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March 31st, 1934

2:14 a.m.

Several hours later, after four rounds of lovemaking, two refueling breaks, and many trips to the restroom, both parties laid contently sedated in their afterglow within each others' embrace as their lower limbs rested in a tangled mess. Their only barrier being their offspring which they gladly welcomed and nestled between them. Neither party wanted to close their eyes nor verbally say anything fearing their bubble of happiness would shatter. So, they just continued to tenderly caress and kiss each other using their actions to express their euphoria and love toward one another.

However, their offspring languidly stretched notifying mommy and daddy that his or her cooperation was now over. This caused Grace and Oliver to share a mouth to mouth grin and soft chuckles as their child's actions stopped their kissing in mid-stride. "Well, somebody is awake," stated Oliver as he peered over toward the nightstand to see what time it was on their alarm clock which read a little after 2 a.m., "I guess he or she is getting us ready for his or her two o'clock feeding."

Grace only snorted as she attempted to control the movement hoping beyond hope that her bladder would be left alone for a few more minutes. Okay, be good for mommy! I really don't want to leave your daddy's arms to race to the bathroom again and I have yet to tell him our little secret! "Yes, I believe our offspring won't leave my bladder alone for much longer, and oh how I don't want to dash to the restroom again, Oliver. I'm just glad my mad runs before didn't ruin the mood," cheekily stated Grace as a wicked gleam danced across her face. "By the way my handsome rogue, I'm quite impressed with your stamina! Four rounds of love making?! I have to say those pool workouts have definitely left you young and fit especially since your libido rivals any young man in his early 20s," saucily stated Grace a she teasingly traced her fingers over his pecs and arms as she started to nip at his lips.

"Oh, and pray tell me how you know the difference between my libido and a 20 year old man's?" huskily stated Oliver through hooded eyes.

"Hmmm, it's a known fact Oliver that young viral men can't get enough," cheekily responded Grace causing Oliver to skim his hands down toward her sides in order to start tickling her. "Oliver, don't you dare start to tickle me or I really will have to leave this bed!"

"Then tell me how you know the difference my dear or I'll have to resort to bladder torture tactics."

"I just told you dear."

"Hogwash! Grace, I wasn't born yesterday and you my dear were an innocent before our wedding! Plus, a bit of a prude to even listen to such topics!" Oliver stated with a smug leer.

"I don't know what you are talking about and I was not a prude!" Grace sassed back as she attempted to stare Oliver down.

"Grace, I have to say your 'motherly stink eye' has become well crafted over the months but your 'wife stink eye' needs some more practice," jested Oliver.

"Oh, Oliver! Why can't you just accept my compliment for what it is instead of inquiring about it?" exasperatedly questioned Grace but realizing she wasn't going to win this stare down sighed in defeat, "Okay fine … if you must know your precocious daughter found the information in our lovely library! She was doing some of her own research on how babies are made, and discovered a whole new world of information I wasn't ready to divulge yet until she was at least 25 years old!"

"WHAT!? What do you mean? Annie found that kind of information in the library?! Did you torch it?! Leapin' lizards, Grace! She's just a child! Annie shouldn't be exposed to that kind of information!" Oliver exclaimed.

"Calm down papa bear," suggested Grace as she began to sooth Oliver's worry lines on his face, "your cub was appeased quickly with my hasty explanation but I glanced over the rest of the information as well as a few pages prior and after it. Those encyclopedias are filled with wonderful knowledge, but also with information I'm not ready for Annie to find out either. I also alerted the other parents to my discovery so hopefully future issues won't occur too soon!"

"Phew, thank goodness! So, in the encyclopedia it stated how babies are made?! Good heavens!"

"Yes and no! The pages before that specific information explained more about puberty and how it affected boys and girls differently. After reading those pages your daughter became very distraught to learn that she would eventually be greeted by a monthly visitor and that she may also blossom in the near future as well," explained Grace with her eyes twinkling after seeing her tough husband blanch at the thought, "Once we got past all that, I asked her why she was looking in that particular encyclopedia and her reply was to find out how babies were made. Thank goodness the explanation about procreation was very general so I explained to Annie that a baby is created when a mom and dad love each other and God wants to bless them with a child."

"So, let me get this straight the information before was about puberty and then a short description of procreation? Hmmmm … so where did you read up on a man's vitality?"

