I sat patiently in the seat, staring out of the window as the familiar view of Maiami City came into view. I started brushing down my red t-shirt and black jeans and double-checked my silver hair and crimson red eyes so that I could show everyone I had been keeping to hygiene rules.

A flight attendant came up to me. "Sir, we shall be landing shortly, do you need anything?"

"No thank you." I smiled, continuing to gaze out of the window.

'I'm home, everybody.'

(Miami city airport, Gate G4-Arrivals)

I exited the airport, tired after the 8-hour flight, but despite that, I am full with excitement since I will see my family again after 2 years. I cannot wait to see mom and Yuya again so that I can congratulate him for defeating Strong Ishijima. But what really piqued my interest is this new Pendulum summon he created. How he was able to create something like that in the middle of a duel is truly a mystery.

Oops, right! I forgot to introduce myself, my bad. My name is Siora Sakaki and as you have guessed, I am the adopted brother of Sakaki Yuya. Now you will wonder how I became his adopted brother.

Well one day his father, Yusho Sakaki, while he was out for a walk at a nearby park, he found me unconscious with several wounds on my whole body, thankfully non-lethal. After that, he took me to the nearest hospital so that the doctors can treat my wounds and called his wife Yoko Sakaki to explain what happened. When she arrived both of them asked the doctor about my condition and if I was going to be alright. The doctor told them that although I wasn't at risk I was diagnosed with amnesia, meaning that I couldn't remember anything about me or even from where I came from, except for my first name: Siora.

1 week after my release from the hospital Yusho and Yoko decided to adopt me, not only because I couldn't remember where I came from, but because of the fact that after a research it was revealed that I didn't have any family. I was all alone. And since that is a very cruel fate for a 16 year old boy they asked me if I wanted to become their son and I happily said yes. As for the reason I left my home for 2 years, is that I wanted to travel around the world to see if I could remember who I really was.

Since that didn't happen I contacted my mom and I told her that I am coming home. As expected, she was overjoyed about my decision, so here I am.

Ring, ring, ring

Wondering who was calling me, right now I removed my duel disk from my pocket to answer, noticing that the caller was an unknown number.

"Yes, who is it?"

"It's me. I was informed about your arrival and I would like to discuss something important with you. Could you come to my office? "

"You know I just arrived here and I would like to see my family first. Would you mind if I meet you after that, you know how much I want to talk to them after all this time? "

"I understand. Just make sure you don't forget it. Besides my brother wants to meet you too. "

I smiled happily knowing he hasn't forgot about me. "Ok, once I am able to I will come. Until then goodbye. "

'Now that this is out of the way let's find a taxi.'

(Several minutes later, Sakaki residence.)

Ding dong

"Hello, who is it?"

"It's my mom, Siora."

Suddenly the door opens and mom pulls me into a hug and judging by the force of her grip she doesn't intent to let me go anytime soon. In fact, I think she cracked some of my bones.

"Mom, I missed you too but could you please stop, because if you keep on like this you could crush me."

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry son, I guess I'm just happy to see you again. I'm so glad that you are finally back. Quickly come inside, you must be very tired. "

"Yep, you are right mom. Besides, I want to congratulate Yuya for his victory against Strong Ishijima. "

"I'm afraid Yuya has school right now dear. If you want you can eat something, and after you unpack your luggage you can go to his school to see him. I'm sure everyone there will be happy to see you again. "

"Thanks mom, besides I really missed your cooking."

(Meanwhile at the Leo Duel School, CEO's office)

'Siora Sakaki, I wonder how future events will unfold now that you are here. Because even though you are his adopted son I am sure that just like your brother you have much potential. '

Knock, knock

"Kaicho, I've brought the information you requested."

"Leave it here and I will call you if I need anything else."

"Of course Kaicho."

However, when he starts reading the files he suddenly stops, shocked because of what he just read.

'Hmmm, it seems I was right about him but to create something like that without any help it's impossible. I am wondering, what other surprises do you have in store?'

