Hisoka p.o.v.

April 2, 3;30 A.M.

I watched as the boy I was following made winding paths and random turns. *We're near a forest. He's gonna go for the trees soon enough.* 'He will go for the trees. knock him out... I want him alive.'

'Whatever is necessary Hisoka.'

I stopped chasing Gon the minute he hit the tree line. Illumi will bring him to me soon enough.

Illumi p.o.v.

I hopped eerily from tee to tree, keeping tabs on the hunt. *My brother better do as he's expected or this won't end well.*

I heard a loud crash as a tree near me shook slightly, and I bounded down lightly as I surveyed the surrounding area. Killua looked up at me, his blue eyes like ice.

"I knocked him unconscious as requested, Illumi. I didn't enjoy the look of betrayal in his eyes, but it's done." I nodded in praise as my little brother picked him up over his shoulder. "Aniki, i did well, right?" I nodded once more, and he smiled. *My brother will do exceedingly well. he has grown into his position.* We walked quietly to the tree line, popping out three hundred yards from the client. We strided over, Hisoka meeting us near a small watchtower.

"Wonderful. thank you Illumi, Killua. The arranged payment will be wired through at midnight tonight. Oh, and due to your exemplary help, i added a bonus." we nodded at each other, watching as Hisoka grabbed the unconscious boy, letting his nen wing around his wrists as he picked him up over his shoulder. As he walked away, me and Killua walked the opposite direction.

"Aniki?" I looked briefly at my young sibling, wondering that now that he is 17, will mother carry out her promise?

"Hmm?" Killua looked at me, confusion covering over his usually icy blue eyes.

"Did I do the right thing just now? Letting Hisoka take Gon when he's nen bound for another whole week?" I thought over his question. *Hisoka has no wish to kill the boy. At least, not anymore... what he wants is all together a darker route... to posses the boy completely...*

"Yes. He will be fine."

Hisoka p.o.v.

After a couple of hours walking through the city, i finally made it to where I was staying. I was back at the Heaven's Arena, and I had the top floor to myself. *This is a nice change. Nobody will be able to stop me from having Gon here.* I put the boy on the bed carefully, knowing he has no nen to protect himself for a week. I put bungee gum on his wrists to the bed post, careful not to wake him. *Were you anyone else Gon, I would just use rope... But you're a lot craftier then I expected, even from you.* I walked closely to the king bed, quiet in my heeled shoes. After I grabbed the necessary materials, I decided to go into the shower.

Gon p.o.v.

I woke quickly, fear slowly seeping into my bloodstream. My hands were bound, and Hisoka's aura was close. Bungee gum coated my wrists, and I knew I most likely didn't have long to live. I opened my eyes boldly, only to see a not so fully clothed Hisoka standing at the foot of the bed. My eyes widened as I watched his over shirt fall from his long, agile fingers to the carpeted floor. He slowly up ended his under shirt, showing his back and accentuating his muscular physic. By this time, a small blush had formed upon my cheeks, and I attempted my hardest to not look at him. I closed my eyes briefly hoping to calm myself down. When I opened my eyes, they were met with a brilliant gold framed by dark khoal lining. The flaming crimson hair usually held up by some form or another, fell over his face, and I quickly realized I was trapped underneath the most unpredictable and volatile men in the world. His broad shoulders were taught, a small smirk of victory on his face. His strong arms caved me in, and I only had one thought in mind. *Holy Hell, I never even felt the bed move...*

"Oh, Gon, you are awake after all... Good." One hand slid up my chest, clasping onto my neck with a surprising gentleness. I looked deep into his eyes in an attempt to figure his motive, only to feel the hot heat of a passionate lip lock. The kiss lasted a few minutes, and while Hisoka remained stoic, I found myself slightly panting.

"What was that for? I thought you wanted to kill me..." Hisoka got a small smirk at that statement, and my confusion grew.

"Actually, I was just about to take a shower... Will you join me?" My confusion stole away into shock, nd My eyes turned into saucers. That appeared to amuse Hisoka, because he let out a small chuckle before lightly nipping my neck.

"Uuuuuhhhhhh..." *what the HELL?* I heard Hisoka give a small sigh.

"Well, you took too long. I'll wake you tomorrow morning."

Everything once again, went black.