NOTE: ' ' = text, * * = thought. enjoy!

5 years after the Hunter's exam

April 2, 1:30 A.M.

Hisoka p.o.v.

I jolted awake to the sound of my phone going off. I sighed in mild aggravation.

"Whomever that is better have a damned good reason for waking me or blood will spill." My nen whipped out, bloodlust escaping as I deftly snatched the phone from the nightstand.

'I found him' I looked at the message with amusement. * I doubt it's him... He wouldn't be here of all places...*

'prove it' Shock shook through me as an image came in reply. The photo was just taken, and even though things have changed, it was obvious just who the picture was of...

*You're mine now Gon. There is no escaping me now...*

Illumi p.o.v.

I watched as the boy walked two more steps before freezing. He looked slightly alarmed for a moment, before looking up the building and looked up, immediately meeting my eyes. *What the FUCK!? I know damn well my zetsu did not let out...* I watched as he ran off at a fast pace, and after updating Hisoka, I took off without hesitation. *Losing you is not an option. I am not about to mess up my chance of getting hisoka away from me and killua. I wont risk it.*

Gon p.o.v.

I I ran quickly, knowing I didn't have a ghost of a chance against Illumi. *The sooner I got away, the better. Especially if... Fuck, Hisoka is ahead of me* I took a hard left away from the dark aura, knowing damn well if he caught me, I would be dead in a heartbeat.