Emi Yusa tried her best to pull her boots out of the snow covered streets. The red haired girl pulled trudged along, hoping to get to the bus station in time. The reason she was so late today was because of a grave secret, she was actually Emilia the Hero. She defended her home of Enta Isla against King Satan and his demon army with her allies, however the coward fled with his last general Alsiyal. She followed them through the gate, however it was discovered they lose their magical abilities in this realm. She eventually tracked Satan down, under the name Sadaou Maou. But what she couldn't believe under any circumstance was the lord of chaos himself would rather work part time at a fast food restaurant, than rule the Freaking World. His general, now Ashiya, had followed and was essentially the house wife of their partnership. It made Emi want to rip her hair out on multiple occasions how civil the two were being.

"Stupid jerk, practically rubs it in my face he's employee of the month." Emi grit through her teeth. Just then, reaching a not so snow covered street, almost slipped on something, an empty beer bottle.

"Oh, of all the lazy," Emi began, only to hear a whimper.

Her anger instantly faded at the sound. It was absolutely pitiful, and as a hero, she felt obligated to find the source and help whatever it was. Without a word, she moved into the alley as quickly as she could. What she saw left her stunned.

It was a little boy. The tiniest child she had ever seen. He was curled up in a trembling ball, all alone in an alleyway, clutching at a small plushie of a female deer. But what really got her attention were the child's injuries.

He was bloodied, bruised, scraped and scratched. His left leg was bent at an odd angle, clearly broken to the point where she was surprised not to see any bone. He had shards of glass from a beer bottle lodged into his skin. His face was swollen, one of his eyes being swollen completely shut. And to top it all off, he was absolutely freezing, wearing nothing more than a thin, incredibly oversized t-shirt, causing him to tremble uncontrollably. It was an absolutely pitiful sight.

"What, what monster could do this?" Emi choked, completely appalled by her own words. It was then, she noticed a wallet on the ground. Emi picked it up, being her only clue. "Vernon Dursely 4 Privet Drive." Her eyes widened at the rest of the address. "England?" Immediately, Emi took her coat off, wrapped it around the boy, and ran off to the hospital.

As she ran, her mind was swimming with enraged thoughts. She wanted nothing more than to punch this man in his fat ugly face...It was clearly him who had caused this innocent child all this pain. He seemed to have gotten drunk and left his wallet at the scene of the crime. She prayed he was still in England, because she wanted to ensure he got what was coming to him...

Then she noticed...the child was struggling to escape her grip, a look of pure terror on his face, but due to his injuries, his struggles were barely even noticeable.

"How is it he's still conscious?" Emi thought surprised. It was then, the boy finally cried. "Don't hurt me."

In all her years fighting Satan, she never saw someone this broken.

"I'm not going to hurt you sweetie, I'm trying to help." Emi assured him. However it was clear her words fell on deaf ears.

The little boy was sobbing uncontrollably now, trying as hard as he could to stop so as not to anger the woman holding him. But try as he may, he just couldn't stop. He was completely breaking down after years of pain and suffering.

"What did that man do to you?" Emi questioned.

"Miss Yusa!" A familiar voice said. Emi turned to see Maou's coworker, Chisao.

"Hi Chi, look I can't talk right now." Emi said.

"Why's that?" The policeman's daughter asked. It was then, she noticed the boy in the hero's arms. "He's so CUTE!" Chi squealed. The boy was so startled, he managed to escape Emi's grip and fall into the snow.

Emi gasped and scooped him back up into her arms, pressing him as tightly as she could against her chest to warm him up, as he was now shaking harder than ever.

"Hey, its OK, I've got you." Emi cooed. "My name's Emi and this is Chi."

"What's yours cutie?" Chi asked concerned.

"My name is Harry, but they call me freak." The boy, now known as Harry said shivering.

"Who calls you that?" Emi demanded trying not to scare the boy.

"Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and my cousin Dudley." Harry explained.

Emi scowled. "And are they here right now?" She wanted nothing more than to find them and put them behind bars where they rightfully belonged.

"M-My uncle is...H-He's on business...He brought my aunt and c-cousin for v-vacation, and me b-because he...he wanted to k-keep his p-punching bag with him..." The little boy was crying again at this point.

Chi wisely and cautiously started to take several steps back, afraid of the killer intent of the hero. "Miss Yusa, you're scaring us."

"Us?" Emi demanded with grit teeth. It was then she felt Harry shaking even harder.

