Prologue - Can Anybody Find Me?

Sally didn't like her life.

Now, she wouldn't say she wanted to die- she just wanted it to get better. To her, the world felt like a puzzle, and she was the piece that had been snatched out, chewed up until she was disfigured, and then left to try and fail to fit back into where she had once been. This must have happened to her at a very young age, because she couldn't remember ever fitting in with the others. Since the day her brain was developed enough to contain memories, she had been on the outskirts, and was pushed out every time she tried to get into whatever was on the other side of the blockade that kept her there, no matter how much she kicked and screamed.

Maybe she was never meant to fit in. In the end, she had concluded that it was only herself to blame for all of this. Time after time, she had moved from place to place, foster family to foster family, and each time, she would cause a riot, make no friends, annoy her family to no end and get sent back to where she came from, only to be shipped off somewhere else. It was like she was the opposite of a magnet. All she ever did was repel people, no matter where she went, and she'd end up having to scarper when the bullying and the scorn and the hatred became too much for her again. She was sick of it. If this didn't end soon, maybe she really would want to die.

But that didn't stop her from being herself. Sally was a fighter. If the world wouldn't take her the way she was, they weren't going to take her any other way, the spoilt and ungrateful bastards. They could shove it where the sun didn't shine if they didn't like her clothes, her hair, her makeup, et cetera; even more so if they took the piss, because she hated it all, too. They couldn't win. More than once, she had given the more rude ones a piece of her mind. Thirteen-year-old Sally had been kicked out of a home for screaming in the face of her bitch of a foster sister when the six-year-old terror had been nasty about the clothes she was wearing to school that day. She still remembered the foul language and insults that had burst out of her that day, how relieving it had been to see the girl's face warp and redden as the little brat was pushed to tears, and how she had been dragged away by her arms to stop her from going any further than screaming.

Oh, but that wasn't the only time she had done that, or the only thing that made her life a misery. No, there was also school. Sally was a smart girl, and her grades reflected that. That didn't help, though, when she was being pushed from pillar to post, school to school, either due to a change of location, or severe bullying which meant that she would have to go elsewhere to escape it. In rare cases, she would be expelled; that had only happened three times in her life, and two of them had been for going a bit too far with standing up for herself. Once, she had beaten some dickhead into a pulp for trying to rip up her horrific black clothes (while she was still wearing them, the pervert!), and the other time, she had broken a girl's arm for trying to pull her extensions out. Her third experience with being banned from school was for destroying school property, also known as the bathroom mirror on one of her particularly self-loathing days.

All of this made Sally sound like a violent girl. She wasn't, not really. It was a case of having an explosive temper, and no one there for her to ground her and calm her down. Instead, she had to cope with it, all on her own. As such, she had found that the best way to release her fury quickly was to go to the extremes- breaking things, hurting people, that sort of thing. No wonder she was such a fucking loner. She needed help, but it was where to get it that proved to be a challenge. She couldn't make friends, she found it so difficult, and beneath the feisty attitude and the snark and the mean words, she was lonely. Lonely, frightened of being on her own for the rest of her life, and a lost soul that just wanted to cry.

Just wanted life to get better.

Author's Note: Hello there! This prologue didn't really provide any plot, I know, but I just wanted to start off by getting into the mindset of Scaramouche in this alternative plot universe, even though it's pretty much the same as what I personally took from her in the canonverse. I guess this in itself could stand for a one-shot, but it will be continued! As I type this, chapter two is well under way, so keep an eye out for the next one, folks. Chapter one will be longer, I promise. Thanks for reading!