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Cavall's POV- The day he joins Meliodas.

Master Meliodas said he wanted to take me and introduce me to the rest of his little gang. First was Merlin, the woman in the room with us. She smelled like flowers, and…chemicals. She was known as the Boar's sin of Gluttony.

"I've already designed some things for you." She said.

How long was I out?

There were three things on the table, a green bandana, some black pants and a set of gloves.

"Go ahead." Meliodas said "Put'em on."

"The Bandana can go on your head." Merlin said helping me tie the cloth "It will hold your ears down, you hearing will suffer but it's a necessary evil."

"Turn around." I said "I need to put on the pants."

"They have a pocket for your tail." She said "It might cause slight discomfort."

They were a little snug but I'd manage.

"And the gloves." She said tossing them to Meliodas "You can try those later."

"Alright." I said looking at myself in the mirror.

For the first time I looked like a normal person, no ears, and no tail.

"Thank you for the clothing Lady Merlin."

"You don't have to call me that." She said.

"I wish to, if I am the dog, you, the sins, are my masters." I told her.

"You speak very well for someone who lived in the forest." Meliodas said.

"My hearing is superhuman." I told him "I picked up conversations from yards away…when I was young, I taught myself, and sometimes I'd find books lying around and learn from them."

"Interesting." Merlin

"Come on." Meliodas said "We've got people to see."

"Yes Master."

"Merlin's right, that really doesn't fit just call me captain."

"Very well, Captain."

Meliodas took me to meet the remaining members of his team. It was strange walking around with other humans. No one was throwing things at me, or screaming for me to get out. Mistress Merlin's clothing had a slight discomfort to it but I would get used to it with time.

"First up Ban and King." Meliodas said.

I was quiet as we walked.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"No Sir." I said "It just strange to walk around like it's nothing. People here seem to think highly of you as they all turn to face you when they walk. They have smiles on their faces…they like you."

"I guess I'm kinda popular." He shrugged "I hadn't really thought about it."

"Well here we are." Captain said "This is the castle."

We walked the grounds; there were dozens of what are known as Holy Knights walking around. Each had a peculiar scent. One like lightning, one like a swords and metal, and one even smelled like blood.

"I smell beer." I told the man.


"The one who's arm I ripped off is that way." I said.

"You got his smell that quick?" he asked.

"I memorized all seven of you in an instant." I told him "The one who smells like sweat is with him."

"Yeah that's Ban and King alright."

Sure enough around the corner were two men, the overweight floating on, and the one with shaggy white hair.

"Captain~ Come drink with me~"

"Ban, King this is Cavall." Meliodas said "He's gonna be helping us out from now on. Cavall this is the Fox's sin of Greed, Ban, and the Grizzly's sin of Sloth, King."

"Oh~" Ban trudged over to me "It's the wolf boy, you got tamed to easily, you must be pretty submissive mutt."

"Are you trying to get me to tear your arm off again?" I asked.

He laughed to himself "I thought the dog obeyed the master?"

"Knock it off Ban." The floating guy told him.

This was King; he was certainly a strange man. He was out of shape, reeked of an awful odor and floated around on a large pillow.

"I look forward to serving you. Master Ban, Master King" I told them.

"Master?" Ban smirked "I like it."

"Don't give him the satisfaction." King mumbled.

"Call him whatever you want." Meliodas told me "Let's get moving."

I followed Meliodas to the next one.

"This is Serpent's Sin of Envy Diane and that's the Goat's sin of Lust, Gowther" he said when we got to the next to.

The scents on these two were strange. Miss Diane smelled like dirt, like that smell dirt has right after it rains, she had a muddy smell.

Master Gowther was different. He was someone I was watching out for. His smell was…off. I couldn't really describe it, he had a smell but it was…unnatural.

"It's the little dog." Miss Diane said tapping me on head with her finger.

"He's not very little." Master Gowther told him.

"Miss Diane can you not tap so hard?" I asked politely.

"Miss…I'm that old!" she yelled "Captain! He called me old!"

All of them, well except Ban; do not care to be called Master, how strange…I'll call them by name, if that is what they wish.

"We have one more to meet." Meliodas said "But he's tied up right now so let's go break in these gloves."


