Maybe this will turn into a series, maybe it won't. Got a single (my first) Atlantis Drabble-esk thingy in my head and decided to share. Unedited, ur-re-read (or something) and plastered up here with dripping wallpaper glue... Enjoy before it peels off into a stinking lump...

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Despite the roiling anger in her gut Elizabeth kept her cool and made a conscious effort not to clench her fists. Her Jaw however had long ago ceased to comply. Her tone brooked no argument as she dealt with the child in front of her."Kavanagh." she said "Get back in there." The word 'Now!' stayed off her lips. She had already made her threat.

Standing with his arrogant face on Kavanagh simply sneered. The slanted grin marginally more disrespectful than the last one. "We'll talk about this later." he pomped out.

"Never again. Go!" Weir decreed "GO!" and with that Kavanagh walked away.

Weir stared after him and then her focus shifted slightly as an unbidden thought entered her head. 'Oh God!' she thought, 'I've turned into my mother!'


AN: As it is no.1 Atlantis (even though there is not much to say as there is no real substance) I would really appreciate your thoughts. Maybe I got Weir wrong, maybe I got her right? Input is always helpful. As I always say "If ya don't know that it's broke, ya can't fix it!" Later peeps!