Chapter 60

Worst. Plan. Ever.




Flashback you

Location / Date / Time Skip

Outside of Crocus

"Are you guys sure we aren't too close to the capital?" Meredy asked.

"You wanted a good view." Sora chuckled. "But still, you sure you wanna go through with this?"

"They'll need our help." Zancrow replied. "Besides, not like their ace is gonna show up at the last minute."

"You're just doing this to impress Erza." Ultear said, working on something. "Has anyone seen Natsu?"

"He said he went for a walk." Her daughter replied, walking over with some cloth. "Wanted to see Crocus for the first time." A smile crossed her face before turning to the blonde. "It's ready."

With Natsu

Natsu walked through the empty streets with a small smile on his face. The streets had cleared out as most of the guilds went back to their ends. A loud ringing noise echoed through the city before a giant pumpkin explained the rules of the elimination round. "Hope they're doing all right in this."

His nose twitched at a familiar scent before raced forward. He rounded a corner of plants and sped up before finding the source. Wendy and Carla were on the ground having something drained out by a creature. Wasting no time, he ran forward and punched a small creature aside.

"You two okay?" He asked, helping them stand up.

"Y-yeah..." The girl mumbled in fear.

"Get back to your inn. I'll handle this." He chuckled before the two ran away. The small imp stood and chuckled before running away. "That's what I thought."

Heavy footstep caught his attention and he ran away just as guards appeared. "Search the grounds! The King does not want anything to ruin this event."

The Next Day

Four members of Crime Sorcière sat from atop a stone statue and watched Ultear's orb. "There's NO WAY this plan is going to work." Natsu defiantly said.

"Have a little faith, Natsu." Meredy teased. "We worked hard on that costume."

"Listen, I don't doubt that the costume is convincing." He said back. "I just doubt that Zancrow can pull this off. He's not the exactly the most subtle of guys."

"Hey, quiet. It's starting." Sora said.

Trumpets started playing before one by one, the teams entered the arena. "And in third place, the midnight raiders, Raven Tail!"

"What are they doing here!?" Natsu asked in shock.

"Who are they?" Ultear asked her husband.

"A dark guild created by Makarov's son after he was kicked out." He replied. "If they're here, they can't be magnanimous." The orb turned a bit and Natsu went wide eyed. "That's the thing that attacked Wendy and Carla last night."

"And in second place... well this is a surprise." The announcer said before everyone turned to the second place team. "It's Fairy Tail Team B!"

Laxus, Mirajane Gajeel, Juvia and 'Mystogan' stepped out, shocking everyone. "What I still don't get is how Zancrow was able to convince Makarov to do this." Natsu said.

"I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid to impress Erza." Ultear added. The last team, Sabertooth, entered and the games had officially begun with a game called 'Hidden'.

To say things were not going well for Fairy Tail would be an understatement. Raven Tail utterly humiliated Fairy Tail in the first game and then cheated to win their battle. The next two battles went by very quickly, much to Natsu's annoyance. "I was hoping for some excitement, but that Orga guy is no fun."

"And now, it's time for the final battle of the first day. From Lamia Scale, Jura Neekis! He'll be up against Fairy Tail Team B's Mystogan!"

The four stared at the orb in shock of the announcement. "Zancrow is fighting up next!?" Ultear shouted in shock.

"He won't expose himself, right?" Meredy asked.

"I can only hope he won't make any blunders..." Natsu mumbled. "Just because he's in front of Erza, he's gonna wanna show off."

The gong rang out and Zancrow unhooked the staffs, letting them fly as he raced forward. The Wizard Saint raised his hand and pillars of stone rose up, knocking him into the air. Zancrow landed on a pillar and flipped onto it as the staffs landed around the Saint. "Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song!"

Five magic circles appeared over Jura and blasted the wizard saint. "Looks like all that work he put in copying Mystogan's spells actually paid off." Sora mumbled.

"When Zancrow sets his mind to something, he's surprisingly focused." Natsu confessed as a massive stone fist shot out of the smoke.

"Three Layer Magic Circle: Mirror Water!" A three layered barrier appeared in front of the disguised wizard and the fist flipped back. Jura waved his arm and the fist coiled back, crushing the seal and sending Zancrow flying back.

"So strong! As expected, the title of the Wizard Saint isn't juzt for show!" The announcer declared as the crowd cheered. Zancrow flipped in the air and landed on arena wall. Black flames suddenly shot off his feet and he launched forward, head butting Jura in the gut.

"What is he doing?" Ultear asked in a panic.

"He probably figured he couldn't beat him with someone else's magic." Natsu suggested. "And as much as I hate to say it, I'm glad no one was alive to point out his magic."