(You Show Duel School, 30 minutes later)

After I ate those delicious pancakes with syrup mom made me, I decided to go to Yuya's school to meet him. However, once I reached the entrance of the school I met someone I did not expect.

"It seems we are going to meet earlier than I thought, Siora Sakaki."

We started walking inside the school and I was very curious why he was here.

"I didn't expect to meet you here, Akaba Reiji. What is your reason of visiting my brother's school?"

"I came here because I wanted to see for myself if the rumors are true about your brother."

"What do you mean?"

"A student from the LDS, Shingo Sawatari, was attacked by a duelist and he is at the hospital right now."

"Where does my brother fit in all of that?"

"Sawatari claimed that your brother, Yuya, was the duelist who attacked him."

"WHAT? How dare he accuse him for something like that? Yuya is not that kind of person."

"Calm down, I also have my doubts that he is the culprit behind the attack. But my mother does not share the same opinion with me."

"Urgh you are right, and if I know your mother she must be inside right now demanding an explanation."

"Yes, In fact she told me that she was going to solve this matter through a school duel."

"Let me guess, if our school lose it will belong to your mother along with Yuya's Pendulum summon."

'This is something I cannot allow to happen. Yuya is my brother and he needs me now, I must help him.'

"Judging by your expression Siora, you must be very upset about all of this. If you are interested, I have a solution to that problem that will benefit everyone, including my curiosity about your new cards, since it is something that you cannot achieve alone."

I narrowed my eyes at him wondering how he got that information, but if think about it someone like him can easily get whatever he wants.

"I am listening."

(You Show Duel School, Solid Vision Room, after the duel between Gongezaka and Yaiba)

"Well then since we all agree lets proceed with the final duel."

At the exact same time, we entered the room alerting everyone to Reiji's presence and mine.

"Wait everyone. We have a better idea to end this once and for all."

Of course, everyone was shocked to see us but mostly Yuya. Well I cannot blame him. I mean suddenly the LDS president and your adopted brother, who was absent for 2 years, suddenly appear before you, you will be surprised too.

"Wait, S-Siora is that really you?"

"Yuya you are mean. Don't tell me you forgot your own brother already?"

"I-I am sorry Siora, it's that I didn't expected you to come today that's all."

"Ha, ha, ha, its okay Yuya I was just teasing you. Besides I wanted to surprise you and mom by returning earlier than you expected."

Then Yuzu and everyone else came here to welcome me back, and then I asked them to explain to me the problem they have and the attack at the LDS student by the mysterious duelist. After that, Reiji informed everyone about his idea that he told me earlier, a duel between Yuya against him and me vs Masumi Kotsu, Yaiba To-do and Houston Ishijima. If we win, they would leave Yuya alone and they will not bother us again or else our school will belong to them, along with Yuya's Pendulum summon.

His mother, Heike Akaba, agreed of course believing that her son can easily defeat Yuya. As we moved inside the Solid Vision room to start the duel, I mentally laughed at that because she sounded so sure about that. I admit that her son is a very skilled duelist, but just like Yuya, if I am fighting for my friends and family I will NEVER lose no matter what.

Telling Yuya and me to show them the best entertainment on the best field for it Shuzo, selected Yuya's favorite Field Spell- Athletic Circus. The beams of light from the Solid Vision generator align themselves, and multiple floating balls, poles surrounded by platforms, and other circus-related structures appear in a darkened room lit with colored lights. Once we took our positions on stand on the edges of several sun shaped blue and purple mats, the only thing left to do is to tell the oath.

"Duelists locked in battle!" Yuzu cheers. "Kicking against the earth and dancing in the air alongside their monsters!" Tatsuya continues. "They storm through this Field!" Futoshi adds. "Behold!" Ally cries. "This is the newest and greatest evolution of Dueling!" All four cheer "ACTION!" as the Action Cards explode into the field, me, Yuya and our opponents finish the statement with a cry of "DUEL!"