"I skimmed over it! Like I said your daughter was very upset about her future predicaments so I took the opportunity to review the information before allowing her to see the rest of it. Let's just say that whoever provided the facts was much more detailed with information about each gender's changes and libidos over their lifetime than the actual act. Sooooo, if the author is correct my handsome rogue, you are a rare specimen because most men's libidos plateau around decade four of their lives; however, on the flip side women's libidos enhance more after decade three of their lives and continue to bloom during their lifetime!"

"Oh really! Hmmmm … I'm not sure how to respond to that information! Maybe most men don't have an enchantress like I do who inspire them to stay fit and viral!" sighed Oliver with a cheshire grin.

"Ohhhh you!" playfully slapped Grace. "Now if you don't mind one of your offspring has repositioned him or herself on my bladder!" exasperatedly stated Grace as she untangled herself from Oliver. He assisted her up from the bed by giving her a boost then proceeded to get up himself. Oliver then slipped on his robe and then picked Grace's up from the chair.

"Grace …" started Oliver with an edge of nervousness to his voice.


"Ugh … well ugh …"

"Oliver what is it? Are you okay?" Grace asked with a lilt of worry to her voice.

"Yes! I just wondered before we fall asleep …," bashfully started Oliver as he began to shuffle his right foot along an imaginary line, but quickly glanced up as Grace emerged from the bathroom only in her birthday suit allowing him to rake appreciative eyes over her one more time before he held up her robe to slip into before continuing, "Well, I know you have already seen it, but would you humor me … I mean I've …" After slipping into her robe, Grace turned around and silenced his worry with a finger to his lips.

"Oliver I would love for you to show me the nursery! I want to hear all about the details from your own lips. Annabelle and Annie's voices may have lured me into the nursery earlier, but they didn't share to much about the process! However, I did read your note and … and … and … OH OLIVER you've always been welcome to join us! I wish you would have said something before! I feel like such a heel!" tearfully stated Grace but Oliver shushed her as he gently wiped away her renegade tears with the pads of his thumbs before peppering her face with soft kisses.

"Grace, dear, it's your special time with Annie, just like my swim lessons were my time with her. I just … I just … well … it's just Annie doesn't need my attention anymore when it comes to swimming … and, I guess I am a bit jealous of your time together. However, after last month's misunderstanding I didn't want junior's entrance into our lives to disrupt your time with Annie but maybe add us to it!" reasoned Oliver as Grace nuzzled her nose with his as a giddy grin spread across her face.

"Oliver, the fact you even thought to think about how we would split our time with each of our children is amazing! The chair is perfect! I know Annie thought it was a smashing idea as well! Now … my wonderful husband are you going to willingly give me the grand tour of our offspring's new residence for the next decade or so, or am I going to have to drag you in there?!" quipped Grace as she slowly pulled out of their embrace and captured Oliver's hand as she gave him a sweet come hither look.

"Hmmmm …," mulled over Oliver with his tongue in his cheek.

"Oh you!"

"I'd love to show you the nursery," Oliver shyly answered as his ears turned a bit red. Even though Grace has already had the liberty to view the nursery earlier, I am still a bit nervous about showing her! You'd think I was 16 again and trying to figure out how to play cool in front of my crush! Adrienne and Grace maybe the only women I've ever been with physically, but there was a time I was smitten with one of Annabelle's friends, Hazel. Boy was I always nervous around her with cotton balls in mouth and sweaty palms especially when I was trying to be inconspicuous by saying something or doing something nice for her to gain her approval or attention. And, right now I feel exactly the same way with Grace which is preposterous! I guess … I can chalk it up to the fact Grace will have another glimpse of how much 'I DID PAY ATTENTION' to her wants/needs throughout our platonic relationship, and playing nonchalant toward them at the time yet secretly I was filing them away in my memory bank like a love sick pup!

"Oliver, why the red ears?" scoffed Grace as she continued to lead him toward the nursery's door. "You don't have to be nervous or shy about your love and thoughtfulness toward me or our children."

"Well, it's just …"

"I know, I know, the big bad Oliver Warbucks has a reputation to uphold among his business associates, but my handsome 'teddy bear' its wonderful to know that you have a warm gentler side for your family! Annie and I have grown accustom to your 'professional and personal disposition switch' as well as our friends, family, and staff. It's nice to see you are able to flick it on and off more readily these days! I promise you that you are still a fierce and ruthless business man that the business world still admires and fears all at the same time, but I believe the world in general likes how you are fiercely protective and in love with your 'girls.' Now, my romantically sweet husband, please share this wonderful world of Peter Rabbit and his Hill Top Friends," Grace requested as she playfully batted her eyelashes. She then slowly opened the nursery's adjoining door and flicked on the lights as she continued to pull her shy and recoiling husband through it.

