing it was shattered, and her best friend laying on the hood of the car. It was crumpled up like a prom dress, with Maya as the accessory.

"Maya!" Riley screamed, unbuckling her seatbelt, and kicking the door open. She collapsed to the ground, her leg producing copious amounts of blood. The laceration was deep. She hobbled over, leaning against the car for support.

The blood-covered blonde laid there, her clothes shredded, and she was surrounded by glass. Her best friend called out her name again, before looking back to the boy in the front seat.

Emma woke up; feeling her teeth vibrating in her mouth, her hands reached for her chest, she gasped for air, pulling the seat belt away from her, feeling the bruises form. The windshield in front of her was there, but shattered, one little touch and it would collapse. It was then she realized the car was on it's side.

She looked up at the driver seat, seeing her little brother sitting there, blood dripping from the large gash across his neck.

"Luke!" Emma choked, reaching up and gripping his arm. She noticed his legs were pressed under the steering wheel, his whole side of the car had caved in. She yelled out his name again.

She leaned up, quickly wailing in pain. A quick glance at the arm trapped underneath her, seeing your own bone was more than enough, but she saw the shredded skin, and shattered bone sticking out of her arm. Tears rolled down her face as she screamed in pain.

Blaring sounds came in range, with the sight of red and blue lights, Emma screamed louder, screaming Luke's name, screaming for help, and just, screaming of pain.

Lucas' eyes shot open, bloodshot, he began writhing and screaming in pain. The doctor standing above him, a tall woman with sun-bleached hair and chocolate-brown eyes, quickly gripped him by his shoulders, snapping one back into place. Lucas screamed louder, spitting up blood, staining the doctor's white lab-coat. His legs kicked, knocking over one of the utensil trays, through his screaming he heard one of the nurses say, "This kid's trying to kill himself..."

The doctor yelled out an order Lucas couldn't comprehend clearly, before an oxygen mask was placed over his face, his screaming and flailing subsided, before drifting off to sleep.

Riley watched from a distance, seeing the woman examine his head, as well as get one of the nurses to cut open his shirt to examine his chest. Once shirtless, Riley saw the large, deep blue mark across his rib cage, along with a large gash under his right pectoral. She was brought back to reality when she accidentally shifted, hitting her leg against the guardrail of the bed. She cringed in pain, gripping just above the wound. A doctor approached her, he had dark skin, and a head of gray hair, older-looking.

Maya was rolled in behind him, a horde of doctors surrounded her. Riley didn't even get a good look before they whisked her away. She heard one of the doctors mention brain damage.

Across the room, Emma laid unconscious. A woman with bright red hair was examining her arm, her quickly calling out for another doctor. An oxygen mask was placed firmly over her head, her hair neatly pulled back and out of her bruised and bloodied face. Luke was to her right, behind the woman checking out her practically unrecognizable arm. He too, had an oxygen mask on, and three doctors were around him, two of them wrapping a sheet around his pelvis, while the other doctor pressed his hand firmly on the boy's neck, yelling out, "He's losing too much blood! We need to get him to the O.R.! Now!"

He was quickly wheeled away, two other doctors followed them out of the room. Emma was taken out minutes later, followed by Lucas, and finally Riley.

The brunette's eyes darted across the hallway, looking to her right, to her left, even to the nurse behind her, rolling her down the long stretch of hallway. She could hear footsteps all around her, one nurse pulling her IV bag along with her, and another doctor staring at her leg. Riley's mouth was dry, her lips in desperate need of some chapstick.

She was taken into an elevator, where the oxygen was placed on her face, and she blinked her eyes a few times, hearing the muffled sounds of doctors communicating, before hearing nothing, and her eyes slowly closing.

Jessie twiddled her thumbs, the magazine she tried to read crumpled in her hands. Ravi sat beside her, silently sipping a small cup of hot chocolate he got from the vending machine a few minutes before. Across the room, two nervous parents sat. One of them had curly hair, and the other had luscious, brown hair, and her cheeks were stained with tears. Their hands were locked together. A small boy sat beside his mother, his hair matching his father's, he didn't make a face, only stared at the ground underneath him.

Bertram walked up to Jessie, "Morgan and Christina are on the phone."

She could tell her had been crying, either from his red eyes, or the scratch in his throat. Her hand reached out, and took the phone as he took a seat next to Ravi.

With a quiver in her voice she said, "Hello?"

Christina was crying something out over the phone, most of it Jessie couldn't understand, with a slight struggle, she heard Morgan's voice, "J-Jessie? Please. How are they?" he asked, panic in his voice, "They're our babies. Jessie, please. G-God. Please."

His voice went from place to place, she nodded her head in agreement, not that he would know, "I'll call you as soon as I get an update."

She could still hear Christina's cries in the background, before Morgan thanked her, and she silently hung up. Zuri came back from the restroom, she stared at the ground as she walked, not wanting to make eye contact. She just silently took a seat next to Bertram.

Across the room, a panicked woman ran in from the sliding doors, her hair in a messy bun, and an apron around her waist, "What happened? Where's Maya?!"

Topanga rose, her hands gripping the blonde's arms tightly, and embracing her. Cory was right behind her, rubbing his wife's back as she answered, "They were in a car crash. They're in surgery."

"Surgery?" Katy gasped, "How bad is it?"

Neither of the parents answered, Katy asked again, the young boy that was up to her waist, spoke up, "The doct'-person said Maya was thrown t'hoo the win'sheld'."

Katy looked at him, comprehending his eight-year old dialect, her eyes widened, looking back the parents, not finding words to say. A tear slid down her face, before hugging Topanga, her grip tight.

A doctor walked back into the room, her face distraught, the families all rose to their feet. Cory and Topanga's hands were locked together. Jessie gripped the crumpled magazine in her hands, while Zuri took a hold of Bertram's, as well as Ravi's.

The doctor's eyes were red, and she looked down the ground, "I'm so sorry..."