Hi. I know this is so unimportant.

I know most people will not remember me. (if not then I'm the first person who ever wrote the first Graham fanfic ever which happened to be on this site, "Love Is Strange." Which, you might be on right now. Unless I post this as a "story" itself. Then... idk lol!)

But, for those who don't know I'm writing a book.

Like, an actual book. As in order online, delivered to your house, read it with turning actual paper chapters with a cup of coffee/tea, type of book.

As most know, I'm not the best writer. (like seriously, go and read my old work).

But, I've been writing this book for three years now. It is based off a fanfic. Not "Love Is Strange" but another one.

I'm hoping to have it out by December 1st of next year. I'm at 63k words, 24-ish chapters, and on my way to get a tattoo.

Yes, a tattoo. This book has meant so much to me. I have put so much time, energy, sweat, tears and basically anything else you can imagine into it. I have put bits of my life and others lives into this. I don't want it to just exist, I want it to live. I could just self publish it (which I plan to do) and forget about it. But, if I have it on me then it's a huge conversation starter. Like, why did you get that? Out of all the phrases in the world, why that one? It will show how passionate I am. Three years of my life on this. I want it to mean something. I want to remember I followed my dream of writing a book that I've had since I was eight.

I will be getting the tattoo next month. It will be the simple words of "Hello, friend." It's the opening words of my book. It sums up everything in a weird way. The main character breaks the fourth wall, talking to the reader, as if he knows you. He doesn't have any friends or family, meaning that you're his first true friend. You turned to him to listen to his story, which he's willing to tell you. You're his friend. His therapist. His family. His world. Just because you chose him to listen to. Someone who can finally listen to him.

I feel as over time, my main character was real. As if he was in front of me, talking. Or I was him experiencing his situations. Or with him on his rough journey. I know it sounds so strange.

But then again... life is strange.

Ba dum tssss!

Okay, I'm lame.

Anyways. The title of the book will be "Pale." I just thought I would share this information so none of you thought I died. I just don't write fanfiction anymore because my writing attention has been on this thing. Mainly within the past year. I've really buckled down and really carved into the book.

OH! Before the Storm has me shook. It makes me love Rachel so much more, same with Chloe. I low key have a theory that Rachel has some type of power like Max, just her and others didn't realize it. Like how come when she's mad, she's able to do super shit. Like make a huge fire happen within seconds and smash a table with a salad bowl? Like... girl chill.

Also, Nathan needs some more help than he did in the original game.

Also... all the voice actors are gone? Like I know Chloe's went on strike or something. But Samual, Victoria, Nathan, Wells and all the original characters sound so different?! As if they're voice is so much deeper. I'm so confused lol.

Anyways, ty for reading my lame thing. :D