'Alright, Yuya has Pendulum summon on his side and if he stay focused he will be able to emerge victorious from his duel with Reiji Akaba. Now I must do the same and focus on my opponents. I am facing the representatives from the Leo Duel School, Masumi Kotsu from the Fusion summon course, Hokuto Shijima from the XYZ summon course and Yaiba Todo from the Synchro summon course. I wonder what kind of decks they are using.'

"I heard that each of you are very skilled duelists that specialize in your respectively fields. But I should warn you, if you don't come at me with full force you will lose. So show me how much powerful an LDS representative really is." I told them. I know that you should never taunt someone in a duel especially if you are outnumbered, but I won't fully enjoy the duel if they hold back.

"Ha, you sound so sure about yourself. There is no way you can defeat us" Yaiba stated.

"He is correct. How do you expect to defeat us all alone?" Hokuto told me with a smirk on his face.

"You are both fools. You must never underestimate your opponent or else you will face defeat." Masumi told them. Not only she is a skilled duelist but beautiful too. W-w-wait a minute why I am thinking something like that in the middle of the duel? I need to concentrate now for the sake of our school'

"Alight, I believe that's enough chatting for now. It's time to duel."

Siora vs Hokuto, Masumi, Yaiba Life Points: 4000

"My turn then, I summon Castellar Rasalhague in Attack mode."

Constellar Rasalhague, Level 2, Spellcaster, Light, Effect, and ATK: 900, DEF: 100

'A Constellar deck, well judging by his name I should have expected that. Wait a second….Oh no! If the same applies to the others them Masumi uses a Gem-Knight deck and Yaiba uses an X-Saber deck. I didn't expect to face these powerful decks all at once. Looks like I have to be extra careful here if I want to win.'

"Now I will use its effect. By sacrificing Constellar Rasalhague, I can Special summon 1 "Constellar" monster from my hand or Graveyard in face-up Defense Position, except "Constellar Rasalhague". I choose to Special summon from my hand Constellar Antares."

Constellar Antares, Level 6, Machine, Light, Effect, ATK: 2400, DEF: 900

"And with his effect I can add back to my hand the Constellar Rasalhague I just tributed. With that I end my turn." Hokuto stated.

'Now its Masumi's turn and after her it's Yaiba. Let's see what they can do.'

"It's my move. I activate from my hand the Magic card Gem-Knight Fusion." Masumi cried.

"Watch out Siora. That card is very dangerous." Yuzu yelled at me, trying to warn me about the card, but this was not necessary since I already knew the card's effect.

"It's alright Yuzu, I know what she is trying to do." I gently told her, trying to calm her down.

"Even if you have knowledge of our cards that doesn't guarantee your victory, and it's time to prove to you that fact. With the Gem-Knight Fusion I have activated I fuse from my hand the Gem-Knight Sapphire and the Gem-Knight Crystal. Bright gem of the abyss, become one with the crystal knight of justice and create a new dazzling light. FUSION SUMMON. Arise now, Level 6, Gem-Knight Aquamarine."

Gem-Knight Aquamarine, Level 6, Aqua, Earth, Effect, ATK: 1400, DEF: 2600

"Battle phase. Gem-Knight Aquamarine, direct attack."

'Oh crap, I need to find an Action card or else I will have to say goodbye to a big piece of my life points.'

Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough and before I knew it Gem-Knight Aquamarine had already pointed his blade at me, creating a big wave, which upon impact with me it sent me flying backwards, and then I crashed to the ground with a loud THUD.

Siora-Life Points: 2600

"Siora/ Siora oni-chan!" Yuya and the kids yelled, filled with worry if I was okay after that devastating attack.

"Now the effect of Gem-Knight Aquamarine activates. If this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase. I set a card and with that I end my turn."

'Gahh. That will definitely leave a mark and she took almost half of my Life points in her very first turn. As expected from an LDS student, they are formidable opponents.'

"Finally my turn. I summon XX-Saber Boggart Knight in Attack mode. In addition, when he is Normal summoned I can Special summon a level 4 or lower X-saber monster from my hand. I choose the Level 3 X-Saber Airbellum."