"Oliver! What's with the sudden awkwardness?!"

"Oh, I don't know," Oliver answered as he started to rub his neck self consciously, however, Grace wasn't buying his answer and gently cupped his face in one hand as she tilted it up a bit to make eye contact. Grace continued to really look into his eyes as they attempted to dance away from hers.

"Oliver?! Wait are you worried about how I feel about you overhearing Cecile and I talk about the type of nursery I would want for my child, if I were to ever have one?!" Grace asked with a lilt of preposterous in her voice but immediately realized that her assumptions were correct as Oliver's ears turned red again. "Oliver, you're so cute!" teased Grace as she drew him into another embrace to give him eskimo and butterfly kisses.

"Cute?! Grace, I'm anything but cute! We may need to get your eyes checked out after your fifth month check up!" Oliver bantered right back but his jest sobered Grace's playfulness.

Grace quickly changed the subject back to Oliver to avoid discussing her doctor's appointment especially since she moved it up and already went to it, "So … my handsome romantic husband you're demonstrating some self consciousness right now because the time for the great reveal is here; and, all of the sudden you feel a bit foolish because you created exactly what I wished for years ago after eavesdropping on Cecile's and my conversation about nurseries. Tsk, tsk, tsk … Oliver! I thought we agreed that we would look past all the silly things we've done for each other over the years?"

"Grace, if you think about it … it's not something that I did years ago! I do feel a bit foolish right now and I'm not quite sure why I all of sudden feel this way … only that … well I guess … it's because it just dawned on me that when it comes to you I've always been a romantic fool! This just proves it because I stored that information away … I guess subconsciously hoping that one day I would … I mean we would fulfill your dream together! I was so excited to create this room for you that I didn't take the time to think about … I mean after stewing over at J.B.'s … I mean I had this horrible feeling settle over me … that you would be upset with me again for enlisting the help of Annabelle, Cecile, Abigail, and even Annie … with … well … with concocting this Hill Top world for our little dividend," bashfully stuttered Oliver as he shyly shared his troubling thoughts with his wife.

Grace for her part just tweaked his nose and gleefully chortled before twirling around in a grand gesture before stating, "Oh Oliver, this nursery is absolutely mind blowing! The details are so breathtaking … Annabelle stated that you had a hand in every little detail and that makes it even more special! Yes, I did dream about working on the nursery, but with everything that has transpired in the last few months with the wreck, Annie's restrictions, my 'confinement,' etc. my thoughts toward the nursery were put on the back burner. However, this magically world is more than I could have ever hoped for my dear sweet thoughtful husband!

"I mean look at all of this Oliver, I know it's for our children to enjoy but I must say I will love playing with them in here! Oliver can you just imagine all the fun we will get into with them?!" squealed Grace. She then cheekily glanced toward Oliver and then to the rocking horse that was elegantly carved into what appeared to be a strong racing horse. "Hmmm … I don't recall a race horse being among Peter Rabbit's friends though!" Oliver's ears immediately went red again as he sheepishly looked toward his wife.

"Well, I … well, I … I sorta dreamed about a rocking horse for our little tyke. I always wanted one as a child and as a matter of fact that was handcrafted by Annette's cousin in upstate New York! He made two for July and Tessie for Christmas and Annie begged to have one in here! I believe she intends to use it as well! Annette and Michael stated that he reinforced it so it can bear up to 135 pounds especially after all the other girls nearly broke July and Tessie's because they like riding double."

"Hmmm, 135 pounds … well I'm sorry to hear that you won't be able to jump up there to ride double with one of our children! However, fingers crossed I will return to my 117 pounds after this pregnancy and I will be able to ride double at least with …"

"Grace! You will return to your former size and weight! After all, we'll have two energetic children to chase around, and besides I've never been as fit as I have been since Annie arrived! She keeps us on our toes to say the least, and sometimes I wish I could bottle up all that energy to use during some of our late nights!" coyly stated Oliver as he gave a meaningful leer toward Grace.

