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After the "visit" with Freeza, Ame, and Yuki sat in complete silence. The babies continue their rest, undisturbed by the silence in the room. Yuki opened his mouth to make an attempt at soothing his mate.

"Ame- "He started but was cut off by a soft knock on the door and one of the nurses, Kiriko, popped her head in.

At their nod she walked in; papers in hand, head and eyes downcast. An air of remorse surrounded her, instantly making Ame narrow her eyes at her. Ame was known for reading her opponent like a book, catching every weakness and detail while impassively guarding hers. It didn't help that Kiriko was being so obvious.

As Kiriko made her way toward them she began to fidget with her papers, she cleared her throat. Trying to maintain a professional air, but the guilt of what she had done was engulfing her.

"M-Mr. a-and M-Mrs. Se- "

"Girl!" Ame barked out, interrupting Kiriko's speech, her stammering was nerve racking the girl wouldn't meet her eyes, she looked almost...guilty?

Kiriko jumped and began to tremble. Fear and nervousness filled the air. Yuki and Ame, like sharks breathed it in. Things like this excited the instincts of the Saiyans. Especially to warriors like Yuki and Ame.

"I can scent your fear" Yuki's deep voice rumbled, as his nostrils flared, his dark eyes getting darker.

"What do you have to be nervous about?" Ame growled. Something didn't seem right, she was fine around them during the birthing session so what could have happened, that they didn't know.

Then Ame remembered something, not long before Freeza came. Right after Kiriko had passed Kaori to her father; The doctor had whispered something in the girl's ear, and she had slipped out, and not after long after Freeza had showed his face - Ame, had of course shrugged off the disappearance of the girl, she was after all one of the many assistants of the doctor.

Ame then growled low and predatory, it made sense in her brain, how Freeza had caught wind of them, they had kept the news of the pregnancy among close friends, especially the friends who had an extreme loathing of the Feminine like over lord.

"You," Her voice nearly unrecognizable with her rage. "You're the one who told that bastard of my twins."

Kiriko jumped and began to back against the wall, the papers that had once been in her hand now strewn across the floor having dropped them in her fear, her body trembling. She knew it would be no use to deny the obvious truth and enrage the woman even more.

"M-Milady, I h-had no other choice y-you see, ple- "

"Bullshit!" Ame said coldly, her face turning into a cold smirk. It was ominous, dark, predatory, and it drove Yuki insane, he loved seeing this side of his mate.

But he knew now wasn't the time for that. He looked back and forth between them, not understanding till it began to dawn on him. Kiriko's sudden absence, and Freeza's and his idiot lackeys sudden visit. She was the reason why they had to choose which one of their babies, they had to give up to him. A parent's worst nightmare in this time. The reason why their family was going to have one less member.

Yuki's face contorted into pure rage. He gave Kagome to her mother, gently, before advancing on the quivering nurse. Yuki wasn't afraid to let his emotions show, while Ame normally kept a cold mask on her face- Though not surprisingly broken when Freeza had broken his horrible news.

Kiriko swallowed hard, clutching the wall in a week form of security, hoping it would swallow her whole, and protect her from the advancing Saiyan.

"U-Uh my L-Lord?" She began to stammer but couldn't get any words as she looked towards the exit, the only exit that she could get out of, the one behind the much larger Saiyan.

At this point the babies had woken from their nap, their senses tuned their senses onto the situation that was happening. Their tiny noses twitching, scenting the fear of the cowering nurse; Slowly turning their heads towards their father and Kiriko, their eyes taking in the scene with an uncanny clearness.

"Kiriko," Yuki's voice purred in his deep timbre, while letting out a burst of pheromones. Her eyes became hooded, and her breathing erratic- she was effected in a way that escape, was a distant memory. Her senses focused on the Saiyan male before her, the being who created the burning heat in her lower regions.

"Is what my mate saying, true? Tell me, tell me now. The truth, and I'll make the ache you feel go away." He said building more of the pheromones and directly to the girl.

