A/N: So this is my first L.I.S story and so please try to be nice if it isn't the best lol. I've had a lot of background of this game by Youtube, Google and more. Recently I bought it but it's not working right. When you start your game you get a nice chalkboard with Max's camera drawn in the corner when you FIRST start the game when it loads, but after that, instead of the scene with the tornado it just freezes then crashes in seconds. I don't get it...

But anyways, I've always thought Max and Warren was always cute together and so far I haven't seen a fic just about them so... I figured I would start the Max and Warren train. Choo, choo! Yeah, I'm weird. :P

I hope you enjoy!


Max's P.O.V.


Kate was standing on the roof of one of the buildings, I just paused time to go and try to save her. I unfroze time and seen she was about to jump off. I moved my hand away from my face due to the wind, to get a better look at her.

"Kate!" I yell, she turns back to me with red eyes. "You don't have to do this!"

"Oh Max, you were the only one who cared." She says, we don't say a word. I stand in shock and in fear, she stands in sadness. Below us I can hear people screaming and crying while some laughed and called her names. It was so sad that the people that made fun of her, now cared. She then fell back and I reached out my hand to save her and maybe go back. But nothing happened, I couldn't rewind and I was to far away to save her. I held my head crying like the sky was. I just witnessed Kate's death, and I know there will be rumors that I pushed her off.

After explaining to the police and some teachers what happened, Warren and I met up on a little hill near the main building. Warren and I are watching the sunset, explaining what happened with Kate. He thinks I was very brave to stop her, and he's right. I think I was brave to be the only one to stop her. Soon an eclipse just appears out of no where. First it's the snow and now this?! What's next, an earth quake? I shouldn't jinx myself. A cold breeze passes by on this autumn night, even though my gray jacket is a little heavy, it's not warm enough.

I rub my arms up and down shivering, Warren notices this and moves closer to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. It felt pretty nice someone comforting me through this hard time. I wish more people cared about her and what she was going through. A tear slipped from my eye and I quickly wiped it.

"Don't cry, Max." Warren says and hugs me closer, he was pretty warm but it was mostly his sweater.

"I'm sorry, it just that-"

"Don't say your sorry, you tried everything you could do." By now I could hear Warren's heart beat going faster. I have no idea why, he never talked to Kate that I knew of so he couldn't be mad. I sighed and began to get up, he followed me while grabbing his bag.

"I better get going, it's getting pretty late." I say and look at him, he was about an inch or two taller then me. His black eye was going down a little but not much, I really felt bad about it. I wish he didn't get involved with Nathan, it just made things worse between me and him.

"Yeah me to," he puts his bag on and reaches out for a hug. "bye Max."

I return it which is something I haven't done in a while. I wasn't much of a hugger but when it's time like these, you could really use one. He went one way and I went the other. I went into the girls dormitories and walked down the dimly lit hallway. I took a glance near Kate's room and the door was open, some stuff was packed up. Her little white board still said "Will bang for Jesus" and I rolled my eyes.

I thought I already erased this. I wiped it with my sleeve and sighed, some people are so immature. I'm surprised they passed Kindergarten. I continue walking down the hall until I reach my room. I open it and notice some papers were still scattered from earlier. I pick them up and put them in a pile on my little sofa. I quickly change into my pajamas and crawl under my covers, falling asleep.