"Oliver you rogue!" exclaimed Grace as she realized he wasn't talking about work, "I believe you've proven yourself tonight without a bottle of her energy in sight! Now stop with the teasing so we can tour this lovely room and while we walk around please share your inspiration with me," sweetly added Grace to schmooze over Oliver in order to continue to postpone revealing her news to him. I've almost let our big secret slip a few times tonight. Grace thought as she started to soothingly rub her belly as Oliver guided her around the room telling her what he had ordered or what had been created by their friends and family.

Grace continued to listen to his monologue about the nursery's design as she attempted to formulate her own reveal dialogue. Once they had both moved around the room and ran their hands lovingly over each well crafted item, Grace lead them over to the double rocker to rest a bit. "Oh Oliver this is an amazing room! This chair is perfect for all of us to sit on during our nightly routines or at least initially!"

"What do you mean my dear?!" Oliver asked a bit mystified.

"Well, for one Annie will probably eventually show that teenage rebellion and think our nightly routines are too juvenile."

"Good Heavens! I didn't even think of that … I can't imagine Annie our 'cuddle bug' not wanting to continue your …"


"Our nightly routine." Oliver corrected with a tinge of bafflement to his voice. His perplexed and mystified face had Grace chuckling.

"Oliver, you're going to have to face the fact that our baby girl will be entering her teenage years in two years with raging and confusing hormones included," cheekily supplied Grace as she continued to guffaw at Oliver's shock, however, a swift one two had her gasp a bit as she grabbed her side furthest from Oliver. This action had Oliver's attention instantly as he moved his hand toward the assaulted spot. Grace noticing his movement and grasped his hand to guide it to the spot where there were still hands or feet sticking out again.

This caused Oliver to slightly twist his body in the chair and he took full advantage of his position as he captured not only Grace's eyes but her lips as well with a searing kiss. He then snuck his hand under Grace's robe in order to have skin to skin contact with their child, and as their kiss ended Grace's lips twisted in an ornery grin, "Oliver Warbucks you are a sneaky rascal!"

Grace's comment elicited a devilish grin as well as a deep mischievous chuckle from Oliver. "Well, my dear I have to say that my favorite time of the day is when I have you all to myself and I can touch you however I want," leered Oliver causing Grace's eyes to hood over with passion, however, it was short lived as she grabbed a hold of Oliver's other hand as she slipped it on the other side of her belly. It's now or never! Boy, won't Daddy be surprised!

"Wow, this little tyke is definitely active tonight! It seems like he or she has every joint as well as his or her hands and feet poking out of you my dear," commented Oliver as he glanced down at Grace's now exposed belly with a look of wonder plastered on his face. When Grace didn't respond to his comment after a few seconds he slowly glanced up to see Grace biting her lower lip with a look of nervousness and trepidation instead of humor or shared wonderment. Now, what?! I surely I didn't say something wrong this time! Why in the world would she be nervous, that lower lip gives her away every time. "Grace? What is it my dear?" softly questioned Oliver as he didn't want her to skid away from whatever was causing her grief.

Grace mentally shook herself before attempting to articulate her secret, "Oliver … ugh … Oliver … dear Lord, I'm so nervous …," trailed off Grace as her hands started to tremble. I've not been this nervous since our honeymoon night! Golly Ned! I need to calm down or your daddy is going to have a heartache. I can already see his nerves and blood pressure shooting up right now because I can't seem to spit out our secret!

"Grace, you're scaring me!"

"Oliver, I need to clear some information up with you and … don't ... calm down it's nothing life threatening nor am I mad at you."


"Okay, first, earlier you eluded to my five month check up coming up."

"Yes, it's next week, I have it marked on my calendar. It's one of the reasons I wanted to smooth things out between us …"

"Well, I uh … well, I uh …" Just spit it out Grace! "Oliver, I had it moved up to today!"


"Now, Oliver hear me out … please!" begged Grace as she nervously grasped his face in between her hands to gain his full attention. Her look and adamancy caused Oliver to gulp audibly but he nodded his compliance for her to continue.

"Thank you …" expelled Grace as she took a deep a breath to continue, "Oliver, I moved it up not because I didn't want you there … please believe me! I just had a concern that I wanted to confirm ...," trailed off Grace as Oliver interrupted her.

"Concern! What concern?! You haven't felt light headed again?! Dear Lord, please say our disagreement didn't cause anymore issues with your blood pressure!"