Jura raised his hand to chop down only for a knee to hit his face. Jura thrust his hands forward and pushed Zancrow back, only for the blonde to charge again. "Iron Rock Wall!" A stone appeared and blocked him off, only for Zancrow to smash it to pieces. Jura rolled to the side and closed his fist, making the shards cluster at Zancrow.

"Now!" Zancrow ignited himself and the rocks melted into slag before holding his hands on top of each other. "I pray to he who burns the west and the east. Flame God Kagutuschi!" An explosion rocked the arena as a single mountain of stone stood against it. Wind and fire blew against the mountain and the crowd held on to their seats.

Jura started sweating before he saw 'Mystogain' charging again. Pulling his left arm back, it caught fire at the fist before he slammed it forward into the rock, shocking the four watching it.


A sickening crack filled the arena as the fist hit the stone. Zancrow stumbled back and gripped his 'arm' before dropping to his knees. "Ahh! Why did I do that!?"

"And with that injury, Jura claims victory for Lamia Scale." Chapati declared as half the crowd cheered at the fight and the other half were whispering in concern. "And so the cumulative rankings for the first day are like this."

Sabertooth 20p

Raven Tail 18p

Lamia Scale 16p

Blue Pegasus 14p

Mermaid Heel 3p

Quarto Cerberus 2p

Fairy Tail B 1p

Fairy Tail A 0p

The crowd laughed as Zancrow walked to his stand, still holding his arm. "Oh, he's not going to be happy about this." Sora mumbled.

"Well, at least we didn't need to take drastic action to make sure his cover wasn't blown." Ultear added. "Guess all we can do now is try and cheer him up for the next day."

Day 2

After a rocky start during the Chariot game, Fairy Tail was finally on the board with some points. Wendy and Gajeel suddenly collapsed from a round of Raven Tail's cheating, catching Natsu's attention. He stood up and left his guild to check on the young Dragon Slayer, much to his annoyance as the next fight was a really good one.

Natsu knocked on the door and heard nothing, catching his attention. He opened the door and found the room completely empty, only a strange scent to fill his nose. He raced out the door and followed his nose, eventually finding four masked men, three of them carrying the girls. "Get back here."

One dropped behind and pulled out a pair of guns, only for Natsu to grab his head and slam him down to the ground, his speed never falling. "We need to dump the other two!" One declared. "Why the hell did we grab the old hag and the cat?"

"The order was to grab the female in the team infirmary!" Another declared, Natsu's ears twitching.

As they quarreled amongst themselves, Natsu quickly caught up to them. "Who's order?" The three panicked at his appearance before the passed out in fear. He pulled the three women away and tied the masked men up. "You okay, Wendy?"

The girl grabbed her head as she woke up, Carla and Porlyusica following soon after. "Y... yeah." She mumbled before hugging Natsu. "Thanks for saving me."

Natsu chuckled before he patted her head. "No problem." He turned back to the four and lifted the four up. "Now start talking. Who do you work for?"

"The-the big guy from Raven Tail!" One let out in fear. "He told us to bring the girl who was in the team infirmary!"

"Was?" Wendy asked in confusion. "No one else was in there."

"No, there is one who came in." Porlyusica replied. "She's the one who cared Wendy in..."

"Lucy?!" Carla asked, confusing everyone.

"I'll drop these guys at a guard station." Natsu said, turning to leave. "Along with a little note. Good luck in the Games, Wendy."

"Wait, Natsu-" Wendy's cry went unanswered as Natsu vanished. "He doesn't know..."

With Crime Sorcière

"What took you so long?" Meredy asked as Natsu climbed up to the rest of the guild.

"Sorry, some punks from Raven Tail tried to kidnap Wendy thinking she was Lucy." He replied, confusing the others. "Yeah, I don't get it either. What have I missed?"

"You missed the entire Bacchus vs Elfman fight." Ultear said. "Now we have a skin flash fight between Mirajane and Jenny. The announcers call out a theme and the girls dress accordingly." The orb floated over and showed it was now a wedding theme. "I know that smile. Do you remember that day?"

"How could I ever forget?" He to his wife with a smile.

"Oh, you're not gonna tell us that story again, are you?" Sora complained. "Seriously, you do this like once a month. I'm pretty sure I could tell you how went down, and I wasn't even there!"

"I mean, you guys do talk a lot about it..." Meredy mumbled before a flash on the orb caught everyone's attention. "Oh, looks like Mira won."


"You still couldn't sense any magic?" Erza asked in surprise.

"Nothing." Zancrow replied. "Not just me, no one has been able to sense anything like the dark magic we've felt over the last seven years. Natsu doesn't like it any more than you do... He might think the person who's emitting the magic might not be here this year, or maybe they're just not using their magic. Hell, they could be part of a team but haven't fought this year.

"Ultear thinks is some kind of device that hasn't been activated yet, or they have some new filter on it that keeps the magic from being sensed."

"In other words, just because you can't sense it doesn't mean nothing is going on." Erza surmised.