XX-Saber Boggart Knight, Level 4, Beast-Warrior, Earth, Effect, ATK: 1900, DEF: 1000

X-Saber Airbellum, Level 3, Beast, Earth, Tuner, Effect, ATK: 1600, DEF: 200

'A tuner monster, don't tell me he is…..'

"I am now tuning the Level 3 X-Saber Airbellum with my Level 4 XX-Saber Boggart Knight."

'Just I expected, a Synchro summon. The question now is what kind of monster he will summon.'

"Wielder of crossed blades of light! Trample over this mountain of corpses! Synchro Summon! Come forth! Level 7! X-Saber Souza!"

X-Saber Souza, Level 7, Warrior, Earth, Effect, Synchro, ATK: 2500, DEF: 1600

'Dang it. X-Saber Souza has 2500 attack points this isn't good. I need to find an action card and quickly.'

"Go X-Saber Souza, direct attack. Twin blades strike." Yaiba yelled.

'Come on where is an Action card…..THERE, atop of that pole. Let us see if will make it this time.'

I run as fast I could, trying to get the Action card that could save me from the very creepy smiling X-Saber monster that was chasing me. I managed to get the Action card, but because clearly fate hates me it was the Action card High Dive, that boosts the ATK power of a face-up monster by 1000 until the End phase.

'Oh crap' I murmured just when Souza slashed me with his blades, throwing me from the pole I was standing and hitting the ground with another familiar THUD.'

Siora-Life Points: 100

"I set 1 card face-down and with that I end my turn. It is your move so draw your card, not that it matters which card you will draw now, because with just 100 Life Points you have no hope of winning this duel." Yaiba told while putting the card at his duel disk.

"Okay then it's my turn, I draw!" I cried, but as soon as I looked at the card I draw my eyes widened in shock.

'This card, its…'

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." I start laughing loudly, confusing everyone with my action.

"Yuya oni-chan, why Siora oni-chan laughs like that since he is losing? Is he okay?" asked Ayu.

"Don't worry Ayu, he is okay. Just that like me Siora has such a big passion for duels that he will always laugh no matter what. Besides, if the card he drew is the card I think then the duel will soon be over."

"If you say so Yuya oni-chan."

"So you really think that just because I have only 100 Life Points you won? That I will lose hope? You are gravely mistaken my friend because there is no way to lose since my friends count on me."

"What are you talking about? How can you even hope to defeat us in your current condition?" Hokuto asked; slightly suspicious.

"You will see. Now from my hand I activate the effect of my Bright Soul Dragon. Thanks to you since my Life points are lower than yours I can Special summon him from my hand in Attack-mode. So come out my friend and show everyone your power."

A shining portal appeared in the sky from which the powerful dragon appeared before letting a powerful roar that forced everyone to cover their ears. His body, which is composed of pure white energy, has feather-like wings made of white fire that are decorated with crimson red gems, while his claws, legs and head are covered by bright golden armor.

Bright Soul Dragon, Level 7, Dragon, Light, Effect, ATK: 3000, DEF: 2500

Of course, everyone was shocked by the appearance of my dragon.

"Impossible, summoning such a powerful monster so easily?" Masumi asked with a hint of surprise in her voice.

"Why are you surprised? I already told you that since I am fighting for my friends I will not lose, and my deck responded to me. Oh and if I was in your place I would start worrying about his other effect."

"W-what do you mean by that? What other effect?" Asked Yaiba a bit worried.

"You see Yaiba as long as my dragon remains on the field, and my Life Points are lower than yours, all Level 4 or higher you control lose 400 ATK x the number of monsters on your side of the field. And since you have 3 monsters total they lose 1200 ATK points each. In addition this card cannot be destroyed by card effects.

"""WHAAAT?""" Yelled Masumi, Hokuto and Yaiba simultaneously, with a look of horror on their faces as their monsters became weaker thanks to my deck's ace.