"Oliver, though my blood pressure wasn't great at my appointment it wasn't anything like it was last month. No, I was … I was concerned about something that runs in my family," Grace paused and tried so hard not to loose her nerve. Oh, why can't I just spit it out! Oliver looks so confused but relieved at the same time! Maybe if I pace or something it will be easier to say! Our surprise is hard to articulate to your daddy and I know you can't talk back yet, but your nonverbal communication is superb! You're going to make mommy have to go to the bathroom again! Your daddy is so cute when he's perplexed and worried! He may bellow a lot during the day, but he's a gentle 'teddy bear' at night when your sister and I get him all to ourselves … well I guess not for too long.

Grace's soft smile blossoming on her face after her last thought caused Oliver's heart to slow back down a bit as well as feel his blood pressure fall back down again. Golly Ned, Grace hasn't been this nervous since … I'm not sure … maybe since before Annie arrived. Our 'misunderstanding' has really impacted our communication skills. I hope whatever this 'thing' that runs in Grace's family isn't life threatening … but surely if it was life threatening she wouldn't be smiling so sweetly.



"Oliver," Grace started but again couldn't find the right words to finish her thoughts.

"Grace, whatever it is we will deal with it together as a team! We've been a force to be reckoned with in the business world surely we can manage it in our personal life as long as we are together," encouraged Oliver eliciting a beaming smile from Grace.

"Oh Oliver … it's just that this nursery is so perfect in so many ways … I fear the news may add a hiccup to the grand scheme of things … that's all."

"So … it's not life threatening," Oliver stated more than he asked.


"Okay … hmmm … I'm stumped! What in the world is the problem?" questioned Oliver but his incredulous tone sent Grace into a tizzy.

"WHAT'S THE PROBLEM! Oliver I'M FAT that's the problem," Grace spewed as she attempted to shoot out the rocker but struggled with her belly weight; however, Oliver realizing he did something wrong wasn't going to let anything like his wife floundering too get up cause anymore trouble for him that morning. So, he gave her a boost up as he attempted to formulate a response without getting back into the 'doghouse' again. Good heavens, now what!

"Grace, I thought my rebuttal from earlier was efficient enough," questioned a perplexed Oliver as he remained seated in the rocker as his beautiful wife paced back and forth in front of him.

"OLIVER IT WAS! The reason I went to the doctor today is … well … Oliver look at me!" Grace exclaimed and Oliver not wanting to do or say anything wrong did as she suggested. Grace for her part turned a 380 in front of him so he could see what she was talking about, but when Oliver failed to say or acknowledge her predicament she continued, "Oliver don't you see it?!"

"Grace, please I beg you, I don't really want to land in the 'doghouse' again, but I can honestly say I have no idea what you are talking about," squeaked out Oliver who was rubbing his neck nervously.

"OLIVER, I'M NOT TRYING TO LAND YOU IN THE 'DOGHOUSE' AGAIN! Besides if you are in the 'doghouse' again it affects me as well! No, I'm talking about this," Grace stated as she cupped her belly in her hands with an exasperated look, however, Oliver's only response back was a mystified look. "Oliver, I'm huge!"

"No your not!"

"Oliver, when Abigail was pregnant with Willis she didn't reach this size until she was almost eight months along!"

"What are you talking about?" probed a still very confused Oliver.

"Oliver, Abigail and I have similar bodies and well … I'm still very active … or at least after getting off my 'confinement' but my stomach keeps rapidly expanding," Grace heaved but before Oliver could interject his thoughts Grace continued her one-sided rant, "I mean Oliver, I feel so lucky that not only do I have you and Annie in my personal life, but that I'm blessed to be pregnant. BUT, OLIVER I never dreamed in a million years that all the ribbing Abigail and I did to each other as kids would actually come back and bite me in the butt! Pardon my language Oliver but I was not expecting two for the price of one even if it does run in my family! I mean now we'll have to add another crib to the nursery, and Annie has Raggedy Anne and Andy! This is so unfair to them, I've always wanted our children to have their own identity and their own special memories or mementos …"

"Grace, I'm having a hard time following you … why in the world would we need another crib and our children can share! Annie isn't that spoiled that she wouldn't share her Raggedy Anne and Andy books and memorabilia just like we'll make sure the baby shares his or her Peter Rabbit items with Annie," reasoned Oliver who was still confused due to Grace's rapid ranting and only being able to catch on to a few strings of words here and there.

