Chapter 1: When The Story Began

A/N: Hello, my lovely readers! Here's a new story, one I've actually planned HEAPS so I won't go through writer's block and shiz. There will be a lot of different characters and ships. Main-ish characters including Serena, Ash, Calem, May, Misty, Drew, Leaf, Gary, Dawn, Paul, Iris, Steven Stone and the champions, and many many of your favourite characters. Most of them have deep backgrounds I've thought into.

(Dat Avatar reference tho. Thanks to Avatar for sparking the idea. XD)

I decided to write a fantasy story, because fantasy is my favourite! You'll be introduced to a lot of new lands here, each with their own unique environment which will be revealed later in this story.

I've worked on this a lot, and I hope you enjoy it until the end!

I - When The Story Began

Once upon a time, eighteen regions of different elements lived in peace, harmony, and mutual respect. Each one relied on each other for resources, trade and unity.

They included Floriade, the land of grass, Flarespyre, the land of fire, Aquafina, the land of water, Galvania, the land of electric, Glacia, the land of ice, Dracotora, the land of dragons, Celestia, the land of fairies, Martialaos, the land of fighting, Skyglade, the land of flying, Metamorphia, the land of bugs, Pandora, the land of psychic, Continentia, the land of ground, Krystalacia, the land of rock, Skyronade, the land of steel, Skiadula, the land of darkness, Crematoria, the land of ghosts, Acidacia, the land of poison, and finally, Lemuria, the lost land.

However, after generations of peace, the mutual respect between these regions began falling apart. The Flarespyrese's riches continued to grow, and with that wealth came a price of greed. They ceased all trades with the land of grass, Floriade, as they thought the Floriadese were of a lower class.

But the region that was hit the hardest by greed, was Dracotora, the land of dragons. They grew so powerful, that they felt that they could overcome the entire world. Luckily, one young Dracotorian, the son of the king, realised that what they were doing was wrong and decided to try to change fate.

And that's how it all began.

Calem Xavier, the young prince of Dracotora was sitting outside the castle. He was seated on a large rock, staring up into the silver-specked sky. The words his father had just told him were whirling through his mind and frankly, he disagreed with every single one.

His father was the wealthy, powerful king of the dragon-type region. But Calem, unlike many of the Dracotorians, had different ideals to his father.

The dark-haired prince was one of a kind in his region, and preferred peace and valued lives over power and riches. So when the king told him the plans they were forming, he knew he just had to do something about it.

And that left him with just one option; warning the land of fairies and the land of ice, Celestia and Glacia, of what was coming. He hesitated for a while, as travelling to those regions could potentially cost him his life.

Do I really think I, the prince, can just set out on an adventure with no one noticing? Good one, Calem.

He watched on as two Salamence sparred in the sky, each one violently clawing, biting and breathing out fire. His grey eyes narrowed. "Tch," he clicked in annoyance, sliding off the large rock.

He trudged back up to castle, the preparations for his father's war plans evident as he strode through the large hallways.

"Calem, your highness!" one soldier called out, curtseying as he called out the prince's name. "I must ask you for a favour."

Calem stopped in his tracks, turning to the soldier. "Yes?" he replied, his voice calm, but rushed.

"We need you to travel to the dragon's den at dawn," the soldier explained, reading off a list. "Lance must deliver something to Clair, however he's too busy with the king's preparations. You are the only other person permitted into the den."

Calem stared blankly as the cogs in his mind began turning. "I will do so, then. Thank you." He smirked, and turned to walk away.


"Return soon, son."

Calem bowed his head down slightly to the king, nodding. "Of course, father." He turned away, strapping his belongings to his Dragonite, before mounting the dragon-type.

His father, King Xavier II, watched as the Dragonite, accompanied by two soldiers' Noivern, took off into the pale blue sky.

The king's eyes narrowed as he whipped around, turning to walk away. He stopped by two soldiers, not bothering to make eye contact as he spoke.

"After one hour has passed, set out and tail them. Make sure you are not spotted, and bring his Dragonite down if he is to go off course at all."

The large, orange dragon-type shot through the sky rapidly, holding out its left hand to skim it through the clouds. Calem grinned as the wind whipped by, he loved nothing more than the feeling of freedom.

"Turn east, Dragonite. We have a change of plan, we're actually going to Celestia." He paused. "Long story, bud."

Dragonite turned its head slightly, confused as to what its trainer was telling it to do. Nevertheless, it turned back and did what it was told obediently.

A few more minutes of peaceful flying had passed, when Dragonite abruptly dived to the right to avoid an attack sent its way. It came to a stop, turning and hovering in the air to identify the attacker.

Calem's eyebrows furrowed as he realised that they were soldiers of his own region. "What do you think you're doing?" he called out, yelling across the wind. "Attacking me, the prince?"