Constellar Antares ATK: 2400- 1200, Gem-Knight Aquamarine ATK: 1400- 200, X-Saber Shouza ATK: 2500- 1300

"Yes, now he can destroy their monsters with ease." Said Yuzu with a big smile on her face.

"""Go, Siora oni-chan.""" Yelled the kids in unison.

'Counter-attacking like that while on the brink of defeat, I wonder what other tricks he has in his sleeve. Maybe I should challenge him to a duel tomorrow to see for myself.' Pondered Siora while taking a bite from his lollipop.

"I'm not done yet. Next I will summon to the field Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody in ATK- mode to accompany my dragon."

This time appeared a young woman with long, straight silver hair and light blue eyes dressed in a white dress with multi-colored musical notes sewn onto it, while holding in both hands a golden harp, which has the shape of a huge musical note.

Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody, Level 4, Fairy, Tuner, Light, Effect, ATK: 1900 DEF: 1000

"And since I control a level 4 or higher monster, in this case my Level 7 Bright Soul Dragon, I can activate the effect of my Hope Force-Moonlight Rose from my hand, which allows me to Special summon it to field in ATK-mode."

A small green rose popped from the ground, with pale silver petals for its head which resembled a half moon, in addition with two smaller black petals that acted as its eyes, and it had 4 long spiked vines as its arms.

Hope Force-Moonlight Rose, Level 3, Fairy, Light, Effect, ATK: 800 DEF: 200

"Now it's time for a little quiz my friends, but I must warn you that the outcome of this duel depends on your answer."

"Humph, fine we will play your little game not that it really matters now." Hokuto scoffed.

"Alright then here is the question. Is it possible for me to perform a Fusion summon without the effect of a Spell, Trap or Monster card? Answer correctly and I end my turn without attacking you." I stated.

"Is that all? And I was expecting something more difficult. The answer is…." Hokuto tried to say before Masumi interrupted him.

"Wait! I will answer the question, since I am a Fusion expert." Masumi said with a confident voice.

"Okay then Masumi." Agreed Hokuto.

"The answer to your question is No. You can't perform a Fusion summon without a Spell, Trap or Monster effect. Too bad for you, now you must end your turn like you promised."

"Are you sure about that?" I asked her with a very creepy smile.

"What are you talking a-a-about...Don't tell me that you can….That's impossible." Masumi asked with a look of shock in her face when she realized my plan.

"You guessed right Masumi, now it's time to take this duel to the next level. You better watch closely Reiji because this is the moment you were waiting for." I declared with a loud voice.

'Just I thought. The rumors about him are true, but I wonder what kind of power his new card possesses?' Pondered Reiji with his usual stoic face.

"Now I send to the Graveyard my Bright Soul Dragon, my Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody and my Hope Force-Moonlight Rose in order to Fusion summon one of my most trusted monsters."

"EEEEEEEEEEEH." Yelled everyone in total astonishment, except from Reiji who anticipated my move and his mother who managed to remain serious despite her shock.

At the exact same moment my monsters floated up, both glowing with a pure white aura before spinning in a whirlpool of color.

"Eternal dragon of the bright soul! Blessed fairy of the melody! Merge together with the blossom of the moon and create a new hope! CONTACT FUSION!. Descend now, Level 7, Guardian Angel Joan-Purity Of The Paradise." I chanted before I picked up the card from the Extra deck and placed it to my duel disk in ATK position.

Then a female knight appeared from another portal with short blond hair, wearing a white and golden armor, while holding with both hands a giant cross like blade made of pure light.

Guardian Angel Joan-Purity of the Paradise, Level 7, Fairy, Light, Effect, ATK: 2700, DEF: 1400

"Impressive isn't she. It's the most powerful Fusion monster in my Extra deck." I said which resulted in her smiling, due to my praise before turning back to look to my opponents.

"The good news, for you 3 is that since my dragon is no longer on side of my field the ATK of your monsters goes back to normal."

