Chapter 2

The Doctor's Family

The Doctor raced around the TARDIS trying to make out what was going on. The hundreds of signals trying to get his attention. This was kind of unusual; it was normal in the TARDIS for there be a lot of signals going off, but not like this, not so many of them at the same time. It didn't make sense and there was something happening that the Doctor needed to know. Finally Clara just picked up the phone.


"Finally! You know raggedy man, you can be a very hard man to get a hold of. Probably all that running around you do! Come to Torchwood as soon as you can. I know your probably busy eating fish fingers and custard or something, but it's important. And you really should answer your phone more." A woman spoke from the other side of the line with a very Scottish accent, before hanging up.

"Doctor? Who was that?" Clara asked.

The Doctor didn't answer for a few seconds as he ran around flipping switches and muttering to himself. Once they had landed he finally answered. "Amy is an old friend of mine, she wouldn't have called if it wasn't important… Come on."

And with that he ran out of the TARDIS, and of course, Clara followed him. Outside the TARDIS stood about a hundred people, and the Doctor seemed to recognize all of them. He took a step back in amazement, but Clara just stared, she knew none of the them. Amy was the first one to hug him, but there were many hugs to follow, and even some tears.

"How are all of you here? This is impossible! Some of you were in different time streams, how can you all be here at the same time as each other?"

"You gave us a lift yourself, but you said your younger self had to be the one that helped us." Explained Rory.

"Because it couldn't not happen, this is a fixed point in time." River continued, smiling. "Hello Sweetie." She said with a kiss to the cheek of her husband.

"Why did you call?" Clara asked.

"Why did we call? We found something; a Galifrian ship, and there are survivors. May I ask too, who are you?" A teenage girl with silky blonde hair in a high pony tail said, the last question direct to Clara, the girl obviously already knew the Doctor.

"Jenny! You're alive!" The Doctor exclaimed.

"I am your daughter am I not?" She said laughing, and hugging her father said, "Good to see you, though, you have changed your face on me."

"I'm, Clara Oswald. I'm guessing you're Jenny." Clara told Jenny. "Frankly though, I didn't know the Doctor was a father… he doesn't really seem the type…"

Jenny laughed. " I'm kind of the product of a machine, the Doctor is both my Dad, and my Mum. Came out fully grown two minutes later with knowledge of what was going on around me, and, how to fight. Weird huh?"

"Really!" Clara said in agreement.

"What's this about a Galifrian ship?" The Doctor asked.

"A month ago a ship signaled us, turns out they are from Galifrey and they are from before the time war. They didn't even know about it. We figured you'd want to tell them so they still don't know what happened. Oh, and you'll want to meet their ships captain, sweetie." Explained River to the Doctor.

"How am I a month off?" Protested the Doctor.

"Oh, you don't answer the phone much. I told you that when I called." Amy said.

The Doctor smiled. "Well, lets go! Come along Ponds! Clara, lets go see this ship!"

Captain Jack led Clara and the Doctor to the ship, and into Torchwood. They went down in small groups, the elevator only holding so many at a time. In their group it was the Doctor, Clara, Amy, Rory, Jenny, River, and Jack. Everyone else trailed a little bit behind, interacting with the Timelords they grown to know in the month the Doctor was late that were waiting for them above Torchwood. The entrance was a concrete slab in the sidewalk by a fountain. Clara watched as the slab under her feet lowered into a large room with numerous computers and consoles, and of course, LOTS of blinking lights. They came down on the right side of a column of wires that went to the very top of the high ceiling. Above her head there seemed to be a pterodactyl flying around.

In front of her once they had reached the bottom, was a single door standing on its own, with nothing behind it. The Doctor stepped off the platform and opened the door, the door that led to a entirely different part of space…

They walked in and there seemed to be millions of time Lords watching them, and there probably was. A man walked up to them. He had dark, black hair and blueish hazel eyes. His skin looked a tanish white. He looked to be in his late 40's but Clara knew he could be as old as 3,678 or older, as Timelords don't age like humans.

"You must be the Doctor. I'm The Professor, I've heard a lot about you. You're the captains brother. Though you probably already know that she's the captain, so I suppose that sentence was just a waste of time. My apologies." The Professor said in a kind of rush.

"I've yet to see her. I don't remember having a sister. This is new to me, having a sister." The Doctor said almost giddily, but also questioning the Professor's statement.

"Follow me." The Professor said.

"Where?" The Doctor asked.

"The Catacombs. You'll see."