He took me to some kind on training field, it was basically empty.

"Here." He threw the gloves at me.

I put them on, they appeared to be simple, black leather gloves with a white circle on the palms.

"I don't understand." I told him "They appear to be just normal gloves."

"Merlin said to touch the center of the rings on the palm."


The gloves slid around and lager metal blades extended from each finger on each hand.

"Metal claws?"

"She said it was so you could use the same fighting style without the need to become the wolf." Meliodas told me "Take a few minutes to get used to them, I'mma grab you a sparring partner."

Master walked off leaving me alone on the field. These claws were interesting. They rattled and creaked each time I moved a muscle in my hand. The nails were a little longer then I was used to, by a good three or four inches, not to mention the added weight from the metal.

"This will take some getting used to." I mumbled walking up to one of the dummies.

I swiped at it and cut the chest open.

"Well they are sharp." I said ripping into the dummy's chest.

I tapped the center circle and the claws retraced.

"Yo, I'm back." Meliodas said.

He was accompanied by five of the remaining sins.

I have still yet to meet the one called Escanor.

There was a man with them, he smelled like metal.

"This is Dreyfus." Meliodas said "He's offered to go a few rounds with you."

No One's POV

The air was rather quiet as Dreyfus and Cavall got ready to fight. Cavall looked slightly more energetic, his eyes scanning his surroundings.

"Go!" Meliodas yelled.


A shot drove right through the stomach of the wolf man.

"I guess he wasn't all he was cracked up to be." Ban joked.

"Too slow."


Cavall appeared behind Dreyfus and kicked him to the ground.

"Whoa!" Diane yelled "How did he do that?"

"He was so fast." Merlin said "What Dreyfus attacked was nothing more than an afterimage."

Dreyfus was doing his best to block the onslaught of quick claw slashes coming from Cavall. The Holy Knight thrusted forward at the wolf but his attack was sidestepped.

"RAH!" Cavall grabbed Dreyfus sword and picked the man up to throw him.

"He's incredibly skilled." Gowther spoke "He moves at blinding speed but also with grace and precision…this is his skill, Blur."

"Look at his eyes." King said "They look full of fury."


Cavall had instantly pinned Dreyfus to the ground, a claw inches from tearing out his neck.

"That's enough." Meliodas said "Good Job."

Cavall's POV

After defeating the man called Dreyfus the sins took me to eat.

"What is this?" I said poking some strange brown thing.

"It's pork?" Ban said looking at me like I had three heads.

"But, isn't it supposed to be pink?" I asked.

"Well when it's raw it is." King told me "But cooked pork tends to be of the brown side…have you never had cooked food before."

"I usually just killed stuff in the forest and then just ate it." I told them.

"You eat raw meat?!"

"You don't?" I said.

"Humans don't eat raw meat because it has bacteria and other germs that are dangerous to our bodies." Merlin said "As a wolf you have additional organs that allow for its digestion."

"Here." She threw an uncooked chicken at me "I suggest you slowly adapt to cooked foods. Just diving into our kinds of food may upset your stomach."

"Understood." I said ripping the leg off.

"You certainly are weird dog." Ban told me.

I just shrugged "To me you are weird."

"Hahaha!" he laughed "I'm starting to like you."

I looked up at the sky.

"Something wrong?" Meliodas asked.

"The full moon approaches." I said.

"I hear Werewolves get stronger under the full moon." Diane commented.

"Correct, bathing in the light of the moon makes me stronger. There are legends that Werebeasts can only exist in their true forms under that condition but the stronger ones, like myself, can shift at will."

"Oh good you're finally here Escanor."

I looked over by the captain, there was a scrawny looking man there.

This guy is Escanor? He doesn't look very strong like the others.

"Cavall this is the Lion's Sin of Pride Escanor. Escanor this is our Hunting Dog Cavall."

He smells like dew after a sunrise…his smell is pleasant but also savage.

The man gave me a half assed smiled and waved.


I felt a strange pressure on my neck.

"What is this?" I growled.

There was a collar around my neck.

"Look now if he gets lost someone can bring him home!" Ban laughed.

The others were laughing too.

"I don't need a collar." I smiled laughing with them "Because I like it here and won't disappear."


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