"Oops." Emi admited sheepishly.

"His wounds are almost gone!" Chi pointed out surprised.

Emi blinked, then looked down. "Whoa, you're right!" She said, surprised. "He's almost completely healed! How are you doing that, sweetie?"

Harry's eyes widened, and he began hyperventilating. "The freaky stuff...It's the freaky stuff...Don't hurt me...I'm sorry...I won't do it again..."

"I'm not going to hurt you." Emi insisted. She comforted the boy a bit, then he fell asleep in her arms. Emi then turned to Chi. "Call your father, and have him meet us at my place."

"OK, should I call Mr. Maou?" Chi suggested. "Maybe he knows how he healed so quickly."

"No, I don't want him knowing," Emi stated. "Who knows what he could do to the boy." Her attention was turned to Harry. "I've already have plan for one demon."

The child was sleeping restlessly in Emi's arms. Emi frowned, then took the deer plushie out of her coat pocket and placed it in his tiny hand. He relaxed as he grabbed the cuddly toy tightly in one arm, using the other to clutch tightly to Emi's coat.

Emi's thoughts immediately went back to herself at that age. Whenever Emi was scared she would rush into her father's room and cry into his chest. The way Harry was acting, she couldn't help but wonder what his aunt and uncle did to him, and where his parents where.

"Such a cute kid." Emi gushed. She was so focused in Harry, she almost missed her own apartment complex.

She blushed and turned on her heels to move back towards her apartment, which she was five feet away from at this point. She headed up to her room...

She finally reached her apartment and opened the door to see something she wasn't expecting. Ashiya, Maou, and Hanzo sitting at her coffee table, drinking tea.

"I must admit Emi, this is a nice place." Ashiya said.

"Why are you three here!" Emi demanded.

"Chi called us and said you had a magic kid." Maou answered, taking a sip.

"You didn't!" The hero turned to Chi, who shrugged innocently.

It was then Maou got up close to Harry's sleeping form. After a few seconds, the demon king freaked out. "The kid's a horcrux."

"What!" The other demon said surprised.

Emi then threw her heels at the three. "Don't wake him."

"My apologies..." Ashiya replied sheepishly.

"So some coward stooped low enough to put one in a kid..." Maou muttered.

"I can't believe someone actually could in this side of the gate." Hanzo admitted.

"What are you three even talking about?" Emi asked, placing Harry in her bed and tucked him in.

"Yeah what's a horcrux?" Chi asked.

"In short, an anchor to the world of the living." Maou explained. "If one uses a certain spell and commits murder, they can splice a portion of their soul and place it in something."

"Or in this case someone." Hanzo said, walking over to Harry. He pushed the boy's hair aside, revealing a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

"So how many do you have?" Emi asked Maou.

"How dare you insist king Satan do such a lowly and cowardly tactic." Ashiya demanded, confusing the girls.

"What he means is, for a demon making a Horcrux is basically saying you're afraid to die." Maou answered.

"Afraid to die?" Emi asked.

"Yeah. What are you, deaf?"


"Heh...Well, basically, someone put their soul in the kid's scar." Maou explained.

"That's beyond creepy." Chi shuddered.

"Yeah, and so long as at least one Horcrux a person made exists, one can come back to life." Maou explained, looking over Harry's sleeping form.

"But to what purpose would someone use a child?" Ashiya asked confused. "Usually its something easier to hide and store, like a necklace, a book, or even an old toy."

"Can you get rid of it?" Emi asked, but it was more on the lines of demanding.

"I know a spell yes, but I don't have nearly enough strength to get it out." Maou sighed.

"That's an understatement." Hanzo admiited. "Horcux's give off a powerful energy shield while in use."

"Is there any other way to undo it?" Chi asked concered.

"The murderer has to feel remorse for creating it." Ashiya answered flatly.

"...So...what are the chances of that?" Emi asked.

"Slim to none." Maou replied calmly.

"Oh dear..."

It was then, Hanzo pulled out his laptop and grabbed the wallet Emi brought home with her.

"Ok, Vernon Dursley, run of the mill salesman for the drill distributor, Grundings." Hanzo explained, doing a little hacking. "Wife Petunia is unemployed and I instantly mistook their son Dudley for a pig in a toupee."

"Oh be reasonable Hanzo." Ashiya demanded. Hanzo turned the laptop around to show them the photo of Dudley.

"I withdraw my statement." The demon general admitted.

