Chapter Five: Reception

My wedding was an awsome succes, I didn't have a single mishap with my vows or anything else. I enjoyed the look of Edward but it didn't distract me from my main purpose for earlier. Now it is time for the reception. It is set up in a semi circle with Edward and I at the front, with our bridal party.

There isn't a huge buffet of food so people won't think to much about why my new family isn't eating. I sat down in my seat with Edward and smiled, he gave me a kiss and said, "I love you". I smiled and said it back, I looked around at my decorations again, I appreciate how ever little detail is exactly how I want it. I had all of the flowers I wanted and they were exactly where they were supposed to be. Everything was perfect and everything will stay that way.

Edward pulled on my hand and said, "come dance with me". I smiled and got up and walked with him to the dance floor when we started that way the DJ said, "Hey everyone off the floor it is time for the bride and the groom's first dance". Everyone clapped and got off the floor. The song that played was our song, "Thousand Years" an irony that exists because we will be together for thousands of years.

We started the dance very slow and sweet I felt like I was all he cared for, even though there is still his family, especialy Renesmee, his sweet daughter, she is excited for a little sibling, she doesn't think I should have multiple ones because it would be dangerous for my health. I don't know what will come out of it, but I know I'm gonna try and debate with him for more than one.

Edward leaned down to me and said, "Please, at least for Today, don't think about it, think about this wonderful wedding and our coming honeymoon". I smiled at him and thought of us stripped down in a huge gorgeous bed. He lauged and spun me around. We danced for a couple more minutes and then the song was over.

We did a couple more songs without him saying anything. It was comfortable we don't have to say anything to be happy with each other. After that Esme walked up and asked if she could have a dance with her son. I agreed and walked off the dance floor. The DJ anounced that this is the mother son and the father daughter dance. I expected my father to come and dance with me but he just stared at me. I looked away, and cried on the inside. Carliasle walked up to me as I was walking off and took my hand and walked me to the stage and danced with me. I cried on Carliasle's jacket. He didn't say anything even though I was ruining his tux.

When the song ended Edward walked up to me and gave me a quick kiss and then walked off the floor. He walked up to my father and was going to hit him when Jacob stopped his arm in mid swing. Edward then said to my father, "Leave, you can't support your daughter and show her that you love her, then you need to leave and don't come back. Your wife can come back, but I don't ever want to see your face again, not ever not even when we have children or when she dies, if I'm still alive to see it, which I hope I'm not."

I was surprised at how he stood up for me, I know he loves me but to make a public display like that at our wedding I was happy, and upset. I looked at my father and said, "it is time for you to leave, I wanted this to be a good day". My father balled his fist at me like he was going to punch me. This threw Edward off and caused him to punch my father.

Everything in the reception got quiet after that moment. I felt like everyone was surrounding us to see what was going on. I looked around and saw that everyone was gathered around our little group and staring at us. My aunt and cousin approached us. My cousin was the first one to speak, she said, "Haha got a shitty groom, he hits your father, you chose a great man to make your husband. I can't wait to see what he does to you." I ignored what she said, her childish antics don't matter right now.

After that, my Aunt then grabbed me and faced me toward her and said, "Are you going to just let him do that. I knew you were a notty disobedient child, but to allow your groom to do such things to your father is just wrong." I looked at my aunt and said, "My husband was standing up for me. He approached my father and asked him why he was treating me like this. I then spoke to my father and he dared to ball his fist at me, my husband wasn't going to take that and so he striked. If your husband would let your father do such things to you, then he is a horrible husband and man."

I looked at my guests for my wedding reception. There were people from all over I looked at everyone and then said, "It is time for you to go father. Everyone else can stay, but if I hear anything else from you Aunt Sharie and Laurie, you will be gone too."

After that everyone else dispersed, my father then grabbed my mother and was about to leave. I looked at my mama and said, "you're not gonna go are you. I want you to stay here and celebrate this wonderful day with me." My mother looked at me, then my father, then at me again, then she finally said, "I can't, my place is here, by your father's side, I can't go against his wishes, that is my duty as his wife."

I was astounded at what my mother said, she would abandon me, on my day, because she wants to make her husband happy. I was upset. I looked at her and said, "Fine, leave I don't want to hear from you again, I bet you would have let him put his hands on me, what ever leave." They then left along with my aunt and cousin.

I looked at Edward and said, "I want a moment away from all this stuff, will you come with me." He grabbed my hand and lead me into the house. I sat down on the couch in the living room and just relaxed. Edward then took off my shoes and rubbed my feet. After a couple minutes he turned my face towards him and said, "How are you feeling." I nodded and said, "I'll be fine I just wish things didn't turn out this way. I wanted a perfect wedding and it wasn't." After a couple more minutes I asked, "Can we go back to the reception." He smiled at me and put my shoes back on my feet. We then went back to our reception.

When we went back I went to the dance floor. I started with a couple songs with Edward and then I started dancing with his brothers and Jacob. Everyone was so goofy, I felt like they were just trying to make me laugh. It did work I laughed the whole time I was dancing with Emmett. Even Jasper was making little jokes, I guess they all just wanted this day to turn around for me. I also danced with all the woman. I didn't know who I enjoyed most, but if I had to choose it would be Renesmee because I felt like we were conecting and I feel like we really need that since I married her father.

After all of the dances, we did the cake. I love the cake I got a four tier cake, the top one for our one year anniversary, if we make it there, if not it is for the night that we turn me. Edward says it's going to be a waiste because I will have to turn after our first child if we have the baby by then, but I say that I am not going to change that day.

The cake we chose was red velvet, because it is like the best cake ever, with whipped white icing. I love it but where the decorations were, it was way to much icing it was cute and all but the icing was sickening when you ate a pretty flower. Edward kind of didn't want his cake so I smashed it on his face and only made him take one bite. I then ate the rest of his. Emmet made a joke that I was eating like a hungry grizzly bear. I kind of jumped on him for that one, but it was jokingly.

At the end of the reception Edward and I shared one last dance before I had to go and change for our flight. I got dressed in a medium length white dress so it wouldn't get in the way. I got down the staircase that I had earlier decended to music I felt like I was going down the aisle again but this time Edward was just wearing slacks and a dress shirt. I smiled at him and then we walked out to the lovely rent-a-car that we got to take us to the airport.