"Really hope we're wrong and the person has moved on." The blonde mumbled. "Tomorrow, we plan on looking at the organizers."

"Try not to get yourself caught." Erza chuckled.

"Don't worry. Ultear practically hammered that point into me." He replied back, putting his hood up before walking away. "Night, Erza."

The red head smiled and left the other way, heading back to her guild. "I finally found." Erza turned to a walk way above her to see a hooded figure leaning over the railing.

"Who are you?" She asked, earning a chuckle from the hidden face before they pulled their hood up. Erza's face changed and a smile soon covered it. "Millianna!" The cat girl jumped down and the knight caught her old friend. "You're in a guild now?"

"Yep! I'm in Mermaid Heel." She nodded, showing the guild mark on her waist.

"Does that mean Sho and Wally are with you?" Erza asked.

"Don't be silly." The cat girl chuckled. "Mermaid Heel is an all-female guild. They're still out in the world, but we keep in touch."

Erza smiled and pulled the girl back into another hug. "I'm so happy to see you again." She said, tears forming in her eyes. The two hugged for longer before they left. "Tell me everything." The two friends came to a bench as Millianna finished explaining. "I must say I'm impressed with the strength of Kagura from your guild."

"She's great, isn't she?" Millianna facetiously asked back. "You may get the chance to fight her yourself. You might even get her to take the games seriously."

"What do you mean?" The red head asked in confusion.

"Kagura's sword is called Archenemy, and she won't draw it until she's ready to strike down her enemy." Millianna explained. "An enemy who she hates more than anything else in the world. The man who destroyed everything she held dear. That sword is meant to kill Jellal."

Erza gasped in shock before her friend turned to her, an evil smile on her face. "I completely agree with her! You feel the same, right? After everything Jellal has done to us, turning us into slaves, killing Simon. He deserves only death." Erza merely hung her head and hugged the girl, confusing Millianna.

Day 3

The third day was a spectacle to the eyes. With the game of the day being called 'Pandemonium', the participants were quickly briefed on the rules of the game before Erza stepped forward, declaring her intention to defeat all one hundred monsters in it. "Is she serious?" Sora asked.

"Dead serious." Natsu replied. "Trust me, when she gets that look in her eyes, nothing can stop her."

The red head entered the tower and summoned her weapons. The entire arena was amazed as she started wiping out monster after monster with minimum effort. "She used her sword to gauge the level of the monsters and form a plan accordingly..." Meredy surmised.

The redhead dodged a blast of fire as she changed armor after armor, slicing through the hordes with ease. A few got in a good licks in, but ultimately, they all fell to her blades. She raised her sword to the sky and the whole arena cheered for her victory. "Wow, that girl is scary strong." Sora mumbled in fear.

"That's not the scary part..." Ultear replied. "The scary part is that she didn't even use her Second Origin to do it."

"I can see why Zancrow fell in love with her." Meredy chuckled as a strange device rose up onto the field. "Is that an MPF?"

"Well, I guess that's one way to find out the rankings for the others." Ultear said. One by one the other participants struck the device, each generating their own score. "Seems like the only ones who could challenge Erza are Jura and that Ogra fellow."

"Cana's up." Natsu said as he looked at the orb. "Why is she taking off her-" He froze when he saw the tattoo on her arm. "No way!"

"What is is?" Sora asked.

"One of the three great Fairy Spells..." Natsu mumbled. "I heard she used it on Tenrou Island against Bluenote, but he countered the spell..." The brunette pointed her arm forward and a glowing ring crashed into the device. An explosion of light blinded the arena as the four turned away to spare their eyes.

When they came back, the device was gone with a score of 9999 over where it was. "Damn..."

"Remind me never to make her mad." Sora chuckled as the fight portion of the day began.

Millianna easily defeated the member of Quatro Puppy, much to the amusement of the four. "She really has improved ever since the tower." Ultear said. Rufus easily bested a member of Blue Pegasus and then it was time for Laxus vs Alexei.

"Something is wrong..." Natsu mumbled. "I don't care how many years its been, there's no way he could be this overpowered." Suddenly, an un-helmeted Alexei shot out of the fight and the other members of Raven Tail were shown laid on the ground in defeat. "Oh, that makes sense."

As the rule breakers were dragged into jail, the final fight was announced before Shelia and Wendy raced onto the field. The four on the statue suddenly gasped in shock and turned to the arena. "This magic..." Meredy mumbled.

"It's Zeref..." Natsu declared.

'You guys don't move from that spot!' Zancrow shouted in their heads. 'I'm heading there now.'

With Zancrow

The hidden blonde raced through the crowd, bumping into random people before reaching a ledge. Wendy was battling the Lamia Scale member known as Shelia, catching Zancrow's attention. 'This magic... it's like mine... Could this little girl really have some connection to Zeref? That would put Wendy in danger!'