Kiriko moaned, her belly clenching. She wanted to fight it, Lord knows she did but this was consuming her, coaxing her, teasing her. The promise of release began to cloud her mind, more than it already was, she frantically nodded her head; not wanting to miss her chance.

"Yes! Kotosei told me to, I was only doing what he ordered! I-I didn't want to at first, but then I thought Freeza would let me keep the girls, that's…that's what Kotosei said, he said I would get to keep them. I wanted them to myself, so I did Kotosei's bidding!" She was practically screaming, the words to them, each bit that came out of her mouth making them progressively angrier than the last.

"Hm," Ame and Yuki murmured. Making eye contact and exchanging nods, it was settled they would deal with the girl now, and get Kotosei later.

Yuki smiled charmingly at Kiriko, coming closer to her, their noses touching. Her mouth opened as she began to gasp for air, the heat of his body rubbing againsther own. Yuki allowed a rumble to settle in his chest, drawing a moan from the gasping woman as the vibrations went through her body. She closed her eyes and leaned the little distance so their lips would touch, Yuki leaned back slightly, making her whimper. Kiriko groaned loudly as tears welled in her eyes, she was beyond frustrated and any form of release was being denied, rubbing her legs together was futile as Yuki was so close.

Yuki chuckled as he leaned in again, his hands going on each side of her head, trapping her in. "I'm going to give you exactly what you deserve, Kiriko." He purred out softly, smirking as the girl began to shake.

Seeing her mate take charge of the situation and seduce the girl to a shaking mess, made her adjust her position in the hospital bed. It was something that they had come up with in their younger days. They would go on missions, seduce the opposite sex and kill them. It always made them excited seeing their mate with such prowess, confidence radiating from every pore as they picked their unsuspecting opponent bit by bit. It always led to a night of rough lovemaking, no doubt how Kaori and Kagome were conceived.

"Are you ready?" His voice getting husky as he smelt his mate's arousal.

"Please, my Lord. Please. I need it." She begged.

He placed his hand just below her breast, massaging there. "So submissive…So needy…Yet it seems I can only remedy that."

"Please!" She squealed.

He placed his lips right beside her ear, blowing on it. "You pay the price for your treachery, now lay down like a dog and die!" He yelled with a malicious grin, as he charged a ki blast in hand.

"Wait! No! I-I AHHHH!" Were Kiriko's last words as she let out a bloodcurdling scream as her body was burned to nothing but ashes.

"Leave her ashes there mate, let them know they're next" Ame said looking at the ashes of the ex nurse, a smile on her lips.

He slowly went to his mate, his actions eager yet careful as he leaned over his precious offspring and passionately pressed his lips to her, she reciprocated just as passionate if not more with a low moan, they soon pulled away for air.

"Let's get my girls home," He said lovingly.

She smiled as he helped maneuver the girls to his arms, so she could change to a more comfortable kimono, then the itchy hospital gown she currently wore. He waited patiently, love in his eyes as his mate dressed, made her way to the pile of ash that was once Kiriko, spit in it and make her way back to him. She took Kagome and entwined her tail with his, pecking his cheek.

"All done, let us return home?" She spoke gently, content.

"Of course." He nodded, leading her out of the birthing chamber, that left joy in their hearts but a bitter taste in their mouth.

They soon began their trek home, it would have been much easier to fly, but having twins were rare, and wanted to show off the greatest thing they had other than each other. Kagome had fallen asleep once again, as Kaori's eye flickered over the scenes. They passed by many other saiyans, nobles and the much lower classes. All admiring, cheering and/or murmuring words of surprise at the different features of the girl- as Kagome had awoken by all the noise. Many asking if their sons would be able to court them once they were of age. They merely looked amused and excused themselves.

They had finally made their way home, being greeted by their servants and guards posted on each side of the walk way leading to the door.

"Welcome home Lord and Lady Seiryu!" They cheered as they passed by them, they seemed to be the only help that adored their Lord and Lady, they got smiles in return and nods of acknowledgement as the door was opened for them.

"Welcome home little ones." Ame murmured as they stepped through the entrance, taking in the familiar smell of home, missing the way the twin's eyes seemed to flash a solid pink, before back to their blue hues.