"It's the king's orders!" one of the armour-clad soldiers yelled in reply from on top of their Noivern. He hesitated, before reluctantly commanding his Pokémon to attack. The other soldier followed suit.

The dark-haired prince gritted his teeth as Dragonite narrowly dodged both the attacks. "Hit them both with extreme-speed," he breathed, his grey eyes gleaming. "Then take them down with dragon claw."

Nodding, Dragonite gave a moment for Calem to brace itself before stunning the two foes with extreme-speed. It then took advantage of the Noiverns' shock and hit them simultaneously with it's power-enhanced claws.

While their opponents tumbled down, Calem seized the opportunity to escape. He smirked as they raced through the clouds.

"You underestimate me, father."

It took another hour and a half to reach Celestia, the land of the fairies. Dragonite began descending, making sure to land in a hidden area. If a dragon-type were to be spotted, it would surely be taken down. Dracotora had sworn Celstians as their enemies, after all.

He landed in an empty field, it was filled with long, bright green grass which seemed to glow. Calem dismounted his Pokemon as he said, "Thanks, bud. I can handle this from now."

Dragonite nodded with a grunt, before it took off into the air to wait in a more hidden location.

Calem set off through the fields, it took him forty minutes to reach the main town. He received stares from passerbys in the busting, bright town. No Celestians had jet black hair, after all.

"Excuse me?" came a voice from behind him, as he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned to see a short, honey-blonde girl who looked around his age. She had bright, blue eyes which curiously gazed into his own piercing grey ones. At her heel was a Sylveon, glaring up at him with its large eyes.

Beside her was a tanned, raven-haired boy with warm chocolate eyes. He had a happy expression on his face, and seemed to radiate good vibes. On his shoulder was a Pikachu, which seemed to be intimidated by Calem.

"Yes?" he asked, raising his eyebrows. His steel grey eyes seemed to stare too deep into her, as she turned away uncomfortably.

"We thought you might be lost," the blonde replied, "because you don't look like you're around from here."

"Neither does your friend," Calem replied as his eye shifted to the boy with the Pikachu.

"Oh, this is my friend Ash," the girl replied, as politely as possible, "he's from Galvania." She smiled when introducing herself. "And I'm Serena! I'm Celestian."

"Are you a member of royalty?"

"No, why does that–"

"Then you don't interest me."

Serena stared in disbelief as Calem began striding away. She clicked her tongue, turning to Ash for a moment. "Wait here," she told him, before jogging to catch up with the strange outsider.

She stopped in front of him, poking his chest. "Listen, you," she began, staring up at him, "why do you need a member of royalty? If you think the guards are going to let someone as Dracotorian-looking as you in, think again."

Calem sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I am Dracotorian. I'm here to save this place from a catastrophe, so get out of my way if you want to live."

Serena's jaw hit the ground as she said, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold your horseas. You're our enemy." She paused, narrowing her eyes. "Why would you want to save us from a catastrophe?"

"I'm different, I don't particularly enjoy war," he replied, looking down on the shorter girl. He was a whole head taller than her. "Don't believe me if you don't want to." With that, he began walking away towards the distant castle.

He felt a hand on his shoulder moment, and turned around to once again see the persistent blonde staring up at him.

"I believe you." She looked away for a moment, but then turned back and looked him in the eye. "I know Queen Diantha well, I'm sure she wouldn't mind meeting me for ten minutes today."

Calem raised an eyebrow, slightly impressed by the statement. "How do you know her?"

"It's a long story," she replied with a chuckle. The amusement gone, she looked up at him seriously. "But if it's that big of a catastrophe you're talking about, then I can take you to her right away."

Calem followed Serena up through the town centre and towards the sparkling, majestic castle of Celestia that loomed over them. They had left Ash behind, promising to come get him later on.

As they neared the castle, Serena turned to the mysterious outsider. "By the way, I never got your name. May I know?"

"Calem," he replied, his eyes focused on the nearby caste gate, "that's my name."

"Alright Calem," Serena said, grinning as they approached the soldiers guarding the gate, "watch this."

With her Sylveon at her heels, she approached one of the soldiers sweetly. "Um, excuse me," she said shyly, tucking a strand of her thick honey-blonde hair behind her ear and shifting her feet. "M-my name is Serena, and I'm here to visit her Highness."

Behind her, Calem watched curiously with his arms folded in his fitted dark clothing. He rolled his eyes with a small smile at her feigned personality.

"I'm afraid we cannot allow you in, no matter what your intentions. We do apologise, miss."

Serena sighed, pouting as she turned away. She began walking away, before whispering under her breath. "Extra bright dazzling gleam."

In the span of a second, Sylveon turned and flashed an extremely bright, pink attack at the soldiers. Each of them were knocked back, blinded from the unbelievably bright flash.

