Chapter 1

The Time Lord's Archives

Authors Note:

Hello! This is my first Doctor Who story, ever! As well as the first story I posted on here. I REALLY hope you enjoy it! I'm most definitely having fun writing it. XD Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how everything works, so forgive me if I do anything horribly wrong. The story is set before the 11th Doctor regenerates (that's because #1, I started this story before he died, and 2nd, he's my favorite Doctor!) but it has Clara... (I don't like Clara that much, so I must have started this story before I knew that.. Honestly, I remember writing this but I have no idea when I did... XJ) Things happen, and there just might be a lot of running involved! Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who (sadly, are else the 11th Doctor would NOT have DIED from OLD AGE! It's is timelord biology, not a lie! The town he was in that made everyone tell the truth would NOT change how he aged! I hated how he died.)

As she opened her eyes she saw seven figures standing above her. Her vision was foggy and she couldn't see their faces. She felt very sleepy, but also like she'd been asleep a long time, like she needed to wake up. Suddenly she went totally weightless and her vision cleared. Standing in front of her was a 2 guys, 4 girls and her brother; the Doctor.

One month before…

"Xhvhfiuhvuitiyojxxxxxbgudfddbslghgodgnnlkabuewteithohqbhgvgjciobvdhjl,jfxdsydskfajf" The TV garbled. All the TVs in the house frizzled out for a second...Amy couldn't figure out why, she'd just sat down to watch a movie with Rory when this just happened! Suddenly a clear image came on the screen.

"Amy!" Rory yelled. "Are you seeing this?"

"Yeah!" She yelled back.

On the screen, she saw a man, there was something about him though…Something that reminded her of the Doctor.

"Could everybody stop yelling for a minute, I can hear you just fine." the man said as hundreds of voices broad cast over the TV.

It got quieter and the man began to explain. "You are all acquaintances or friends of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. We need to get in touch with him. He may be the only person who can tell us what happened to our home planet, and save our ship's captain. In the mean time though, we need a place on earth to land our ship. We're almost out of fuel and when we run out it'd be better if we were on a planet, we don't want to crash and we do need life support."

There was silence for a few seconds, then a different man spoke. " This is captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood. We have an area where you can land, but first I'd like to know your species and any problems aboard your ship other than low fuel."

"We are Timelords, but we did bring some Galifrian animals. Our ship was slightly damaged by a Mega Star's time stream ending, but we'll survive for now."


"Are you from before the Time War?" Jack asked.

"What time War?" The man asked, clearly puzzled. "We were told that we were going to be test subjects for some sort of test that help with defense from the Daleks. They told us that if it worked than after flying around a little to make sure it was successful, they'd get us out. They never came back. We were lucky, most of us got out of the Time lock they put us in when our ship was damaged. They decided that they'd make one of us the ship's captain, in reserve of course, in case anything happened, but our emergency captain is still frozen. Can't get her out. Without her we can't efficiently pilot the ship, she has the codes."

"I'm sending you the coordinates for the landing zone." Jack said. "Try to hide your ship."

"Thank you."

"What's your name?" Amy asked.

"Professor." The man said. "People call me The Professor"

"Just out of curiosity, what's the name of your ship?" A woman asked. " Oh, and by the way I'm Martha."

"Our ship is named The Archives, and its nice to meet you Martha."

"How did that mega star's explosion even touch your ship?"

"The ship wasn't built for safe traveling, it was built to test something. And it didn't help that someone left the shields down. They never expected us to be any where close to the star. As it is, we're lucky we're still breathing."

"You keep referring to a 'they'; who are these 'they' people?" Rory asked.

"The high counsel; well, I suppose you won't know what that was…The timelord version of a government."

"I can tell you what happened to your people." A woman whispered over the TV.

"Please tell me. But first tell me your name."

"My name is Sarah Jane Smith. The Doctor recently told me what happened…"

"Sarah, let the doctor explain when he gets here, the Professor may take it easier and the Doctor will want to tell him." Another woman interjected.

Amy recognized her voice immediately; it was her daughter, River Song.

"Perhaps you are right." Sarah replied. "The boy is probably worried enough already."

"Please tell me ma'am! I need to know what happened!" The Professor exclaimed.

"Yes, you do need to know, but not from me." Sarah told him.

"Any way, lets get the Doctor and then we can continue this conversation." Amy Said.

"Fine." The Professor said, obviously upset.