Hi everyone I am here with a new story and yes I didn't realize this was so short. Now update I will update when I can. Same goes for "A New Bond" I gave you all explanations at the beginning I hope you enjoy. This story will begin at the Twins childhood for a bit. I Do not on Dragon Ball Z or Inuyasha. Please excuse any mistake and if you think you want something to happen LET ME KNOW!

In a distant galaxy,a planet lied deep in space almost hidden this planet was known as Vegetasei. A great, fierce and proud race known as the Saiyans inhabited the planet whom descended from great and wise monkeys. But believed by others to be apes. Characteristics were displayed in the Saiyans that were passed to them by them ancestors such as; A long brown tail, that was the main source of power but also their greatest weakness, one they guarded carefully yet fiercely the, smallest tug could send them to their knees. They aged slower, a lot slower than humans did. Their teeth were slightly longer than humans, as well. Their hair was normally jet black in color or brown like their tails.

The Saiyans carried a strong trait about them. Every full moon they turned into great and powerful Monkeys, the Oozaru. Destroying any and everything it it's path. 17 million blutz waves were absorbed through the eyes and sent towards the tail. The Saiyans of mid-high and high classed ranks taught themselves and their children a special trick; controlling the Oozaru at an early age and teaching them how to make an artificial moon, built for the planets they took over who didn't have a moon or when the moon was destroyed.

Though the planet had a King; King Vegeta, whom also had an heir Prince Vegeta. They were ruled by an evil over Lord. King Cold and his two sons, Freeza and Cooler. They weren't the only ones who were enslaved by them. King Cold and his sons ran an organization called the Planet Trade Organization. The organization employs and enslaves powerful races, the Saiyans among them, to find and take over suitable planets selling them to the highest , King Cold, runs this organization it appeared to be that Freeza was the leader. For Freeza it was easy to employ and enslaves these races with a guarantee. That their own planet would be destroyed if they did not comply. Such was the fate of most of these races.

Freeza had soon gotten wind of two abnormal things happening; first Bardock and his platoon who consisted of Tora, his best friend, Fasha, Borgos, and Shugesh, all whom were considered low-class warriors. No matter what assignment or person they went up against , they were easily and rather quickly dispatched, even taking on elite missions and the best of Freeza's elite members.

Second, it was reported that twin girls were born. Yes, it was a shock that they were females, more of a shock that they were twin girls. This baffled Freeza. But none of that could have prepared him to hear that the girls were sporting blue eyes, along with black tails. One, who was said to be the eldest had electric blue eyes, while the youngest held stormy eyes respectively.

This intrigued Freeza more than the news of the low class warriors defeating any and all they were put up against, he decided to put that in the back of his mind, in his memory with black tails. Blue eyes. Twins. Females at that. He, Freeza, would see these babies. Who knows maybe he could do them a favor.

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