Chapter Two: Moving On

Today is my birthday, again. I have decided to make it special, and to allow Edward and I to move forward with our relationship. When Stephanie and I went shopping I got a brand new set of lingerie. I haven't used it yet, but I am prepared to today. Alice is currently helping me get ready for my birthday party. Which is followed by my surprise for Edward.

I don't know if I'm ready for us to renew our engagement yet, but I will leave that up for discussion. I walked over to my dresser and showed Alice my new lingerie, she looked at them for about five minutes and said, "just use the silver one. I think it is the best one for the occasion. I nodded and put on my dress for tonight.

The dress wasn't really a dress in my opinion, almost my whole stomach is showing and my entire back is out and it just goes pass my butt. I turned around looking in the mirror to make sure everything is covered. She started to get agrivated because I was taking so long. When I felt like I was covered enough, she led me out to the car to take me to the house.

I walked in the house and everyone came and gave me a group hug. Edward then gave me a huge hug by myself. I smiled and kissed him. I turned around and saw the dance floor, which Edward was dragging me to. We danced to slow songs, upbeat songs, everything. I was then passed along throughout all of the family. Everyone danced with me, except Bella, wether it was in a group or a solo dance.

After dancing for about three hours we then went and did the birthday cake. I loved the cake. It had a chocolate section, a white section and a red velvet section. I ate a piece of every kind. I loved it so much, cake is just so delicious.

After the cake everyone gave me presents. I feel like I get to much stuff. I looked at my presents and remembered my presents from before I hated that I haven't even used my car much since then. I feel very guilty about it. Edward reading my mind told everyone that maybe we should do this tomorrow. I looked up and said, no this is fine. They all looked at me and gave me my presents. I got a wide array of things, ranging from cook books from Esme to an upgraded laptop from Jasper.

Edward tapped my shoulder and had a sheepish look on his face. I looked at him and asked, "what's wrong." He got down on one knee like he did before and said, "I know I screwed up a little bit ago but I am asking that you forgive me, and let us move on in our relationship. Allow me to try again and help. We can try again and I'm sure we are stable enough in our relationship that we will succeed."

I was ready for this, for us to move on with our lives and try again. I looked to Edward and said, "yes, we can try again." He smiled at me and picked me up and gave me a kiss. I looked at Edward so happy that we are going to try again.

We stayed at the house for another hour when we decided it was time to go home. We drove there and the second we got there I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I hurried up and got dressed and carefully tried to not think about it. After about half an hour of getting ready I came out of the bathroom into our bedroom and edward gawked at me. I walked up to him and sat on the bed.

When Edward finally came to his senses he asked me, "are you ready for this." I nodded to him and said, "I want to try us again, I had this planned with Alice. I think it will help us, and maybe things will be good again.

Edward smiled at me and then we laid down and made love to each other. Just like the old times. We were happy and it felt like nothing could stop us from our love. I was happy when we finished, I felt complete again, like something I have been missing is back.