The Dragon Agent

Chapter 1





July 7, X777

A young boy, about ten years old, shirtless with a scarf, stood in a field, wind whipping around him. Whimpers can be heard from the child as he weep for his missing father, the fire dragon, Igneel. His name is Natsu Dragneel, the fire dragon slayer.

He was abandoned by his real parents and left to die in the woods. Eventually, he stumbled onto the great beast. The dragon took pity on him and decided to raise him as his own. He taught him everything: culture, language, magic. However, when he awoke for today's training, the dragon never came.

As he cried, his enhanced hearing picked up rustling behind him. Wiping his tears, he turned around and prepared to fight.

Out of the forest walked a tall, elderly man with a long white beard an a mustache. He wore a black cloak, a dark shirt, tan pants with black flames on its edges, metal gauntlets on his arms, and a helmet with two horns protruding from the sides. Over his right eye was a black eye patch and his left eye was green.

Natsu sensed an incredible amount of magic power from this man. For only the second time in his life, he feared death. But he was to die, he would go out swinging.

'A child' the white haired man thought to himself. He knew of the many dangers in these woods and was confused why a child would be left alone.

"Where are you parents, boy?" he asked in an authoritative voice. Natsu dropped out of his stance. "I-I don't know. My dad, he just disappeared. Why did you leave me, Igneel?" He dropped his head in shame as tears returned to his eyes.

The man could hear the whimpers coming from the small boy. As he walked over to the child, he was piqued at odd name of the boy's father.

Kneeling down, he placed an armored hand on the child's shoulder. "Boy, what does your father look like?" Natsu looked up and said "He's a fire dragon." His head fell once more as tears flowed freely from his eyes.

The elder stared in shock. "A dragon!?" He could not believe it. Here in front, of him was a practicer of Lost Magic, a Dragon Slayer. As the child nodded, the man knew what he had to say. "Listen, I think I know where your father is. He is in the Grand Magic World, a haven for all magical beings and those who wield Lost Magic. Come with me and I will you find find him."

Natsu looked, tears still forming in his eyes. Although he didn't understand half of what this man said, if he could find Igneel, he would do anything. He nodded in agreement, and as the man rose to his feet, he asked for the child's name.

Wiping the tears away, he said "Natsu Dragneel, son of Igneel. Who are you?" The man looked down and said "You may call me Master Hades." With that, the two shook hands.

As the two of them walked away from the clearing, Natsu's new life began.