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Max's P.O.V

Two Whales

I hear the sound of my alarm clock. Great, morning already! I roll over and turn it off, pulling the covers off. I walk over to my calender and sigh. In a week Warren and I are going to a Halloween party and tonight he's picking me up for some movie. I grab my shower supplies and grab some clothes. A light pair of blue jeans, a white shirt that had the words "wild spirit" with a feather and my normal grey jacket.

I walk out of my room, shutting and locking it (in case of Victoria) and head down the hall. I can see Dana running down the hall in a towel laughing, she accidentally bumps me with her shoulder and I continue walking. I head inside and notice no one is in there. I sigh to myself and step into the shower. I wish someone would clean these, they look and smell so old.

A few minutes later I hear the door open, I tilt my head back to rinse any soap left from my hair and I hear crying. I peek my head out of the curtain to see Victoria looking at herself. Tears are streaming down her face and she takes a deep breath, the sobbing continues. I stay hidden until she wipes her face, fixes her makeup and walks out.

What was that about? I ask myself. I shake the thought off and quickly get changed, I head back to my room and check the time. Warren will be here within an hour. I text Chloe to meet me at Two Whales, a few seconds go by and she tells me she would be there soon.

I quickly grab my bag just in case, stuff my phone inside it and then head out. I walk by Dana's room to where she was dancing pretty sexually, possibly practicing for either cheer-leading or her boyfriend. She waves at me and I wave back, before exiting the girls dorms and soon campus. I wait for the bus and it slowly pulls up. I put my headphones in and shuffle through my playlist.

"The Reason" by Hoobastank comes on and I smile, leaning against the window. It's the perfect chill yet fast love song to me. I mouth the lyrics as the bus stops at Two Whales, the bus driver opens it's doors and I step out. Just by the slightest crack in the bus doors I can smell the greasy burgers and the sound of sizzling bacon.

I take a deep breath and I said before, this place is like my second home. I open the creaky door and take a look at a poster on the little window. Another day, another hour without Rachel Amber. Hopefully Chloe and I will find her someday, and we could all be friends. I hear shouting and I sigh, it must be Chloe. I come around the corner to her fighting with a cop.

"Listen here punk a-" Chloe yells in the guys face before shes cut off.

"Chloe! I'm sorry sir for my dramatic daughter." Joyce, Chloe's mother, says. Chloe rolls her eyes, crosses her arms and scoffs at this. "Whenever she ain't here, coffee is on us. Huh?"

"Thank you." He says and he walks over at Chloe who glares at him. "I'll be watching you, Missy." He jabs his finger into her shoulder before walking out. When he isn't looking Chloe flips him off and I walk over to her.

"What was that about?" I ask and she smiles at me.

"Just wanted to start something." she leads us to a booth and she jumps onto the little seat. "So any plans for tonight? I was thinking we could do something bizarre."

"As much I would like to shoot bottles with you, race trains or whatever. I do have plans." I realized I haven't told her about Warren yet, she might be teasing me about this for the rest of my life.

"With who? Someone hotter and cooler then me? As if! But really, who?" She asks, pulling her beanie over her blue hair more.

"A good friend of mine named Warren." I answer and she raises her eyebrows, then she looks down smiling.

She traces some graffiti on the table."Right," She brings that word out which makes me sigh, "A friend. Next thing I know you two will be getting married!"

"Oh shut up!" I throw the menu at her and she laughs. Joyce struts over, holding two plates. She sets one in front of me which was a grilled cheese. She put Chloes plate down with a sandwich with one piece of bacon. I giggle as Chloe glares at her food. I used to get the grilled cheese all the time here, I'm so glad Joyce remembers the littlest stuff.

"Really? One piece of bacon, again?"

"Once you shut your mouth, your daily special will change." Joyce begins to walk away, a smirk on her face.

"Then her menu won't change for a long time." I laugh and Chloe shoots me a glare, I try to hold back my smile as Joyce returns to the counter laughing a little to hard. I can't wait for what tonight will bring.

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