Just some things before reading.

While this is a Star Gate/ Star wars cross over it will also be a cross over with my own series. Mostly because Both Star Gate and Especially Star Wars where some of my insperations for The Series.

Star gate wise this is set two years after the events of Star Gate universe.

Star wars wise this'll be fallowing The Expanded universe, I'm fallowing it not because I'm some fan boy who thinks star wars is dead just because my favorite events/ characters are non cannon. I'm fallowing it because there is no cannon material fallowing Return of the Jedi as of now. This will be set fallowing the events of the Jedi Academy Trilogy which is set at 11 ABY. There will be a few changes to the timeline such as who one of the big bads are.

As for my series. a few things you all should know. The Humanoid races( Human, Quzacion, Arean, Vegan, Valcarin , Solistian, and Etions) all look human. Meaning other than minor diffrences you wouldn't be able to make out what species they are. The Wraith are not the same Wraith from Atlantis.


After a five year long war against the Wraith, The Alliance of the Seven Humanoid Races (AOSHR) where in a time of peace but like all things it never lasts.

On Planet Olympus used as AOSHR Secret operations base during the wraith war. The planet is mostly mountains with the base built into the side of the mountain

Grand Master Chris Moriland age 31, human, Quzacion, Ariean hybrid, with light brown hair that extends to his ears, and a scar that goes down the right side of his face from top of his hair line down to his eye, then to his chin. Wearing a brown tunic and brown loose jeans, walks into a room with computers everywhere showing multiple things at once.

"What's going on?" he said looking at three men who were around the table. One of them a Human in his early fifties with short nearly all white hair with a bit of black in it, he had an eye patch on his left eye. Wearing the standard AOSHR military Uniform with the Grand Admirable ranking on the sides of the uniform, the man next to him Vegan in his late thirties wearing the Standard AOSHR military uniform he had cornel ranking. And the last one Human, he wasn't military. He is in his early thirties with blonde hair. He wore a business suit and tie.

"As you know Olympus has been turned into a deep space telemetry base to see what the Wraith are up to." Said the suit.

"Yes" Chris said looking at the admiral. "What does this have to do with the Knight Core McNav?" Chris said as he was addressing the Admiral.

"The wraith are on the move" McNav said looking at Chris. Then looks at everyone else in the room. "On their current trajectory they're going to leave this galaxy in a week and enter are neighboring Galaxy in a year."

"Sir" the Vegan said. "No disrespect Admiral but they aren't are problem at the moment. This might just be a ploy to weaken us so they can start a second round of the Wraith war."

"It is are problem Ga'dan." The Admiral said. "The wraith are, are enemy we have to help protect that Galaxy from our own."

"There's a small problem Seth" Chris said addressing the Admiral by his first name. "We don't have any ships that are capable of extragalactic travel, and frankly how the hell do the wraith have that kind of technology, I mean they're as powerful as we are?"

"I have a theory" the suit said, "They might have been planning this from the beginning. What we know is while the wraith are advanced it took months for their ships to enter are section of the galaxy. That's why they tried to create a way to travel from their home planet to are region of space. So they probably decided to create an engine that is able to go way beyond their part of space".

"Still leaves us with a problem". Chris said "we have no ships that can go into other galaxies".

"We don't need a ship" Suit said. Looking smug and arrogant

"Okay whoever you are. How do we get to another galaxy without a ship." Chris said glaring at Suit.

"First the names Isaac Winters. Second with this." Winters said before clicking a button and shows a holographic picture of a roughly seven foot ring with symbols on it. "We found nearly twenty of these things on planets including Olympus. From what we could find out these where some sort of traveling device used long before are time". He clicks again showing the twenty rings. Then clicks again showing rings in other Galaxies. "As you can see we have an opportunity to warn and help them if they wish". Suit said.

"Interesting" Chris said being completely dumbfounded. "So this is basically a gate that goes through the stars, like a…" Chris snaps his fingers. "Star Gate."

"That sounds ridicules, it's called a Galactic Bridge". Winters said "Anyway getting back to the point Admiral."

"I'm going to send a thirty man Strike force to that Galaxy, I'd appreciate it if the Knights where involved in this." McNav said looking at Chris.

"You have are support Admiral. I'll bring twenty of my best, if this is a trap I'll need most of my men to stay and protect AOSHR."

"Be back here in a week." The admirable said.


At the SGC

Lt. General Jack O'Neil was arriving at Star Gate command via helicopter. As he lands he is greeted by the Jaffa Teal'c.

"Teal'c old buddy old pale, how's it been" Jack said with his usual cheerfulness. As he walks out of the helicopter and makes his way through Cheyanne Mountain.

"Doing fine O'Neil" Teal'c said in his usual mono tone voice. Keeping up with Jack.

"So did you catch the big game last night?" Jack said. Making his way to an elevator

"To what game are you referring?" Teal'c said.

"Between the Petersburg Penguins and the Denver Avalanche." Jack said. "Anyway mind explaining why I had to be taken away from my job in Home World Security to come to the SGC." He was actually happy he came back, more than often he wished he didn't get promoted to General and was still going on missions with SG-1.

"General Carter will inform you." Teal'c said as they made their way to the briefing room.

"Jack" Carter said said looking at him "wish this was under better circumstances." Looking at Jack

"Let me guess the Lucian Alliance is at it again" Jack said.

"Not this time, we lost three of are basses in the past week to an unknown enemy, from what Deep space one sent." Carter said. Clinking a remote, "This is the last thing the base saw." It was the bottom of ship that looked like a triangle. "We have no Idea what we are up against."

"Like every other time" Jack said.