I've been wanting to do a fiction piece for "The 100" for a while now. This is my first attempt at with a lot more to come.

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It was early morning when the sky erupted in flames. The light chatter filling up the small village suddenly came to a halt as each of them craned their necks to view the oncoming threat. Ava rose to her feet, he tangled dark blonde hair pooling over her shoulders as she stood up. At first she dismissed the sight as a shooting star, sure that many of her people made the same assumption, but as the object passed through the clouds and came into full view, she knew it was far from some space rock.

"Ava!" a familiar voice caught her attention, shifting her gaze from the large metal object flaming above them and to her sister, who's wild green eyes were widened in fear.

"Lexa, what is it?" Ava hurried to her sisters' side, reaching for her hand and squeezing it gently in comfort. They both looked up, watching as the large object finally dropped from their view and made a loud crash, filling the forest in the distance full of smoke and dust.

"I have no idea," Lexa muttered, meeting Ava's gaze. Her younger sister, only by a year, looked up at her, those same green eyes filled with the same fear simmering through Lexa. They were almost identical; they had the same sharp nose and cheekbones as well as deep green eyes and full lips. The differences were few; where Lexa's hair was light brown, Ava's was dark honey. Ava was also a few inches shy of meeting her sisters' tall lanky frame.

"There is no need to panic," Anya's authoritive voice boomed throughout the camp, every head snapped over to gaze up at her, eager to listen to their fearless leader, "We've been through the procedures before, we can handle whatever is awaiting us out there."

She spoke in their familiar tongue, nodding at each individual and reassuring each of them with her warm brown eyes.

"What would you have us do, commander?" Lexa walked over, speaking softly to Anya as she approached.

"Ready the horses, prepare a group. We're going to see just what we're dealing with," Anya declared stiffly, turning away as she finished speaking and retreating back into her tent to prepare for the hunt ahead.

"I don't suppose that means you are going also?" Ava appeared behind her sister, speaking softly and nervously glancing over to where the object had fallen only minutes before.

"Of course not," Lexa turned back to face Ava, a deep frown tugging on the corners of her lips, "While the commander is away I will look after the people, as is my duty. You, however, will be joining Anya."

"Tell me you are kidding," Ava pulled on Lexa's arm, tugging it roughly and her tone turning serious, "Why would you send me with them?"

"Because, Ava, you've barely left this camp. You can't hide behind my position here forever. Do as Anya commands and make me proud," Lexa shrugged her shoulders, but her eyes blazed in warning.

"And if I don't?" Ava challenged, lifting her chin so her eyes were on a closer level with Lexa's.

"Then don't come back," Lexa warned gruffly. She turned away and walked further into the village, leaving no time for Ava to argue as she watched Lexa hurry away to plan what Ava could only assume to be her imminent death.

It didn't take long for the small group to reach the crash site. They hurried through the woods, expertly darting through the trees as they made their way further into the tree line. A few scouts met Anya's group just a few hundred meters away from the sky object. They had been sent out as soon as Anya gave the command for the hunting group, and so were eagerly waiting with information when we approached. Ava listened carefully as Reed, one of the scouts, explained what we were seeing. It wasn't just any space object, it was a vessel, and while Ava knew it wasn't the first one to land on earth, it was the first one she had seen up close. They had counted the people to emerge from the 'drop ship' as many of them called it, and around a hundred young humans were now wandering around the forest, save for two dead ones that had been carried out of the ship just after their arrival. They ran around wildly shouting at the sky and stroking their surroundings in amazement. Ava watched silently, tuning out the conversation around her as she watched them all carefully. They shouted, screamed, laughed and threw leaves at each other. It was quite a sight to see. Did they not understand the dangers that lurked in these very trees? Did they not know they were being watched this very moment? Ava looked up at the sky; at the place they had come from and most surely called home, no of course they did not understand, of course they did not know of the endless threats circling them as they happily danced and recognized themselves with the living forest surrounding them.

"That one there, she has plans to go out looking for Mt. Weather," Reed whispered, pointing towards a young blonde girl who was now hovering over a map as a few others spoke with her. Anya glanced back at Lincoln, order ready.

"The Mountain Men…they could very well be their spies. Lincoln, ensure they never cross the river. With their numbers and technology…it's best they never reach the mountain. The combined forces would hurt our clan," Anya turned back towards the sky people, a calculating look in her eyes as she watched them.

"We don't know that…perhaps if we approached them…" Lincoln was quickly cut off, Anya spun at him, blade pressing against his neck.

"Do not question my orders. If I say they are a threat, then they are a threat," Anya hissed, shoving Lincoln away when he nodded and again turning back to watch the sky people. Ava watched him leave, waving subtly as he disappeared into the trees and went ahead to watch the blonde girl and her small group. Ava looked back towards her leader, noticing the black coal smudged on her oval face and defining Anya's sharp features. As Ava's gaze wandered back towards the sky people, Anya's attention now lowered to Ava. While Anya had initially turned to look at the young woman because she had felt Ava's eyes previously on her, a thought crossed her mind and before she could stop to think it through she reached out and began cleaning away the dirt and camouflage from Ava's face. At first the young girl didn't speak, letting Anya do as she wished and knowing an explanation would soon follow. The others watched curiously, trying to reason why their Commander was fixing the young warrior's appearance.

"Is something the matter?" Ava asked nervously, watching as Anya's hands drifted down and began tugging away layers of her armor, leaving her in a thin cloth shirt and black pants. When she was finally finished, she took a step back, looking up and down and taking in her work.

"Well…how does she look?" Anya finally asked. A moment of silence followed before Reed finally spoke up.

"Like…one of the sky people," he said, almost mesmerized by how easily Ava was transformed.

"Good…" Anya nodded with a dark smile, "because that is exactly the part our dear Ava is going to play."

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