Harry looked around at his surroundings. But for once, not in fear in awe. It was a bright sunny place with all kinds of people. "Wow..." He breathed.

"You get use to it." Emi chuckled, amused by the boys enthusiasm.

"It's so pretty..."

"Just wait until we get inside my lab." Emeralda said.

"Within reason." Emi said flatly.

"Let's take our time and let Harry enjoy the sights." Emi suggested.

"Emilia the hero?" To the trio's surprise, it was the Archbishop. Emi blinked and turned to him. "Why have you returned, and why the child?" He asked confused.

"It's a long story." Emi admitted. "Right now we have something we need to take care of."

"We can explain in my lab." Emeralda explained.

However, none of the four noticed a rather portly old nun, watching them. She was scowling.

"A child survived those people?" The Archbishop asked horrified. Emi was explaining how she found Harry, and needless to say, he was shocked.

Emi sighed. "I'm just as amazed as you are."

"And a portion of your celestial force is now in the boy?" Archbishop asked.

Emi nodded. "Yeah. That's right."

"And he should remain here!" An aged voice demanded. Much to Emi's annoyance, it was the one person she hated more than Maou, Sister Impa.

""Hello, Sister." She said venomously. "What do you want?"

"I believe I just said the child is to remain here." Impa said in an I'm more important that you tone.

"His name is Harry." Emi shot. "And he's already started calling me mom. So I'll tell you EXACTLY where you can shove it."

"You still refuse to show your better's respect." Impa scoffed. "I wonder if the boy will pick up any other of your bad habits."

"My betters?" Emi spat. "You arrogant bi-"

"Careful, Emi, the kid's here." Emeralda warned.

"Emeralda, why don't you take Harry inside for a physical." Archbishop said. Harry looked at the man gratefully. This old lady scared him.

Emi bent down to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Be good, okay sweetie?"

"OK mommy." Harry said, going with the alchemist. Emi smiled after him lovingly.

"You are an unfit mother." Impa scoffed venomously.

"What was that?" Emi demanded.

"Sister Impa, you are over stepping your boundaries." The archbishop said, equally infuriated, though he hid his emotions better. Impa scoffed.

"In what way?" The nun demanded. In her eyes the church couldn't survive without her. Emilia the Hero was a disgrace... She knew it, but the half breed bitch had others convinced. It was disgusting. And now, she brought an orphan who had so much potential to serve the church. But the false hero corrupted him. She wished she could kill her... However as a sister of faith, Impa knew she had to take precautions or who knows what would happen with out her. She stood no chance against Emilia in a straight battle. So she would wait, for now. But she would come up with a plan.


Harry watched as Emeralda worked. She moved liquids and metals all over and said strange words.

"What's going on?" He asked curiously.

"This is just something to help." She said vaguely. Harry nodded, not one to pry.

"How are things!" The archbishop asked, walking in with a still irritated Emi.

"They're going well enough." Emeralda replied.

"Hopefully, this ends quickly enough." Emi admitted. "I'd rather avoid another encounter with Impa."

"Understandable. She's a bitch." Emeralda replied.

"And that woman will never change." The Archbishop sighed.

"Agreed on so many levels." Emi admitted.

"To think she used to be so kind..."

"Was she?" Emi shot back coldly.

"Fair enough." The man agreed. "She was always...as Emeralda would put it, 'a raging bitch.'

"Thank you." Emi smiled in victory.

"And it's done." Emeralda said victoriously. She held out a necklace that had a cross like pendant. She held it out for her friend.

"OK, what is this for?" Emi asked.

"This will ensure Harry's new celestial force doesn't act up anymore." The alchemist explained. "It's an insulator of sorts."

"OK then." Emi took the pendant and put it around Harry's neck. She knelt down, gazing into his eyes. "How do you feel, sweetie?"

"A little weird, but I feel better." He admitted. The archbishop skilled warmly at the sight. Very few found peace in war, and Emillia the hero found hers. Emi pulled her little boy into a tight hug.

The archbishop cleared his throat. "You two best go through the gate." He said. "I'd rather not see you and Impa clash again." Emi scowled at the mention of the nun's name.

"I thank you both for your help." She said, scooping up Harry and taking her leave. "Seriously, thank you so much."

As Emi walked out, Impa scowled from afar. She watched as the half breed bitch take an innocent child out of her church.'I must get that child away from her!'

"What a coincidence, that is my goal too." Olba said walking up. Impa blinked and turned to Olba. "It has been too long." The priest said.

"Not long enough." Impa spat. "We share the same goal?"

"Exactly." Olba said. "We both need the boy out of Emilia's hands."

"And what have you to gain?" Impa asked, not believing the man. Olba smirked.

This was going to be easier than he thought. "But first we have to deal with a new ally of hers, the Devil himself."

Impa's eyes widened, then narrowed. "That absolute TRAITOR! SIDING WITH THE ENEMY?!"

"Yes, deplorable in every form of the word. " So, can I count on you? " Impa turned to the man, mouth in a thin line.

Olba smirked himself. "Too easy." He thought.

"Well then...Allow me to relay to you the plan."

Impa was certain of one thing, Emilia the false hero would finally meet her end. This thought delighted her to no end.