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Chapter 18-Epilogue: Future Forward

"I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now." — Edna Mode

It was so stereotypical. The fact that the previously grey, drizzly day suddenly broke to reveal the first rays of bright cheerful sun, just as Harry exited the front doors of Windsor Laurel Center for the first time in 3 months, seemed almost set up; like it was perfectly reflecting his current mood.

A mood that was only elevated by the sight of Blaine's recently purchased green Toyota, Blaine included, waiting to pick him up and drive him home. Home; a word that he was still a little hesitant to use to describe the Anderson's not so humble abode, but one that he was getting more comfortable with. Certainly more comfortable using it to describe the Anderson's residence then the Dursley's two story or even the large, all-amenities-included, addictions center he had just exited.

He was really looking forward to leaving Windsor behind—though to be fair, the place had been more then comfortable, the staff extremely helpful and really everything that the brochures had promised. It had been in truth, exactly what Harry had needed and despite not wanting to admit it, they had helped him a lot.

So it wasn't as though he really resented or disliked the place (not like he did the Dursleys) but he was still more than ready to return to the people and family he had gone to Windsor for in the first place.

If he had, had any doubts or second thoughts about agreeing to be admitted as an inpatient with focus on coping and alcohol when the after math of Riddle and his abduction had finally settled, his talk with Sebastian and the look on his twin's face had quickly silenced them. He may never have been able to admit that he had a problem to himself but he was strong enough to do so for them.

And now that he was leaving, 90 days completely sober, therapized to the eyeballs and issues as resolved as he could hope (given the time) he was glad that he had.

He knew that regardless of how 'healed' he was that it wouldn't be a simple walk in the park to retain his new balance but he also knew that with Blaine's….and Sebastian's help, he could do it. He would do it. So yes, he was excited to go home.

"Hey! How are you! It's so great to see you! You ready to go home?! Where are your bags?!" Blaine's excited avalanche of questions broke his mental reflections—bringing his already present smile up a few kilowatts.

After everything that had happened, he was relieved to see that Blaine was still the Blaine he remembered—enthusiasm, bounciness and all.

"Whoa slow down!" he laughed holding up his hands in defense his own returning smile softening the comment, "Only have the one bag and I'm good, Signed all the release forms so good to go when you are…"

"Great! Oh it's so great to see you Harry! I've missed you so much! Everyone has-and by everyone I mean especially Sebastian- been asking me non-stop when you are getting back home. Though, now that I think about it he stopped pestering me a few days ago…." Blaine's excited babble trailed off as a perplexed look crept onto his face instead.

Harry bit back a secretive grin, knowing exactly why Sebastian had finally stopped bothering his brother for information. It most likely had a lot to do with the fact that Harry had used his newly instated phone privileges (given the last week of treatment) to call not only Blaine but Sebastian and talk to him, himself. It was amazing (and a little scary) to realize just how much better he felt after having spoken with the tall brunet.

Harry had finally had to admit to himself that perhaps whatever it was that he had with Sebastian could be more than a passing fling….

That realization both excited and terrified him.

"Anyhow" Blaine shook his head apparently dismissing wherever his wondering had taken him, "what I am trying to say is that I am really happy your back"

Harry would normally have made light of his brothers comment but the sudden seriousness in Blaine's voice stopped him. "I'm really glad too" he said instead.

There was a moment of silence—though not awkward for once—before Harry finally broke it with a grin, releasing some of the solemnity of the moment.

"Sooooo…how are things with you? How's school been going? Has Cooper driven you crazy yet (the older Anderson brother had flown out and stayed for the first few weeks following everything—and while Harry acknowledged the fact that Cooper could be a bit much, he actually found his obnoxiousness amusing. It helped that he could recognize the obvious, if not well displayed, love that Cooper had for Blaine)…..and how's Sam?"

And yes he did just slip that last sneak question in…..

"We're g-good, I mean he's good….I mean…" Harry snickered at Blaine's flustered answer. Not missing the fact that he had zoned in on only one of the enquiries. He guessed that was telling of where his brother's current priorities were….

He was happy to realize that unlike when Blaine was fixated on Kurt, Harry didn't get the same uneasy feeling every time his brother mentioned the newest New Directioner in his life (and Blaine mentioned the blond singer A LOT. Subtleness had never been his twin's strong point). He had a good feel about Sam Evans, though to be truthful he was pretty sure that came from the fact that the goofy blond didn't have a bad or selfish bone in his body-definitely a step up from Hummel.

Though so far Blaine had maintained the line of 'just friends.' He didn't know if his brother was being purposefully blind or simply oblivious but he figured that with the way that Sam had looked at his brother that day, the way that the blond had latched onto him after Malfoy's and Pettigrew's arrests, that they would figure it out. No matter how long it took them.

And yes he recognized the semi-parallel to his own situation with Sebastian. They too would work things out—for once he was willing to risk it. He had a feeling that maybe, just maybe it could be worth that risk.

Because despite everything; he was now in a much happier place. Not because of his own newfound sobriety, or the fact that he was given the chance to resume his school work where he had left off and quite possibly graduate with the rest of his classmates, but because of the people now in his life.

People who while not perfect (much like himself) genuinely cared for him.

And that made all the difference.