"What hotel are they at?" Emi asked.

Hanzo typed in a few more keys and looked up Vernon's last credit card purchase. "It seems they were staying at the Hilton over on main." After typing some more keys in, "And if you want answers, you better hurry, they bought a round trip back to England, and the plane leaves in four hours."

Just then their was a knock at the door. "Police open up." A voice said.

Chi instantly ran over and opened the door, reconizing the voice. "Hi dad."

"Hey sweetie, where's this kid?" Her father asked.

He's in my bed...But don't you DARE wake him." Emi warned. The police officer's eyes widened and he began to sweat nervously. She seemed to be quite protective of the little boy, and he knew better than to upset a child who had a protective woman watching over him.

"Of course. I won't wake him..."

The police looked over the boy and noticed something. "I saw this kid the other day while we were near the airport, he seemed so nice."

"Yeah, but his family was rude as hell." The other officer said, reminded of the event. "This fat kid ran over two people and this kid tried to help them up."

It was then, Harry started thrashing in his sleep, evidently having a wicked nightmare.

"Harry!" Chi shouted surprised. It was then her father and his partner froze in their tracks.

She turned to see Emi and Maou in their true forms.

"King Satan?" Ashiya asked confused.

"When I fought Hanzo and Olba, it took a street full of panicking people to recharge my strength." Maou chuckled, walking over to the sleeping boy and put his fingers to Harry's forehead. A rune circle was created and a small green light popped out of it.

"That the Horcrux?" Emi asked.

Maou crushed it with his bare hands. "Was."

Emi sighed in relief. "It's really gone? He doesn't have to worry about it anymore?"

"Nope." Maou replied with a smirk. "I hope we can find the bastard who did it, I'd love to show him he's right to be afraid to die."

"Is that a private fight or can anyone join?" Emi asked with a smirk.

"Let's go find out." Maou said turning to leave.

"Uh, Mr. Maou?" Chi asked, pointing to the cops.

"Oh, right." Maou switched back to normal and undid the freezing spell.

After a few minutes of getting information from Emi, the police left and decided to leave Harry with Emi, being she was closest to him.

"So, want to say hi to Harry's loving aunt and uncle?" Emi asked Maou.

"Your lucky I have off today." Maou said with a sinister look in his eye, one Emi for once approved.

"Can I watch as you beat them up?" Chi asked.

"Of course." Emi said with a nod. "Now let's go. As a hero, it's my job to punish evil as soon as I possibly can."

"For once, this hero talk is something I totally agree with." Maou replied with a smirk as they stepped out the open door.

"Ashiya, you stay here incase Harry wakes up," Maou ordered. "Hanzo, I want to how in the seven levels of hell Harry was in these bastard's care."

"I will guard him like he was my own." Ashiya said with a salute.

"Consider it done." Hanzo said, typing some more keys. The three walked down the snow covered street with one goal in mind, introducing the Dursely's to a new breed of fear.

"Alright, thank you." Vernon said over the phone. "My card's been cancelled, and a new one should be at our home in a few days."

"Good to hear, now that we don't have to worry about the freak anymore." Petunia said finally rid of Lily's little brat.

Just then their was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Vernon demanded, wondering who would bother them so close to their departure.

"Room service." A joyful male voice said from the other side. "We have a delivery for complimentary cakes and sweet dumplings from the manager."

"CAKE!" Dudley said excited, going for the door.

The moment the door was unlocked, Dudley jumped back with a yelp as it was kicked open.

"Good evening." Maou greeted cheerfully.

"Where's the cake?!" Dudley demanded rudely.

"Cake? Kid, you look like you've had enough cake to last you your entire life." Maou replied calmly.

"How are you so calm?" Emi demanded.

"I practice this tone every time you come to Mg Ronald's." Maou chuckled.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Petunia demanded.

"Does the name Harry mean anything to you?" Emi demanded with rage.

Immediately, the two adults froze in their tracks.

"Emi here found what's left of Harry on the streets, so there's no use lying to us." Chi said angry. "And my dad's a cop and he already knows."

"Then why are you here?" Vernon demanded, though he was shaking in his boots.

"See we need information about Harry's interesting healing powers." Maou explained his tone becoming dark. PEtunia and Vernon looked frightened as Dudley and the area around them turn dark grey.

"And one way or another, we're getting answers!" Emi ordered as her hair turned silver and a sword appeared in her hands. Maou meanwhile bulked up and a two horns appeared on his head.

