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Unknown location

A young man in an odd outfit is seen lying on a rocky terrain, his body heavily beaten. "Hehehe, I'm dying." he says with a sad sort of smile. He lifts his right hand, which bears a strange ring, to his lips and says, "It's time, initiate command AlphaOmega.", the ring replies "The message has been sent, the other twelve are on their way." As soon as the message finished eleven flashes of light can be seen. The eleven newcomers each wearing the same odd outfit, save two, look around and spot the young man, "Agent Orange" a few of them called "Boss" said others as they rushed towards the now named Agent Orange.

The first of the eleven to reach him was a man who looked about 28 with white, shoulder length hair, and white glasses wearing the same odd outfit as Agent Orange. "Agent Orange." the man said "Boss are you okay, do you need me to heal you?" Agent Orange looked at him and said "No it's time that's why I had my ring activate command AlphaOmega, don't worry my end is only the beginning" Agent Orange pauses and looks at the others, "my oldest and best friends."

Agent Orange gives a single nod and the others nod back because they know they'll see each other again. The eleven gather around Agent Orange and point their rings towards him, soon an orange colored energy is seen leaving their rings and entering Agent Orange's ring, when the energy transference stops Agent Orange's ring announced "Energy transfer complete, power levels at full capacity." while the other rings announce" Power levels depleted activating emergency protocol 1." and just like they arrived they leave in quick flashes of light.

Agent Orange looks to his ring and said "You know what to do, after all its happened before." the ring replies "Affirmative, sir." The ring lifts off of his finger, glows in an intense orange light, and disappears. Agent Orange looks to where the ring vanished and says, with his final breath, "Good luck, you'll need it." and with those words the young man, currently known only as Agent Orange, passes on to the next life.

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