"Now!" she called out, ushering to Calem, who was highly entertained by the whole notion. He quickly followed, as they seized the chance to pass through. Both of them sprinted as fast as possible through the well-maintained castle gardens and to the main castle gates.

"We're here to see her Highness, Queen Diantha!" Serena announced as they reached the castle gates. "It's an extremely urgent matter, I beg you to let her know I'm here."

One of the soldiers gazed sceptically at Serena, before sighing and nodding. "Very well. Your name and birthdate?"

"Serena Yvonne, 13th October 2000," she replied, bowing her head slightly. She turned her head to Calem, saying, "And this is the person who brings the news of the danger."

"Alright," the soldier replied, turning to leave. "I will let her know you're here." And with that, he turned away into the castle.

"I hope Diantha hurries. The dazzling gleam's effects should be wearing off real soon," Serena stated, fidgeting nervously.

"I didn't think you had it in you," Calem said, smirking. "You know, tricking the guards like that. It's impressive that they can let down their defences and can be passed so easily. I guess this is a pretty peaceful place, huh?"

The Celestian turned to look at Calem, who was staring into the distance, thoughts clearly swirling through his mind. She continued staring, beginning to realise that was certainly good-looking. Tall, a strong jawline, long black hair, piercing grey eyes and a slim figure.

He noticed her gaze and turned, causing her to fluster. Lucky for her, yells from behind them interrupted the silence. The soldiers from before were hot on the trespassers' trail.

"Oi! You kids aren't allowed in the castle!"

"Actually, they are."

A silky, but strong voice was heard from behind. Both Calem and Serena turned, to see none other than Queen Diantha. The soldiers immediately bowed, stuttering apologies.

Calem stared in awe, at the beauty of the majestic queen. She had short dark hair, stunning icy blue eyes and pale skin that seemed to glow.

"Come on in, Serena and friend," she said with her elegant voice, turning and heading back inside the castle.

The two teenagers followed the Celestian queen through the large, open hallways, until they reached a room with a large, round, marble table. Diantha took a seat on the largest chair, saying, "Take a seat."

Taken aback by the beauty of the meeting room, the young pair took their seats on the fancy chairs. They sat in silence for a few minutes, before the queen's strong, but kind voice was heard once more.

"So, what's this urgent message you seem to need to tell me?" she said, turning to Serena. Her eyes flickered to the Dracotorian prince. "I suppose this young man has something to do with it?"

Serena nodded vigorously. "He's from Dracotora, you know, the land of dragons." At those words, Diantha's eyebrows rose. "He said he has information that'll save our lives, and needed to speak to a member of royalty."

"Very well," Diantha said with slight hostility as she turned to face Calem. "Do tell."

Calem gulped, bringing up his gaze to meet that of the stunning queen. "My f – the king has plans to defeat and invade Celestia and Glacia, his greatest enemies. He said he feels that without the fairies and ice in his way, Dracotora can easily take over this world. They plan to attack Celestia first, followed by Glacia in two night's time."

There was a short silence, in which the information sank into the two Celestians.

"And why should we trust you, a regular citizen of Dracotora?" Diantha said, breaking the silence. She stared deeply at him, observing everything.

Calem simply shrugged. "That's up to you. It's true, and I'm just here to warn you, you guys are the ones in trouble anyway." He stood up, and bowed slightly. "I trust you'll let the Glacian king know for me, and if you don't, it's likely they'll perish along with you. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be returning to my land." With that, he stood up and turned to leave the shiny, large room.

"Why are you telling us this?"

He stopped, turning his head over his shoulder to reply to the queen. "I'm different from the rest."

And with that, he turned away and swiftly headed out and through the halls. He exited the large castle doors, receiving untrusting glares from soldiers around him. He heard soft, fast footsteps behind him and stopped.

It was Serena, panting slightly. She looked up at Calem, her bright blue eyes wide with concern. "I've gotta go tell Ash right now, will you be alright on your own? How did you get here?"

"Stand back," he said, looking up into the sky before whistling a short tune. In less than a minute, his large, bipedal dragon-type landed in front of them with a happy grunt.

"Missed you too," Calem said with a smile, giving Dragonite a pat while mounting.

"Wait," Serena called, running up beside Dragonite. "I don't know what to do… Will I see you again?"

Calem gave a small smile, before chuckling. "I'll probably die or disappear along with the rest of the Dracotorians, you know. There's no doubt you guys will beat us, with this warning."

Serena rolled her eyes playfully and smiled. "Of course not. You're free to take shelter in the castle, and I'm sure we'll spare you from whatever the battle plan is. Bye, Calem!" She waved as Dragonite flapped it's small, but strong wings.

"Later, Serena," he replied, holding a hand up. He turned to look up at the sky, but turned back for a moment. "Prepare for war."

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