"OLIVER, LISTEN TO ME! Did you even hear what I said to you! Good grief your children have horrible timing!" exclaimed a very frustrated Grace as she made a mad dash from the nursery to their restroom. This left Oliver alone in the nursery so he proceeded to turn off all the lights before following his wife.

Once he was right outside the bathroom's door he lightly knocked on it, "Grace, dear, forgive me but I only heard bits and pieces of it. I am extremely sorry I didn't catch onto the rest of it." Grace emerged from the bathroom to see a very solemn and confused Oliver awaiting her. Every instinct in the bathroom had her revving up to box his ears in, but one look at his perplexity left her in amusement once again at how men can be so dense sometimes.

"Oliver come to bed," simply instructed Grace as she grabbed for his hand and pulled him into their bedroom. Once they entered their room Grace quickly shed her robe and hung it on the chair, "Oliver, be a dear, and lock the door to our chamber. I know that Annie isn't in the house right now, but just in case she arrives home before we wake …"

"Right my dear," confirmed Oliver as he headed toward the doors to lock it, this also gave him time to try and collect his wits about him. I swear, I never believed those wive's tales that women get 'pregnant brain' and also a bit loopy when they're with child; but, my sweet always put together Grace has gone mad! I guess I'll take J.B.'s advice and roll with the punches. What's the saying 'a happy wife makes a happy life'?

After locking the door Oliver headed over to his side as Grace lovingly patted his spot in the middle of the bed. Then as he slid into bed, Grace rolled onto her left side as she placed a pillow under her belly while Oliver moved in to spoon her. "Grace, what's with the pillow?"

"Well, during my appointment today, Dr. Garrison asked if I was experiencing any back pain or belly strain during the day or night. I told her that during the day I felt it more than at night, and now that you no longer require Cecile's assistance I totally intend to utilize her seamstress skills not only for new clothes but to assist with some pregnancy girdles to assist with my current load," stated Grace as she and Oliver lovingly caressed her belly.

"Girdles? Why a girdle?! I mean you've never used one before?!" Oliver asked with bafflement and continued with confusion, "I mean using a girdle now to make your belly smaller seems like a moot point … and besides wouldn't that harm they baby?"

"Oh Oliver, you men are so dense sometimes … Cecile and I designed a pregnancy girdle to assist Abigail's back and belly discomfort especially on days she cut hair. The girdle supports the back and belly, it's not to make a woman's stomach flatter. Now, no worries about me harming our children," Grace soothed as she caressed Oliver's arm.

"Hmmm … a pregnancy girdle? I've never heard of them, is it something that other women would be interested in? Would there be a market for it?" Oliver pondered aloud as Grace rolled her eyes that he still wasn't catching on to her pregnancy implications, and that all he heard was possible capital in her last statement.

"Oliver Warbucks, NO BUSINESS IN BED!"

"Sorry dear!"

"Anyway, after discussing my day's discomfort and knowing that I needed a girdle, sooner than later due to my size. Dr. Garrison asked about nighttime discomfort and I told her it was more belly discomfort. She suggested I place a pillow under it. Dr. Garrison said that women often experience back pain and strain at night causing disruption to their sleep patterns as well. She also suggested I add one or two pillows in the back for sturdy support there. I told her that I had a great sturdy husband that supports my back each night and that's probably why I hadn't felt much discomfort there. Hence why I don't plan to send you to the 'doghouse' anytime soon," saucily added Grace as she teasingly pinched his arm playfully resulting with his belly laugh.

"Duly noted my dear!" Oliver answered after his belly laugh died down as he started to nibble on her neck.

"Oliver not that I don't want you to start something, but I fear your children have made me quite sleepy now!" lazily sighed Grace as fatigue and comfort started to settle into her body. This just elicited a soft chuckle from Oliver.

"No worries my love because the sandman is taking over my body as well," soothingly stated Oliver, "However, Annie's not here so you can't blame your fatigue on her tonight."

Oliver's last comment had Grace sleepily chuckle out her reply, "Oliver, I wasn't eluding to our daughter, I was talking about the twins." One, two, three, four, five … Grace counted the seconds it took for Oliver to finally understand her concerns and news she received from Dr. Garrison that morning.

"Twwwins," Oliver exhaled in disbelief as he propped himself up on his elbow and leaned over his wife to capture her eyes.