It took a little while to get to the catacombs, but once they got there Clara couldn't help but to be amazed. Six foot metal pods lined the walls, each with a small window so you could see a persons face inside. There seemed to be millions of them. They were shaped almost like pills, but they had people in them, and some of the people were climbing out. Clara understood now why they were called the catacombs, it was because the room seemed to be carved out of a cave, and a huge one at that.

"Oh, that's clever! That's very clever! You stopped the flow time in a isolated space! Wired it so the ionic energy flowed outside the space as a kind of barrier! Protecting it from the stray disruption of the time stream, mind you, you must have been hit pretty hard to disrupt that thing and get out of the freeze. That's very good! Never thought of that before!" The Doctor exclaimed, running over and studying one of the pods.

"Why thank you Doctor. But not exactly the reason we asked you here. Come along, the captain's been waiting long enough. It 's about time we figured out how to get her out too." The Professor said.

"You mean my sister." the Doctor said, turning more serious before getting giddy again, bouncing on his heels. "Well, let's go!"'

The Professor lead them down several corridors, and into a room with a single pod in the middle, no windows like the other had, just a solid door with a collections of buttons instead of a door handle. Clara reached out towards it only to feel a invisible wall in the way.

"Ahhh," The Doctor whispered as he to reached out to feel the wall. "You can't even get close enough to that capsule to even begin to unlock the time freeze. Your ship was sent into emergency mode, sent the majority of its remaining power sealing this and from the looks of it, a few other capsules, off from the rest of reality. Really, that's rather brilliant, but in this case, a rather big problem. I do have one question though, one rather important question. Why did you call for me? Why didn't you call the High Council first? I mean they're the ones you said were running this ship. Even if I was the Captain's brother, you'd still call the High Council. Why me?"

"I-I, I'm not sure… why did I do that? Doctor? Why would we do that?" The Professor asked, highly confused.

"I don't know yet, but I'm working on it. There seems to be a weakening psychic signal coming from your Captains capsule. Maybe we should ask her next time we get the chance."

"Yes, but how can we do that? You said yourself the Ionic energy is keeping us from even getting close enough to get her out. What's your plan?"

"Don't have one yet. Haven't stopped talking. So, what can you tell me about my 'sister'?"

"Only that she's a mystery. She's one of the youngest Timelords here, only 178 years old. And yet she's the Captain of the ship and the High Council seemed to trust her with quite a lot of information. I've never seen anything like it. I heard rumors she is the one who designed and built this ship. Even convinced the High Council to go along with it after only talking to them once in her entire life. Never been off of Galifrey before now, never even regenerated yet. She's the biggest mystery I think I've ever seen; and let me tell you, I've seen more than my share of impossible things. The one time I spoke with her she knew things she never should've even heard about. I don't even feign understanding her and I'm pretty sure she knows it. You don't even know about her, and you're her brother. Like I said, she's one big puzzle."

"Hmmmmm, that is interesting. Now I really want to have a talk with this 'sister' of mine." The Doctor's voice practically dripping with giddiness, and there was a brilliant gleam in his eyes. Trust the Doctor to get this excited over any hint of a mystery.

"But Doctor, how are we supposed to do that? It's not like we can just talk to her. There's this wall thingy in the way!" Amelia questioned the giddy man she waited for, ever since he crashed into her yard when she was seven, to see the universe.

"Oh mommy dear, no wall stands a chance against that man when he's curious of whatever is on the other side of it!" River laughed.

The Doctor smirked, and his thumbs pulled at his suspenders, proud of that little fact. With a snap, his suspenders popped back into place and he clapped his hands together.

"Right! River, go to the TARDIS, get the isokinetic extrapolator, an electromagnetic inductor coupling, a neutrino inversion castalator, an antimatter inversion generator, a foot of twine, a half chewed stick of bubble gum, twenty jammie dodgers, and a fez!"

" 'course Sweetie." River said as she ran off.

"And don't shoot my fez!" The Doctor called after her, to which she didn't answer.

"Okay, let's get started!" The Doctor said as he went over to a panel in the wall, pulling out wires, disconnecting some and connecting others.

Deciding this may take a while, the Doctor's companions started to exchange stories of their adventures with the Doctor and their lives on Earth. Amy was just telling them the story of the year the Doctor spent domestic, the slow invasion, when River came running back in. The Doctor looked up for the first time since he had opened the panel and took the gadgets out of River's arms.

"Where's my Fez?"

"I shot it."

"What! Why?" The Doctor pouted. River just laughed at him.

