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Cavall's POV

I stepped off the streets of Liones and sighed a bit, I had a few things to do first before I could leave and they were complicated.

"Guila." I smiled entering her house.

"You're back." She smiled "I was worried when the others returned without you."

"Sorry about that." I laughed hugging her "Things got a bit crazy but that's why I'm back, for now."

"For now?" she asked.

"I've pledged to assist Arthur as my new Master." I said "I'll be going away with him and Mistress Merlin…I want you to come with us."


"I don't know where we're going exactly or how we'll get there. Maybe Camelot to rebuild maybe someplace else." I said "But I know for sure I want you there with me, forever."


"I know this is sudden and you're still kinda young for this kinda thing but-."

"Yes, I'll marry you." She said suddenly kissing me.

"Okay that was quick!" I laughed "I didn't even get the whole question out."

"I don't like to take things slow." She smiled "I've wanted you and no one else for a long time, that's what I've known in my heart since you saved me."

"Being quick is good but make sure to slow it down when it counts." Mom leaned in the window "Like in bed."


"How long were you there?" Guila gasped.

"Long enough, we live in this house too." She said coming in with Dad "So you're heading out soon?"

"You're welcome to come." I said "Arthur will need all the support he can get with his new abilities."

"Oh, thanks for the invite." Derieri rolled her eyes "What'd ya think hun? Stay here getting the stink eye from the citizens or go hang out with Caz?"

"Whatever you want to do dear." He said reading the paper "The tea is wonderful as usual Guila, thank you."

"Haa…" Guila sighed "If you want to come with us just say so."

"You know I'm liking you more and more by the second Guila! You tell it like it is." Mom put her arm around her "You're gonna make a great Daughter-in-law!"

"Oh dear…" she sighed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know why it just hit me that my in-laws will be demons." She said "This is a lot."

"Trust me kid." Mom smiled "In this family you'll just be better off getting used to this kinda stuff."

"She has a point." Dad said "Fighting the tide that is this family isn't a wise choice."


I met up in the center of town with the others, it was time to go our separate ways.

"Okay Captain, we're leaving now." Diane nodded.

"The guys in the Fairy King's forest must be over the moon." Meliodas said "Their King and Queen will be coming back together."

"A Kingdom of Fairies and Giants." Elizabeth smiled "How wonderful!"

"Thanks!" Diane smiled back.

"You'll all be at the wedding, right?" King asked.

"I'll ask Arthur for a day off." I smiled "No promises I get the feeling my new Master will be working me to the bone."

"Well it will be soon." King said "Please try and drag Merlin along as well don't let her make some excuse."

"We'll do our best." Guila said "But you know how Lady Merlin can be about these sorts of things."

"What do ya mean it'll be soon?" Ban laughed.

"What are you plans with Elaine?" King asked.

"We're gonna travel for a bit?" Ban said.

"A trip all over Britannia tasting the best ales." Elaine smiled.

"You're just following his hobby!" King yelled.

"Sometimes it's nice to enjoy those sorts of peaceful things." Gowther said "We've defeated the Demon King and stopped Cath, there's no reason not to enjoy this peace."

"What about you Gowther?" I asked "What are you gonna do?"

"I'm going to set out on my own journey to find out what it is I wish to do." He said.

"If you get lonely come visit." Diane smiled.

"I have a destination in mind, but I won't get lonely, you are all always with me." He said "No matter what."

"That's right." Meliodas said "We'll always be friends, no matter what I'm sure we'll all meet again."

"Well…I should get going." I said "My parents are already waiting for us."

"This is where we depart." Guila smiled "It's been a pleasure getting to know all of you."

"BYE!" we waved walking off.

"Time to head out?" Mom landed next to me "Got your affairs in order?"

"As much as they will be." I looked back and saw the others were gone.

Everyone...thank you for your friendship and kindness all these years...

"If you're all ready then I'd like to get you over here" Merging spoke with Telepathy "Teleport!"

Two Years Later…

"You're doing a fine job Master." I smiled watching Arthur "You're something else, seems like I know how to pick good Masters."

"HMPH!" Mom punched him back "He's still got a way to go stop complimenting him Caz! If he can't even block a 25-hit combo he'll go nowhere!"

"Your parents make for excellent training partners for Arthur." Merlin said "I was unsure about bringing them along but they're quite capable retainers."

"Master Arthur." Dad said "If you wish to truly use the Holy Sword you must not let your body be lax it's about training more than just your sword skills."

"Stop calling this runt Master!" Mom yelled.

"Sir Monspeet you don't have to, none of you have to." Arthur said.

"You're a king Arthur." I laughed "Command a bit of respect!"

"Stop encouraging such bad habits, darling." Guila sighed.

"You shouldn't be coming out here Guila." I said "It's dangerous for a pregnant woman to be around a battlefield."

"He's just sparring." She smiled touching her stomach.

"If any harm comes to my grandbaby, I'll kill you myself!" Mom yelled "GAH!"

"I'm sorry!" Arthur yelled hitting her "I didn't mean to."

"Taking advantage of a distraction, clever." Mom growled.

"You know it's so unfair, Ban and Meliodas had kids already, why's ours gotta be younger." I pouted.

"Just cause she's younger doesn't mean she won't be stronger." Guila smiled.

"I sense a great power in this one." Merlin said "And I think you were right Cavall, it's a girl for sure."

"Good." I smiled "She'll be super awesome and show up all those boys won't she."

"Have you two figured out a name yet?" Arthur asked.

"Hmm, I'm not sure there's so many good options." Guila smiled "What do you think King Arthur?"

"It doesn't matter what I think!" he said getting all flustered.

"Come on Master I'm sure there's something you thought of with us in mind." I smiled "I'd like to hear it."

"Well…What about Rear?"

"Rear?" Mom looked at him "Personally I would have liked Rajine..."

"Hmm Rear." Guila hummed touching her belly "I think she likes that name."

"Alright then…Rear." I smiled.

"She better hurry up and get out here already." Mom said.

"There are a few more months till that." my wife laughed.

"I'm gonna spoil that kid fricken rotten." Mom smiled.

"Hmm, are you now?" Dad raised his eyebrow.

"Is that so?" Mistress Merlin smirked "I don't know if I can allow that, after all she'll be my granddaughter too."

"GRR!" Mom started growling as the two of them got into another motherly spat.

"Oh dear, I'm a little worried for her." Guila said "With all these caring people are she's really going to end up spoiled..."

"You managed just fine, she will too." I kissed her stomach "You'll fit in with this crazy family, won't you Rear?"


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This is gonna be it for this story. Honestly I'm really happy that I came back to finish it in the end, it really made me feel good and helped me appreciate Seven Deadly Sins more, I had gotten really down on the series but now rereading it to write this made me appreciate it more despite some of the flaws.

If the sequel manga ends up being interesting too, I might do something with Rear in that someday, but that's a ways off. And who know I might pop back to this story with a few random epilogue/side stories we'll see.

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