His deer in the headlight look had Grace grinning impishly, "Oh did I forget to mention that twins run in the Farrell line? And, if I forgot to tell you that, it probably slipped my mind to tell you that my father, Elmer, was a twin too! Whoops!"

"Whoops! Whoops ... whoops ... whoops is when you bump into to desk on accident! Whoops ... whoops ... whoops is when you slip on the wet floor and I have to steady you!" babbled Oliver with a slight lilt of hysteria to his voice but his arguments didn't have Grace recoiling with rejection but giggling like a school girl instead.

"Oliver … if you …could only see … your face … and … hear your voice!" chuckled Grace. Oliver's response was like a fish out of water with his mouth opening and closing. This sent Grace into another round of laughter. Eventually her laughter was catching and knowing there was nothing he could do but accept this new game plan he joined her. His laugh erupted even harder when Grace pushed up from the bed with his assistance so she could make another mad dash to the bathroom.

"Oliver Warbucks … this … is sooooooo … not funny!" playfully whined Grace.

"What's that famous line, 'all's fare in love and war,' my dear!" Oliver responded cheekily. Holy Cow, Leapin' Lizards, Golly Ned! TWINS! I know Annette's brother is working on a infant crib/bassenet for in here ... I'll have to remember to give him a buzz about making another one or making the original one larger for two babies. We'll definitely be discussing this in the morning, I'm sure ... However, Oliver's thoughts came to a quick halt when Grace drew his attention toward the bathroom as she playfully posed against the door frame revealing her sexy gams for him to admire.

"Oh really?!" coyly responded Grace to Oliver's 'love and war' comment and after seeing Oliver's eyes hood over with admiration she started to stalk toward the bed like a tigress eyeing her prey. Once she reached the bed her predatory gleam didn't end as she crawled up and continued her prowl toward Oliver before pouncing on him playfully. Oliver for his part audibly gulped when he saw Grace's look and predatory gate, but mindfully welcomed her pounce of truce in order to avoid squishing the twins as their lips crashed together. Twins! It's still hard to fathom, twins!

Once the lovebirds came up for air Oliver finagled Grace in front of him as he helped her get comfortable again before asking, "Grace, how in the world could the doctor confirm twins?"

Grace snorted a bit before replying, "Well, our children were doing a circus act for her during my appointment so she was able to detect more hands and feet than normal as well as my measurements today were off the charts for a woman five months along with a singleton pregnancy! She also found two heart beats with her stethoscope which she said sometimes is hard to find because one will mask the other. Dr. Garrison also indicated that our twins were being quite cooperative and stated she was 99% comfortable with confirming my suspicions especially with my family history."

"Hmmm …" replied Oliver as he started to nuzzle Grace's neck as his shock was wearing off and sleepiness was taking over.

"Is that … all you … have to say?" yawned Grace as she pulled Oliver's arms more snuggly around her.

"Is that a trick question?" tentatively asked Oliver.

"No," softly chucked Grace, " I just figured you would want to … I don't know talk more about this."

"Well … I'm sure if my brain wasn't so foggy and wanting to shut off I would have more to say … but all I keep thinking is … WOW! WE DID THIS!" Oliver stated as he grinned into Grace's neck and cuddled into her back.

His comments and actions had a burst of love and contentment instantly spreading throughout Grace as she sleepily continued, "What about names?"

"Whaaaat about namessss?" Oliver slurred back as he fought the sandman.

"Weelll, wee'llll have to think oooof four namesss now, two girls … and two boys," Grace stated as she too started to struggle with her fatigue.

Drowsily Oliver impishly grinned against Grace's neck as he said, "Well, I'm suuure we haaave a feeeeew months tooooo come up with naaaames as well as Annieeee! Let's get soooome reeest now, BUT I can saaaaaay there is one naaaame we can vetooooo now …"

However, before Oliver could finish his thought Grace sleepily joined his monologue as they both stated at the same time, "ANDREEEEEEW," eliciting soft chortles from each other before succumbing to the sandman.



I've done some research on twins in families and fraternal twins may run higher due to hyperovalulation.

Hyperovalulation example:

-If you, your mother, or her mother's mother is a fraternal twin. These women may carry a gene for hyperovulation, which means they release more than one egg during an ovulation cycle, increasing their ability to conceive fraternal twins. The chances may be as high as 1 in 17 if the mother is a fraternal twin herself.

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