"Punch the walrus in the face extra hard for me!" Chi demanded.

"With Pleasure!" The two said charging.

From an outside perspective, the entire building appeared to be shaking. The sounds of screaming in pain, and enraged yells coming from Emi, were clearly audible for blocks. By the time Emi and Maou finished, the two Dursley parents were completely black and blue and red all over.

"Now I want answers!" Emi demanded.

"For once, I'm positively terrified of her." Chi whispered to Maou.

"You and me both." Maou whispered.

"Fine, the boy's a wizard, as was my sister and his father." Petunia shouted afraid. "They were killed by some murderer and this old man Dumbledore said if we kept him we would be save from his followers."

"From his, why not the murderer come forth and finish the job!" Emi demanded.

"We don't know, apparently he's dead." Vernon admitted, frightened.

Maou took intrest in this. "Who's this Dumbledore guy?"

"The headmaster at this wizard school, Hogwarts!" Petunia answered.

"Cops are coming!" Chi said, looking out the window.

"Let's go." Emi ordered. "Enjoy prison." She said to the adults.


"VERNON, STOP IT!" Petunia shrieked. Vernon took a look at Emi, and realized he made the situation much, MUCH worse for himself.

He jumped." Emi told Petunia.

"What?" Vernon asked confused. Emi grabbed Vernon by the back of his shirt and threw the fat man out the closed window.

"That was awesome." Maou admitted.

Using another time freeze spell, the trio escaped then watched as Petunia was taken away, and they put Vernon on a stretcher, barely alive. Dudley meanwhile was being sent to Child services to be shipped to a foster home in England.

"So Mr. Maou, why were you interested in that Dumbledore guy?" Chi asked.

"Because I know there's more than one Horcrux."Maou admitted, getting the girls' attention. "From what the Dursely's said, whoever killed his parents had to tried to kill Harry, but an emotional barrier must have ben created from his parents, rebounding the spell that killed his parents, killing this guy and leaving behind the horcrux I destroyed." The demon lord explained as they walked back to Emi's apartment. "The only way that could of happened is if the murderer's soul was already unstable from making multiple horcruxes."

"How many is several?" Emi asked concerned.

"At least 4." Maou explained.

When they finally reached Emi's place, they were shocked to see Ashiya and Harry cooking.

"Oh. Well, hello there, everyone." Ashiya greeted calmly.

"...Ashiya...?" Emi said with a terrifying aura of calm.


"There's a child standing in front of a burning stove cooking. What's wrong with this picture?"

"He insisted." Ashiya began. "He wanted to cook you a fine meal for saving his life."

"He caved in a matter of seconds." Hanzo explained, not looking up from his work. "Appearently Harry here cooks and cleans for the chubby brigade all the time."

"Well that stops now." Emi stated firmly.

"But I wanted to thank you." Harry insisted, his tone becoming upset.

"It's ok Harry," Emi said, picking the boy up. "Your aunt and uncle are going to jail and you are staying with me."

"Thank you Emi." Harry said, hugging the girl.


"What is it, sweetie?" Emi asked softly.

"Are...Are you sure you really, really want me...? Y-You're supposed to hate me for being a freak...Just like everyone does...Uncle Vernon said freaks deserve to be hated by everyone..."

"Believe me Harry, freaks don't deserve to be hated." Emi said. "And above all else, you are not a freak."

Everyone stood in silence as they watched this moment.

"Wow Emi, I didn't think you had it in you to be a mother." Maou chuckled.

"Who asked you?" Emi shot back.

"Hey can we eat now?" Hanzo asked rudely. Everyone turned to the fallen angel that ruined the moment.


"...Yes...Let's eat." Emi said heatedly.

"To be fair, the moment was kinda ruined anyway when Haou made his comment there..." Hanzo muttered.

After a good meal, everyone headed home, leaving Harry and Emi alone. To her surprise, Harry had already fallen asleep. She changed clothes and picked the boy up and gently placed Harry in Bed with her.

"Good Night Harry." Emi whispered.

It was then, she swore Harry mumbled in his sleep. "Mommy."

Her eyes widened, and she gasped. "Wh-What...?" She whispered, only to remember he was asleep. "He... did he...?" Emi questioned herself, unable to finish the sentence herself. It was then Emilia the hero felt something she never thought would happen since she took arms against Satan. The feeling of being a mother.

She smiled warmly. She loved this feeling, as long as Maou didn't find out about it...