"Because Fez's aren't cool! Doctor, how many times do we have to tell ya?" Amy answered for her.

"Oi! Fez's are cool! It's why I wear a Fez now!"

Amy just gave him a pointed glare.

"Fine. You win, for now. River, come over and help me with this." The doctor said while moving his hands like he was shooing the topic away.

"What are we doing?" River said walking over to take a look at the panel the Doctor had been toying with.

"Were prying the wall down. Rerouting the energy to our TARDIS so the ship doesn't have the power to keep the wall up."

"Oh! That's brilliant!"

"River, you have that face again." the Doctor said smugly.

"What face?"

"The 'He's hot when he's clever' face."

"This is my normal face!"

"Yes it is." His smirk grew ever larger.

"Shut up."

"Not a chance."

"Um? Aren't you going to take the wall down?" The Professor said, feeling slightly out of place in the midst of the Doctor's flirting.

"Oh, don't worry, handsome. The Doctor won't do anything too naughty. Now me? Well, let's see about that…" Jack laughed as he leaned against the invisible wall, trying to act all cool. The Professor had a look of complete shock plastered to his face.

"Hhmm? Oh! Right! Rerouting energy… Now!" The Doctor said after getting his head out of the clouds, connecting two wires as he said it. As he did the wall came down, and Jack fell on his butt.

"Hey!" Jack exclaimed.

"That's what you get for flirting instead of paying attention!" They Doctor replied, laughing as Jack rubbed his now sore buttocks.

"Cough, cough, hypocrite, cough, cough" Amy whispered, laughing with the others from the corner of the group.

A loud click, made the group of friends drop their conversation and turn to the pod holding the Doctor's sister. As the door opened, the Doctor took several steps towards the young Timelord at the brink of waking. The girl was weightless for a minute as she gasped and her eyes flickered open before gravity took its effect. She stumbled forward before leaning against the pods door as she caught her breath. The girl had short blonde hair, young, bright green eyes, and tanish skin. She wore a light, almost white, blue dress, that was done a Greek style, complete with leather sandals.

"Finally!" The girl said as she caught her breath. "I was beginning to wonder how long you were going to take Brother. Or would you rather I call you Doctor? What about John Smith? Sir Doctor of TARDIS? Spartacus? Zeus? Great Wizard Qui Quae Quod? Captain Grumpy? The Watcher? The Caretaker? The Examiner? The King of Okay? The Great Exterminator? Spaceman? Matchstick Man? Chin Boy? Madman? Madman In a Box? Raggedy Man? Raggedy Doctor? Sweetie? Thief? Bringer of Darkness? The Oncoming Storm?… Theta Stigma? So many titles, nicknames, names. Always running away." She gasped and a golden light floated out of her mouth.

"But who am I to tell you that?" She said as she watched it. "In a way, I'm running too. Running from the future, the war. Yes, maybe we should keep running." She looked past the Doctor and saw his companions gaping at her. "Oh! I see brought friends! Humans…Mostly." She looked directly to River. " This one's a bit complicated isn't she? Oh, I love complicated things!" Her attention turned to Jack. "And you, you're an anomaly. You should be dead, but you're not… Badwolf? What does your living have to do with Badwolf?" Again her focus wavered, this time landing on Jenny. "And you,,, Brother dear, I knew you were a father, but I never knew about this one. Oh, but who was the mo-? Oh! Oooohhh! Brother! I didn't know you were a narcissist!" She said with a laugh and a smirk. Her attention finally fell back to her brother. His expression had turned worried since she let the light escape her lips.

"Ahh , how humans intrigue me! They're so normal! And yet, so extraordinary! Never could figure them out. And that's saying something, 'cause I'm quite brilliant. Oh, and the stories I've heard of you, Brother dear. So many adventures. You've seen, so very much. How I yearn for that. In many ways you're lucky Brother. But in many others you've had a very hard life, haven't you?" She gasped for air, and her skin began to glow.

"Oh, would you look at that, I'm dying. Well, I directed the energy of the Mega stars explosion in here so it wouldn't destroy the ship. I don't suppose anyone could survive that." She coughed violently, cringing. " Oh, this is no fun, dying. I'll have to remember that. No more dying for me… Hopefully." She let out of shriek of pain, and the Doctor tried to step forward to help, but the girl just waved him back. " Goodbye, Brother.." As those gentle words quietly passed her lips, everyone was forced to take a step back and shield their eyes as the girl in front of them burst with regeneration energy for the first time in her life.

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