Chapter 6

And into the Fire

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you for reading the story so far! I hope you are having as much fun reading as I am writing. Anyway, quick warning, in this chapter, there are a few references to The Day of the Doctor, but I will do my best to keep spoilers out. You really don't have much to worry about, but I know some people haven't seen the movie (and it hasn't been spoiled for them yet), so just in case, heed this warning! (though I'm probably just being paranoid...) Anyway, read, enjoy, review!

The Doctor glanced back at his fellow Timelords, his eyes still searching for a answer. Several of them frowned, and they seemed to be looking for the answer themselves. Many looked to Adept, as if they were asking her too, 'What were they doing on this ship?'. Seeing this, the Doctor and his companions eyes steeled their gaze at Adept. Adept was the only one who didn't seem to be struggling for answers. Instead, it seemed to be everyone's gazes that unnerved her.

"Adept?" The Doctor questioned, "What is it you aren't telling us?" Adept eyes dropped to the ground, and she shifted her weight from one foot to another as she tried to find a way to answer.

"The Ship- well- it's hard to explain." Adept eyes suddenly shot up to meet the Doctor's, one emotion prominent in her crystal blue eyes... Realization. "The war.. Doctor, you know as well as I, as children Timelords must look into the time vortex. And I saw it.. I saw the war. I saw many things yet to come and many things of the past. I know of your choice, your actions. But I couldn't figure out which Path you took. Did Galifrey fall or does Galifrey fall no more? I couldn't be sure! So, the ship is as it's name implies, an archives for Galifrey. Plants, animals, cultures, people, technology, it's all here. It's like that tale, the one your humans tell. Joan's arc? No.. Noah's boat? No, that isn't quite right.. Noah's ark! That was it! Bit off track there, wasn't I? Anyway, we couldn't just scare everyone with next nothing to prove it, but the High council agreed with me to be safe, we would build and crew the ship. There are a few experiments being conducted on board to lessen suspicion, but that was never the true purpose of this ship."

To Jenny it felt as if the room had been electrified. Jenny knew there had been a war, and her father had been a soldier, but she couldn't understand how Adept could. Adept was so young. It didn't make sense! How did she know all of it? What had she meant when she said she had seen things in the time vortex? It didn't make any sense to her, but it seemed something had clicked for the Doctor and River, for their eyes grew wide and a gasp escaped River's lips.

"So, you're saying, you looked into the Time Vortex, and you didn't run, or go insane, but instead it showed you the same things a TARDIS would see?" the Watchmaker asked still confused, but he seemed to understand. Adept nodded, biting her lip, as if she expected someone to be mad at her or she was guilty of something.

"How is your mind not burning?" Jack's question was whispered and Jenny barely heard it, but Adept obviously did. Her head shot up and her eyes widened for a second, before she quickly recovered and whispered back.

"Sometimes I forget you knew the big Bad Wolf."

Everyone was silent for a beat, contemplating all of what she had just said, when the Doctor finally took his turn to speak.

"Why don't you answer Jack's question?" Adept's eyes turned anyway so they could to avoid the Doctor's and everyone else's eyes in the room; Which was rather difficult seeing as how many people were in the room, but she pulled it off. She reminded Jenny of a guilty teenager: she didn't try to argue, like she was sad with herself, and guilt shone on her face, but she didn't have the panicked look of a child caught red handed; and that seemed answer enough for the rest of them. Her mind was burning. She had just been doing a good job hiding it.

"It hurts doesn't it?" The Doctor asked with a gentle quietness, and with sad eyes. "Why didn't you say anything?"

Even though the doctor had only known his sister for maybe thirty minutes, he seemed to have taken up the role of caring big brother, though this didn't surprise Amy much, she saw him so very often becoming a part of everybody he ever met's family. Still, seeing him interact with his real sister, it was something. They were both genius', and absolutely mad(from what Amy seen of Adept, she thought she qualified as mad at least,) the same tendency to get off track, and they both cared, so much. In fact Amy had no trouble believing that Adept wouldn't even think twice about giving her life to save another, just like her big brother. Amy realized then, just how alike the two really were, and it amazed her. It as like there were two Doctors, minus a rip in the fabric of time and space, because the Doctor can't cross over his own timeline.

"We have other things to worry about. Namely, Daleks. So, we can either worry about my mind incinerating itself, or the rest of our continued existence. I vote for the latter." Adept said, turning back to them with determined eyes after taking a deep breath.

The Doctor frowned at her words, but he didn't argue. He, and everyone else, knew she was right. They had bigger problems. But it didn't change the fact that Adept was dying, and they needed to stop it.

"River, why don't you go ahead with the Professor, we need those shields, and quickly, those Daleks aren't going to stop just so we can have a heart to heart chat. We'll try to come up with something while you do that."

Though her reasons for asking River and the Professor to leave were justified, Amy couldn't help but feel Adept was just trying to pull the attention off herself, and onto the problem at hand -Which was probably a really good thing since the were facing billions of Daleks and probably going to get killed.. But it was like she didn't care that she was dying. She put her own life behind everyone elses, yet another similarity between brother and sister. River and the professor left, but not before River shot a worried look towards the Doctor, and though he seemed oblivious to the look, Amy knew he had seen it. He was just thinking to deeply to give any sign that he had, his normal childishness had disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"So what are we going to do Captain?" The female Timelord Jack had noticed earlier asked.

"Architect, do you think we can use the same technology we used in the Time Pods to trap Daleks as they come in?"

"We might be able to, but there aren't enough pods to trap all of them, it's a temporary solution" The female Timelord- Architect, explained.

"Yes, but it'll give us precious time to come up with a actual solution. Okay, let's do this!"

And with that, Adept ran over to the controls and started rerouting power, and giving orders to the other Timelords around her to go down to the pods and reroute the technology in the pods so they would catch the Daleks as the go past. The Doctor and his companions were helping any where they could. Depending on how fast or slow they got this done, they could live or die. But still, it seemed to Jack, their problems were only growing. The Captain- no, the Doctor's sister was dying, and the were surrounded be billions of Daleks. But one thing had changed, watching Adept as she gave orders, Jack decided, maybe she did have the air of a Captain.