'Do I try and stop the match or-' He glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw Doranbolt walking towards him. 'Of all the times for a council member to show up...'

The fight came to an end with a draw and Zancrow went wide eyed. 'This is wrong... The battle is over, but I can still feel Zeref's power? Then Chelia wasn't behind it?' The magic power returned and Zancrow glanced into the stands. 'It's coming from there, and it's heading for the exit!'

Zancrow pushed his way through the departing crowd as fast as he could, trying to lose Doranbolt. In the shop stands of the coliseum, Zancrow frantically looked around. 'Where is it, where is it?' He pushed himself forward and raced after the power, only for Doranbolt to suddenly appear in front of him. 'When did-'

"You're not getting away!" The council member declared. "Just who are you?"

'Damn it! I don't have time for this!' The blonde cursed in his head. 'I could just knock him out and- Crap, I can't do that. I'm a Fairy Tail Wizard right now! I can't just go attacking stooges like I used to.'

"Doranbolt, what's the problem?" Lahar asked as he and a platoon of Rune Knights walked forward.

"I already know that you aren't Mystogan!" The teleporter declared. "So who are you?"

The Knights stood at attention as Zancrow tried to walk past Doranbolt. "I'm in a hurry."

"I cannot allow that." Doranbolt said, stopping the masked man. "I know Mystogan is not in Earthland, so who are you?"

"I am Mystogan." He declared, only for Doranbolt to grab his mask and rip it off, revealing his blonde hair.

"I know you... Zancrow!" Doranbolt shouted, shocking Lahar.

"Oh, there you are, Mystogan." Everyone turned to see Yajima walking over. "Lahar, now I think you understand why Mystogan hides his face." His words confused the soldiers as Zancrow grabbed the mask back. "It is simply his bad luck that he was born with the same face as a murderer."

"You mean they're not the same person?" Lahar asked.

"You have heard of a place called Edolas, haven't you?" The chief asked, having the captain nodded. "This world and that world are connected. And there are people there are born with the same faces as people here."

"Then you are a man of Edolas?" Lahar asked.

"Yeah..." Zancrow mumbled as Mermaid Heel walked by. "Thanks for understanding this."

"No, I don't really understand." Lahar confessed.

"This Zancrow guy has been nothing but a pain in the ass." Zancrow said, putting his mask back on. "When I find him, I'll let you all know where he is." He turned and walked away, right past Yajima.

'I'm only doing this because I know the good you've all done.' Yajima told him telepathically. 'Now get out of here before you cause any trouble for Macky.'

Zancrow walked away as Lahar grabbed Doranbolt by the shoulder. "That was the real Zancrow..." He whispered. "I will let him walk to protect Yajima's reputation, but he will not escape."

Zancrow quickly exited the arena and looked around, finding absolutely nothing. 'Damn it, they got away.' He cursed. 'Whatever they were, it definitely wasn't Zeref... So who was it?'

Day 4

The Naval Battle turned brutal as Minerva just destroyed Lucy in the five minute rule. "What a monster..." Meredy mumbled.

"The sad thing is she reminds me of myself back in Grimoire Heart." Ultear added.

"Lucy will be fine." Natsu declared. "With Wendy and Chelia there, she'll bounce back in no time."

Some time later, a new Fairy Tail Team walked out of the medical ward: Erza, Laxus, Gajeel, Gray, and Juvia. "I think that might be the best team they could have come up with." Sora declared.

"All that remains for today are the tag battles." Natsu said as the match ups were displayed for everyone to see. "Wow, that's a main event."

The first two fights went by quick as the battle of the Dragon Slayers finally came up. It was everything everyone thought it would be, but suddenly, Crime Sorciré perked up. "Do you feel that?" Ultear asked.

"They came out again..." Meredy mumbled.

"Zancrow, don't let them get away again." Natsu declared.

'I know!' He shouted in their heads as he ran from the arena. 'I'm worried about the match, but this comes first.'

Zancrow raced through the streets, as the crowd of people poured out of the arena. 'Damn it, the fight must have ended.' He glanced around until he honed in on the strange magic. 'This time I won't let you get away.' He growled before sprinting forward.

He paid no attention to time as hours passed before he finally caught up to the figure, the sun long since set. "Stop!" He shouted, finally making the figure freeze. "I'll show you my face, now you do the same." He said, ripping his disguise.

He looked down and saw the feminine feet before looking back up. The hooded figure looked him square in the eye and he gasped in shock. "It... it can't be..."

Sorry for the long wait, but with most of this arc focused of Fairy Tail and NOT Crime Sorciré, it took a long time to get this chapter up to a decent length. Is it spotty? Yes, but that is just how it's going to be. And if you're wondering why Zancrow is posing as Mystogan... why not? I felt like it, it's just that simple.

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