Constellar Antares ATK: 1200- 2400, Gem-Knight Aquamarine ATK: 200- 1400, X-Saber Shouza ATK: 1300-2500

"The bad news is that her special ability activates. Once per turn I can remove from my Graveyard one of the monsters I used for her Fusion summon to enable her to attack all face-up monsters you control once each. And if this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle you take damage equal to the Level of the destroyed monster x 200. And the monster I choose is my Bright Soul Dragon."

"Battle phase! Angel Joan attack Constellar Antares, Gem-Knight Aquamarine and X-Saber Shouza. Shining Cross Strike. Furthermore, I activate from my hand the Action card I got earlier High Dive, which makes my monster even stronger by 1000 ATK points."

Guardian Angel Joan-Purity of the Paradise ATK: 2700-3700

I cried while Joan slashed the air with her blade, sending cross like slashes at the 3 enemy monsters, destroying them immediately.

Hokuto-Life Points: 1500, Masumi-Life Points: 2800, Yaiba-Life Points: 1400

"Now my friends, the fun has just begun." I stated, "I play Embodiment of Ambition!"

"What does that do?" Yaiba asked, sweating slightly.

"This card enables my monster to perform a second attack», I explained, "The downside is my Angel Joan's attack points are cut in half, but it is still enough!"

"N-no!" Yaiba exclaimed.

|Guardian Angel Joan-Purity of the Paradise, Attack: 3700 1850|

The beautiful angel raised her light blade and slashed it across Yaiba's chest; knocking him down and out.

|Yaiba's life points 1400 0|

"Don't feel left out Hokuto", I told him, "I'm also using the quick play spell card, Damaged Judgment!"

A giant golden scale appeared holding me on one arm and Hokuto on the other.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Hokuto demanded.

"This card here is a risky one indeed", I explained, "I draw one card and guess what kind of card it is, if I'm right you take 1500 points of damage, but if I'm wrong I take 2000 points of damage."

"If he's wrong he loses the duel!" Yuzu exclaimed; Yuya placed a comforting hand on her shoulder making her blush, "Have some faith in him, he's got great instinct."

The scale began to shift back and forth between the two as Siora drew his card.

"I predict that the card I drew is a spell card!" I exclaimed and slowly turned over the card; everyone in the room was sweating in suspense.

"The card I drew is Righteous Retrieval", I exclaimed, "A spell card!"

"Alright!" Yuya and Yuzu exclaimed.

"NOOO!" Hokuto screamed as his platform split in half, causing him to plummet to the floor.

|Hokuto's Life Points: 1500 0|

"Next time, try to put your money where your mouth is." I chuckled; Masumi also giggled a bit, obviously she agreed with me there.

"Very impressive, Siora!" Masumi complimented me.

"Your kind words are appreciated. Thank you!"

"It's just you and me now Masumi", I told her. "I place two cards facedown and end my turn!"

"Indeed it is, I draw!" Masumi plucked the top card of her deck and examined it, "This duel is far from over, and I think we'll duel on even grounds, I activate the spell card Respected Rival!"

"What is that card?" Siora asked.

"First we must walk to the center of the duel field", Masumi explained; we did just that.

"What now?" I asked.

"I offer you a handshake", Masumi explained while extending her tan hand, "If you except it then our life points go back to 4000 and all the cards on our fields, hand and graveyards go back to our decks and once we reshuffle our decks, we draw 5 cards."

"So like a fresh duel?" I asked, and Masumi nodded.

"Of course Yaiba and Hokuto have already been defeated so they will be unaffected by this card", Masumi continued, "But if you refuse the handshake then this card will have no effect. The choice is yours Siora."

I thought for a minute before smiling and grabbing her hand with my own and shook it gently.

"I accept!" I grinned as the field reset itself.

"Great!" Masumi said cheerfully;

'It sure feels great to duel someone with such a strong passion for dueling.'

"It seems we are back to square one Masumi." I told her.

"Indeed, but I think that now it's time to show you the true power of my deck." Masumi declared, her voice full of confidence.

"If that's the case Masumi I will not hold back either, so be prepared!" I yelled.